Monday, 8 March 2010

Into the fray: The Oscars 2010

I know everyone and his grandmother has an opinion on the dresses that paraded down the red carpet last night, but i'm going to jump into the fray and talk about some of my favourite dresses. Overall I was pretty disappointed: nothing too out there, lots of silver, pale blues, and lavenders, and lots of yawn inducing strapless gowns.


However I did like: Carey Mulligan! I know everyone is raving about this Prada dress (I didn't expect it to be Prada!) but I really have to join in! Its exactly the kind of dress I would wear if someone invited me to the Oscars; the embellishment and the hem line are particular focal points. I also love her pixie crop and how she choose to accessorize the dress so simply, but with those fab earrings. Sandra Bullock should also get special mention for wearing the kind of dress I would die to get married in! I know usually the bridal style gowns are a big Oscar no-no (I'm thinking of Miley Cyrus this year) but this dress has to be an exception to the rule. And Kudos to her for being the first actress to pick up an Academy Award and Golden Raspberry in the same year: and actually going to pick both up!

I didn't like: Meryl Streep (although I love her, it looked like she was wearing a toga!) Jennifer Lopez (there is such a thing as too much!) and Sarah Jessica Parker (I know lots of people liked this Chanel dress but there was a little too much going on, on top of a nothing column dress for me) Diane Kruger also looked terrible: why would you have ruffles from your upper thigh to your calf?? Liked the monochrome, but another example of too much going on and not in a good way!

Which were your favourite dresses? Who did you love and who did you hate?

Love, Tor xx


Make Do Style said...

Oh my am I the only one who thought the Prada dress was wrong for Carey Mulligan!

Retro Chick said...

I really hated SJPs outfit with a passsion!

It was so unflattering and her make up was too harsh.

MrJeffery said...

loved carey! also thought sjp was kind of a miss. i think the hair was too much but the dress was pretty. can't believe diane kruger messed up. she looked so awesome at the sags!

Harriet said...

I was kind of disappointed the Oscars are only on sky and other channels I don't have, so I don't get to see the whole thing :(

I really liked Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Banks (though I don't know who she is!) and Sigourney Weaver.

The Style PA said...

Jennifer Lopez's dress was definitely overdoing it. She could have engulfed another person in that dress and we'd have been none the wiser.

The Style PA said...
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