Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Emma Hadley Jewellery will steal your heart

Hi Guys,

When I went to the A La Mode show last week there was the cutest little charm in the goodie bag; a teeny "busy bumble bee" that could either go around a necklace or on a charm bracelet. I found him enchanting, so I went to the Emma Hadley Jewellery website to have a nose around; mostly to see if I could find him a little animal friend and sit the two around my neck on a long silver chain.
I quite like the feather and the dragonfly

Silver jewellery is coming back, so i'm told, which is nice, because it means you can afford to invest in real silver (who can afford to buy real gold!?) meaning no more green fingers or allergic reactions around my neck!
This is my favourite piece of jewellery on the site; the hummingbird is still flying, and I think its rare to get a charm of this size thats still made of silver; I have one similar to this where the charm is perspex but the cost was still very similar (this is only £60) I'm wondering if I could add my bumble bee to his chain instead of buying another charm; I love his pensive face!
I don't usually wear small discrete pieces of jewellery, but since Mike brought me my bat skull necklace, I have been rediscovering its charms. Sometimes its nice to let your outfit do the talking and let the jewellery be the accent, or have your jewellery as a semi hidden secret people have to seek out to admire.

I'm not going to work today, which gives me far too much time to scour the internet looking at beautiful jewellery; something tells me this could be dangerous!

Love, Tor xxx

PS - I have to say that Emma Hadley Jewellery is charming. I thought of it earlier and couldn't slip it in, but it's too good a line to miss out on!!


Christina Sanders said...

they are all really cute. But the Palmist lady at the Aussie shoot on saturday told me I shouldn't wear silver as it would be unlucky for me. Good excuse to stick to gold!

Annie Spandex said...

Those are sweet!

daisychain said...

ohhh so sweet.