Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Topshop outlet revisited

I haven't been to the Topshop outlet for an age (not since just after Christmas) and I have to say that on that last visit the shop was very understocked, there was absolutely nothing special to write about, and I came out empty-handed.
Today my sister and I fancied a walk out but didn't want to head into town, so to the Topshop outlet we went: it is fairly equi-distant from our two homes. Today the store left me very impressed.
Everything is still buy one get one free, and they had a lot of maternity wear in today, as well as a a great selection of ordinary clothes in a wide range of sizes. They also had loads of the Christopher Kane stuff in (one of which is the fluro number lil sis is peaking from behind!) One of the things I always pick up in the outlet is tights: these gold and black spotty ones were £3 bogof, when originally they were £12 a pair! There is generally more in the 10-12 section, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty in the other sizes too. For £40 I got three dresses and a jumper: i'll show these off another time!!

I get so many emails asking, and I always forget to mention this in the posts, but the Topshop outlet is at the back of the Broadwalk centre in Edgeware (Which is at the end of the Northern line) Apparently they get deliveries every day except Sundays, but the quantity of stock delivered varies dramatically. Directions are here.
Also in the Broadwalk centre is a shop called Choice, which is a mostly Next but other brands too outlet store; they stock Mens, Womens, Kids, and even homewares at up to 70% off and they have regular sale events where they knock even more money off the price. I got a Chanel-esque Next cardi from here for £7.99 once, I often look in here for gifts for my mum, and before Christmas I picked up a gorgeous Kathryn Hamnett watch for my dad for just £14.99.

I do want to point out though, that the Broadwalk centre is a very small shopping centre with less than 30 shops in it, and aside from the two shops mentioned above the only other store I visit is poundland for the cleaning products! This is a place to come if you're passing or if you want to see the Topshop outlet, but I wouldn't recommend anyone treks across town expecting a day out! Brent Cross is only a 20 minute bus ride away though, so you could always incorporate it into a visit there? If you bag a bargain like I often do, it's worth the trip!

Love, Tor xx


daisychain said...

so jealous, esp of the tights!

teawithonesugarplease said...

I love they fact you wanted to get out to shop and shop you did!

Dream Sequins said...

Oh my word- I know that I'm being overambitious here, but can they bring a Topshop outlet to New York too??? Great sale finds!!