Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dailywear: Channelling my inner Kurt Cobain

Hi guys,
You've probably picked up on the fact that for the past couple of days I havent been a very well young lady. In fact, I have been a young lady that's spent a lot of time in bed! However yesterday the need for food got too great and I had to pop to the shop for lunch. I just threw on whatever was close and comfy, and ended up actually really liking the look: so much that I had to photograph it!
I feel like an angry rebellious kid from the 90s. All I need is another jumper tied around my waist and a rucksack covered in badges and the look would be complete! (Ignoring the ill-face and unkempt hair) I am wearing my Topshop tie-dye dress with the jumper I got from the Topshop outlet last week, Morrocan leather belt, leggings and sunglasses from Primark. On my feet are slippers: as the shop is just across the road I went out in them! I'm nuts about this cropped jumper which is very masculine in fit and fabric, but covered in adorable little knitted bows! I didn't have one of these when I was locked in my room writing in my diary and listening to Nirvana tapes!

I've given the pictures an orange sepia type finish because my camera back in the day didnt have a flash, so this is what most of my photos of the 90s look like- Minus the thick layer of dust, blur because I couldnt hold my hand straight, and more often than not, a thumb in the corner of the image: where would I be without the digital camera?!

Love, Tor xx


WendyB said...

No shotgun...that's good.

Annie Spandex said...

Love that skirt!