Thursday, 31 May 2012

Join me for a twitter party!!

Hi guys,
Well the title says it all! With a little help from Weight Watchers, Louise Roe, and the lovely Reena (of Fashion Daydreams) I am hosting a twitter party. And you're all invited!! I can't promise there'll be cocktails and canapes, but I can promise great company, fashion advice, and lots of friendly banter! You can follow the conversations with #wwfashion so you don’t miss any fab tips. 

So what's in it for you, I hear you ask? Well firstly, you get to talk to me, Reena, and Louise and ask us any fashion-related questions you like. Want to know what shoes will you with your new frock? Not sure how to pull off neon? Need advice on how to dress your body shape? We can help!

Secondly, we will be giving away Debenhams vouchers to our favourite contributers during the chat. So if you have a great question about shoes, you could win vouchers to buy new shoes (Mmmm, shoes!) All the details are in the invite below:

I'll be reminding you of the date regularly as it approaches, and I really hope you can join me! Make sure you're following me on twitter (@fabfrocks) and if you want me to be the one who answers your question, please include @fabfrocks in your tweet, so that I'll definitely see it. I look forward to seeing you there!!!

Love Tor xx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Primark swimwear - What do you think?

Hi guys,
Yes I know this is my second swimwear feature this month, but it's that time of the year and, as I've already confessed, when it comes to finding the perfect bikini I'm obsessed!

This time I'm thinking about whether, when it comes to swimwear, you get what you pay for. More specifically, if your a normal sized soul and you buy a bikini from Primark which costs just £5 for the top and £3 for the bottoms will it give you the support you need? Or are this bikinis designed simply for the slender limbed teenagers who model them?

I've never bought a bikini from Primark so I can't comment on the fit, but when I was last in store I copped a feel and the fabric seemed to be of good quality. And there were some patterns and designed I really coveted too:
Bikini top £5, bikini bottoms £3, hat £4. 
Swimsuit £8, Bangle £3, Backpack £8. 
Bikini top £6, bikini bottoms £6, Visor £2.50. 

Based simply on these images, I would say this isn't swimwear for gals with boobs. But until you've tried these things out for yourself really, it's impossible to tell. So I'm throwing this over to you! Have you had a bikini from Primark? How did it fit and what did you think? Did you get value for your money, or did you wish you'd spent a little more for a bikini of better quality?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Love Tor xx

Feet saviour - Butterfly Twists

Hi guys,
Hurray! Summer has finally arrived! We spent this weekend eating al fresco, swimming outside in our local lido, and walking in the sunshine.

That means my Butterfly Twists couldn't have arrived at a better time; I always struggle in the first week of sandal season with rubbing heels and those funny little bits on flip flops that go between your toes. But having a pair of Butterfly Twists (that's fold up shoes to you and me) in my handbag meant that as soon as the rubbing got too much and threatened to blister I could pop off the sandals and pop them on instead.
I've had a pair of foldable shoes from Primark before, but they were so flimsy the sole quickly fell off, and I couldn't keep them on my feet. These are different though: although I've only worn them twice, they're surprisingly comfortable. They're also pretty sturdy, look funky, and come with a little carrying bag to hold the folded shoes, so you don't have to put your stinky shoes in your handbag. Its a win win situation really!

How have you spent your weekend? And have you been struggling with going back to wearing summer shoes like me? Within a week I know they'll be the comfiest things in the world again, but the first couple of days out of my winter boots are simply unbearable!

Love Tor xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A final trip to the Topshop outlet

Hi guys,
Next Friday I'm moving back to my beloved Norwich, which means that I've spent the past couple of weekends doing all of my favourite London things; and of course, that included a trip to the Topshop outlet.
The Topshop outlet is no longer offering all items on a buy on get on free basis, and all of the jewellery (which used to be £2 per item, as well as BOGOF) is now being sold at marked price. So it's not quite the amazing treasure trove it once was. But everything in store is sold at sale prices, so there definitely are still some bargains to be had.
Sadly however, on this final journey, I didn't buy a single thing. Sob! The bulk of the stock instore right now seems to be available in a size 10 which sadly sizes me out of the market. And in what seems to be a sad theme at the Topshop outlet lately, the couple of things I did like were damaged (always check for damage when shopping in this store, it isn't rare to find faulty zips, missing buttons, and snagged hems)

And there wasn't a great selection of shoes or accessories in store this week either. Typical: I head down for one last shopping binge, and come out disappointed!

I don't want to sound all doom and gloom though; it's still a great place to shop! For anyone who hasn't read my Topshop outlet posts before, however, I have picked up £5 leather brogues, lusted after some gorgeous knitwear, and shopped red hot party dresses.So there definitely are some amazing bargains to be had if you happen to turn up at the right time on the right day.

The Topshop Outlet is in the Broadwalk Centre, Edgware. This is in zone 5, at the end of the Northern line. I've written before, but will reiterate again, that in my opinion the store just isn't worth travelling far for if you don't live in the area. However if you live close by, happy shopping!

Love Tor xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

In which I announce I'm having a baby!

Hi guys,
I think the title says it all really. I'm knocked up, up the duff, preggers.....Meet mini baby Hampton (that's my married name, by the way, rather than just a random surname we fancy for the baby!)
Photobucket Delivery of this particular order is expected in November. You wouldn't let Yodel get away with taking that long, would you?!

We're nervous, excited, and just can't wait to meet our baby. And really glad we can finally share the news with everyone!

Love Tor xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Shoes: Magnificent Michael Kors sandals

Hi guys,
As soon as I saw these gorgeous Michael Kors sandals on the Sarenza website I knew I had to have them. Yes, I admit that I can hardly walk in heels and I'll probably only wear them for sitting down events (dinner and the theater anyone?) but when has that stopped me from indulging in a little shoe porn?!

Actually these are surprisingly comfortable: normally when I try on new heels I can't wait to take them off, but I wandered around the house breaking these babies in without an ounce of pain: fingers crossed they stay that way over longer distances! They'll look gorgeous teamed with flowing long maxi dresses during summertime day events, and my favourite LBDs for summer nights out:

Zebra print soles, brown leather upper, and gold hardware. The perfect mix of canvas, leather, and a platform heel high enough I can actually walk in it. These are everything I could possibly want in a shoe! Want a pair of your own? You can get them here.

Love Tor xx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Daily Wear: The Weight Watchers weight loss wardrobe day 5

Hi guys,
The final day of the Weight Watchers weight loss wardrobe challenge came and went in a blur.  I chose to style up the Betty Jackson Black dress from the collection: the quality of it was lovely but frankly, it was designed for someone much older than me So I took wore it as a skirt instead, and teamed it with my new DKNY cardigan (it's so soft!) and a stack of tan accessories:
Today I’m wearing:
Betty Jackson Black dress, Debenhams (Weight Watchers Weight Loss Wardrobe) 
Gold medallion bracelet, Debenhams (Weight Watchers Weight Loss Wardrobe) 
Grey Cardigan, DKNY Clutch Bag, 
Zara Peep toe sandals, Office Sunglasses, 
River Island Necklace, ASOS 

You can view more detail pictures of the outfit over on the Play Weight Watchers website, including close ups of the outfit, jewellery, and shoes. And because this is all about Weight watchers, and feeling good while you're losing weight, here's a little fun fact you might find interesting: "Over 70% of women questioned in the Weight Watchers survey do not feel confident about their bodies when they are clothes shopping."

To find out more about the Weight Watcher Weight Loss wardrobe and why I'm taking part click here.

Love Tor xx 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Daily Wear: The Weight Watchers Weight Loss wardrobe day 4

Hi guys,
Today's challenge was a difficult one for me: trousers (which I never wear) in beige satin (which really shouldn't be flattering.) But actually this turned out to be my favourite outfit of the week so far.

It turns out the way to make these trousers work is to follow my standard wardrobe procedure: when in doubt, add black! So with the help of a slimming black vest and my favourite black hat, here's what I ended up with:
Photobucket Today I’m wearing:
 Camel satin palazzo pants, Debenhams (from the WW weightloss wardrobe) 
 Black vest, Topshop 
 Snake print blazer, River Island 
 Thick black and gold bracelet, Debenhams (from the WW weightloss wardrobe) 
 Necklace, Debenhams (from the WW weightloss wardrobe) 
 Handbag, vintage 

You can view more detail pictures of the outfit over on the Play Weight Watchers website, including close ups of the outfit, jewellery, and shoes. And because this is all about Weight watchers, and feeling good while you're losing weight, here's a little fun fact you might find interesting: "Over 70% of women questioned in the Weight Watchers survey do not feel confident about their bodies when they are clothes shopping."  

To find out more about the Weight Watcher Weight Loss wardrobe and why I'm taking part click here.

Love Tor xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Daily Wear: The Weight Watchers Weight Loss Wardrobe challenge, day 3

Hi guys,
Another day, another rainstorm, so sadly I was driven indoors for photos today. Now you guys all know how I feel about jeans (the blogs called Fabfrocks, for godssake!) but since I found these relax-fit skinnys in Topshop I wear them constantly. So I knew they would be the perfect fit teamed with this super soft coral cardigan from the Weight Watchers wardrobe: frankly, anything with a gold button, and I'm sold!

I teamed them with the green wedges, also from the Weight Watchers wardrobe (and chosen for their leg slimming potential) and a cute flower and butterfly headband from Topshop because, dammit, I like things to match, and it was the only thing in my wardrobe that had both coral and green in it. Overall I think its a pretty good casual, rainy day outfit:
Today I’m wearing:
Coral cardigan, Debenhams (from the WW weight loss wardrobe)
Green wedges , Faith @ Debenhams (from the WW weight loss wardrobe)
Long line necklace, Debenhams (from the WW weight loss wardrobe)
Relaxed skinny jeans, Topshop
Head band, Topshop
Satchel, Betty Jackson Black @ Debenhams 

You can view more detail pictures of the outfit over on the Play Weight Watchers website, including close ups of the outfit, jewellery, and shoes. And because this is all about Weight watchers, and feeling good while you're losing weight, here's a little fun fact you might find interesting: "While only 8% of women who are size ten said they had been made to feel overweight or insecure about their body shape by a server in a clothes shop, that figure quadrupled for women who are a size 20." Gulp. I can't be the only one that reads things like this, and things that things really need to change!

To find out more about the Weight Watcher Weight Loss wardrobe and why I'm taking part click here. 

Love Tor xx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sending letters just got fashionable!

Hi guys,
I love sending letters. It feels so much nicer and more intimate than any other form of communication: Who doesn't smile when they receive a thank you note, letter from an old friend, or even love letter dotted in amongst all those bills?

So I was especially pleased to discover that my letter writing habit was about to be given a fashionable twist. Just like I always get excited about the new stamps at Christmas (Yes. I'm that person) I am especially eager to get my hands on the latest release from Royal Mail, celebrating the best of British fashion:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Each first class stamp bears an iconic design from each of 10 top fashion houses. From an extravagant, black feather number from Alexander McQueen to a sharp, electric blue suit from Paul Smith, all of fashion is here.

Vivienne Westwood harks back to 1993 with her signature harlequin dress, Hardy Amis has a chic, fitted skirt suit with leather gloves and Ossie Clark a vibrant, floaty hippy number.

My inner geek actually can't wait to get my hands on some of these, and start writing letters. It's stamps like these that make you almost begin to understand why some people turn to stamp collecting.....

The set of 10 stamps costs £6 and is available from Royal Mail

Love Tor xxx

Daily Wear: The Weight Watchers Weight Loss Wardrobe challenge, Day 2

Hi guys,
Well it's day two of my Weight Watchers Weight Loss Wardrobe and, given the weather pattern at the minute, I wasn't surprised that it rained. Sadly, this meant my grey flatform sandals had to go back into the wardrobe, and it was time for a replan.

Today's challenge was, well a challenge. I had opted to style up the red shirt dress from the wardrobe: a double whammy of problems for me because I hate wearing red, and struggle with anything shirted because for shirts to fit properly on the shoulders and body, they're usually straining at the bust. This dress fit nicely though. I was surprised:
Photobucket Red Shirt Dress, Debenhams (from the WW weight loss wardrobe) 
Black waist belt, Debenhams (from the WW weight loss wardrobe) 
Black ankle boots, Georgia Rose @ Sarenza 
Black bangles, See by Chloe
Black studded handbag, Fris & Co
Gold watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Because the colour is so attention grabbing in its own right, I styled the dress simply with black accessories (including my favourite wet weather ankle boots) With the addition of my trusty black mac and sensible with-a-twist black handbag, this outfit was perfect for a day at the office. I rarely dress this smartly, so it made a nice change for me.

You can view more detail pictures of the outfit over on the Play Weight Watchers website, including close ups of the outfit, jewellery, and shoes.

Reena of Fashion Daydreams is also taking part in the challenge, so you can also see what she is doing with the wardrobe at the same time!

And to find out more about the Weight Watcher Weight Loss wardrobe and why I'm taking part click here. 

So, what do you think of today's outfit? Am I getting away with being a lady in red or is it time I got off the dancefloor? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Love Tor xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Daily Wear: The Weight Watchers Weightloss Wardrobe challenge, day one

Hi guys,
As I mentioned early, this week I will be wearing outfits using pieces from the Weight Watchers and Debenhams weight loss collection, combined with pieces from my own wardrobe. Today I started the challenge gently, wearing the mustard mac and silver ring from the collection, teamed with my favourite Jarlo leopard print dress and mustard sandals (a nod to the fact the weather is really lovely, for the first time in months!)

I love mustard, so finding something in my wardrobe to go with this mac was a very easy task indeed:
Mustard Mac, from the Debenhams WW wardrobe
Silver ring, from the Debenhams WW wardrobe 
Necklace, from Accessorize 
Sunglasses, from Rock & Republic
Mustard sandals, from
Leopard print dress, from Jarlo @ Fashionpony 
Brown handbag, from Marc by Marc Jacobs 

You can view more detail pictures of the outfit over on the Play Weight Watchers website, including close ups of the outfit, jewellery, and shoes.

Reena of Fashion Daydreams is also taking part in the challenge, so you can also see what she is doing with the wardrobe at the same time!

And to find out more about the Weight Watcher Weight Loss wardrobe and why I'm taking part here. 

What do you think of the mustard mac? Is it something you would wear/buy? And if so, how would you have styled it?

Love Tor xx

The Weight Watchers Weight Loss Wardrobe challenge

Hi guys,

Everyone knows that when you gain weight it can have a knock on effect on your wardrobe. Clothes you used to love might not be so flattering. Suddenly your favourite frock is gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe. But what a lot of people often don't think about is the effect losing weight can have on your wardrobe. And having seen both sides of this scale, I know that it can be just as hard.

I also know how horrible shop changing rooms can be when you're not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Which is why I wasn't surprised to read in a survey commissioned by Weight Watchers, that over 33% of women questioned said their biggest anxiety when clothes shopping was the attitude of assistants who could be “pushy, unhelpful” and made comments about a customer’s size.

This is why Weight Watchers have teamed up with Debenhams to launch The Ultimate Weight Loss Wardrobe, designed to empower slimmers all over the UK to embrace the clothes shopping experience, whatever their shape, size or how confident they feel. Here are some of the pieces from the collection, that I will be rocking this week: Photobucket
Stylist Louise Roe hand picked the pieces, with the specific aim of choosing a wardrobe that would be flattering to women at every stage of their weightloss journey. The focus is on transitional pieces that can be adjusted as your weight goes down, and focus on your body shape. For women losing weight, this is easier said than done: it's hard getting used to the idea that you have a new figure to show off!

This week, I will be trying out the wardrobe (mixed in with pieces from my existing wardrobe, of course!) and showcasing my looks both here, and over on the Play Weight Watchers site. I hope you like the looks I come up with, and I will of course love reading your comments about the pieces, and whether you think they'd be flattering on your figure (and whether they're flattering on mine!) Gulp! Wish me luck!!

 Love Tor xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Fabfrocks picks: Bold neon accessories

Hi guys,
There are some trends that are hard to avoid: you see them everywhere! But in the case of neon, not only is it a trend that's hard to avoid, it's also a trend that's equally hard to wear. The thought of my thighs encased in neon trousers makes me shudder: and neon dresses are far too attention-grabbing for me. But if there's a hot trend I'm not one to ignore it. Which leads me to neon accessories: the neon trend for the mild of heart!

There is a huge range of neon accessories on the high street (there are actually more accessories than dresses!) so why not dip your toes in the neon-waters with an attention-grabbing accessory instead? Here are my favourite picks:
Jeffrey Campbell Tanya wedges, Sarenza, £102
Cream and orange neon bag, River Island, £40
Neon and leopard print plastic watch, ASOS, £20
Fluro skinny belt, ASOS, £6
Neon green satchel, Cambridge Satchel Co, £100
Bird keyring purse, H&M, £2.99
Neon fringe necklace, Sweet Scandal, £75
Gold chain clutch bag, H&M, £12.99
Koala leather heels, Office, £40

What do you think about neon? Is it a trend you want to try, or are you neon-averse? I must admit, it reminds me slightly of the neon tops I used to wear in the early 90s (Oh yes! I was all glamour!) but I've still got a hankering for a pair of neon shoes!

Love Tor xx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

John Lewis unveils their new Oxford Street store beauty department

Hi guys,
What can you buy with £7.8 Million? Well, you could buy a new house, a yacht, half a dozen cars, a couple of football players and 78,000 lipsticks.  Or, if you're John Lewis, you could spend that amount on completely revamping your beauty hall! And if you're asking me, I would say it was money well spent!

I just got back from a guided tour of the new beauty hall at John Lewis, and I have to say I was impressed. The hall is built around a town square concept, with the bigger brands around the outside of the hall and the more tactile 'help-yourself' products in the middle. It is also (rather uniquely) zoned: so yes, if you want something from Chanel, you can head straight to their counter and find all their products there, like in an ordinary department store. But you can also go to the skin, hair, nail, or make up zone if you want a specific product, but don't know what brand you're looking for.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Other features of the new beauty hall include:

- The only Topshop make-up counter outside of a Topshop store

- Products and launches exclusive to John Lewis such as the new Clinque matt foundation, the Diptyque 34 collection, or the Floris Royal Arms Diamon Edition perfume. Only 6 bottles of this £15,000 perfume have been produced. One went to the queen, one went to charity, the rest are for sale in the Floris boutique apart from the one which is for sale in John Lewis. Exciting, but out of my budget. However they also have a £99 version available.

- Two on-floor treatment rooms, including one from Lancome. Apparently, this is the only on-floor Lancome treatment room outside of Paris.

- An interactive Chanel fragrance zone to geek out about. You place a fragrance on top of the touch-screen table, and the table will tell you all about the fragrance, including what notes are included in it.

It's not like me to get excited about a department in a department store (they usually all look pretty much the same) but I was very impressed by what John Lewis have done to their Oxford Street beauty department, and especially impressed by the thought and unusual structure that have gone into it. If you're in the area and looking to buy make-up, skin care, or fragrance, then this is the place I would recommend you go!

Love Tor xx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Object love of the day: Gold DKNY watch

Hi guys,
Since I got it at Christmas, my Marc Jacobs watch has been my most prized possession. I wear it every day and it goes with everything: and it's turned me into something of a gold watch magpie. I notice other people wearing gold watches on the tube. I lust after them in magazine spreads. I'm officially obsessed! So when asked if I wanted to review a watch from their website, how could I resist?
I had a hard time choosing because there were a couple of Fossil watches I really loved, but in the end I chose this DKNY watch complete with chronograph, pearl dial, and diamante around the watch face. I chose it because it's more of a dressy/evening watch that my Marc Jacobs one, and now I have a watch for every occasion!

Like all watches I had to have a couple of links taken out of it, but i'm in love with it already. It's reassuringly heavy, it is thick and chunky (which has the added benefit of making my wrist look tiny) and it's a great outfit focal point. I've been wearing it since it arrived. In fact, I've only taken it off because unless you're a contortionist it's almost impossible to take a photo of your own wrist! As an aside, it was really well packaged, and it also arrived (from the USA) in less than five days: I definitely wasn't expecting that!

What's your most prized possession? Do you have a watch you love, or something else you wear every day and couldn't live without?

Love Tor x

Disclaimer: I received a watch from Watch Co for the purposes of this review

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Selfridges celebrates the Great in Great Britain

Hi guys,
Did you notice that this year is probably a good year to be feeling patriotic? No? Where have you been, hiding under a rock! With the Jubilee and the Olympics, apparently there's no better time to be British. And to celebrate Selfridges is about to launch the biggest display of retail theatre and in-store excitements of its 103-year history.
From Friday 4 May and running until the end of August, Selfridges will present The Big British Bang, a mash-up of British culture, history and tradition, from iconic to eccentric and from royals to rebels. Spanning the Jubilee-Olympics period, Selfridges’ British Big Bang will collide exclusive products, events and special initiatives together to celebrate all that Great Britain does like no other nation on earth including etiquette, humour, customs, fashion, art, sports, food – even marmite! Exciting much? Yes. I bloody love marmite!! 

So what else can we look forward to? During the event the Concept Store will be the ultimate destination for products ranging from fashion to food, irresistibly loaded with British character especially created for Selfridges by some of the most iconic British brands. From Union Jack-lined Barbour jackets, to a new range of Fred Perry polo shirts designed by artist Peter Blake and bespoke navy blazers with Union Jack embroidered motif by Gieves & Hawkes. Also included are hand-knitted striped hunting socks by Emma Willis and her hand-finished, proper British boxer shorts. Many traditional British wares with flair and impeccable pedigree will be available.

However, modern Britain will be there too. From Mulberry with a Union Jack-embellished version of its Bayswater hit bag, to Rupert Sanderson’s red white and blue strap heels or Nicholas Kirkwood’s crazy pearly queen six-inch heels and even Ted Baker offering an accessories collection with typically English halcyon days references.

Many more brands including Penhaligon’s, Mr Wingate, Tom Dixon, Emma Bridgewater, have created special designs for the Selfridges’ Big British Shop. Vivienne Westwood completes the starry line up of British fashion designers by designing a series of windows for the store. Selfridges windows are always my favourite ones: whenever I have a meeting near Oxford street I always walk the long way round so that I can check them out! 

As well as shopping there will also be events including afternoon tea parties and entertainment lineups. As if I ever needed any excuse to hit the shops, now I can say its my national duty. Let's shop for our country!! 

Want to find out more? Then visit

Love Tor xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fabfrocks picks: This summer's best swimwear

Hi guys,

Now that the torrent of rain and flood water has subsided (fingers crossed) we can once again resume normal service and start daydreaming about our wonderful summer wardrobe to come. Of course because of all of the tropical holidays I have booked (none!) and the long summer days I spend lounging around our local swimming pool (none) that means I got to thinking about finding the perfect swimwear.

It's a mission I set myself every summer, and every summer I fail. I think you either have the perfect bikini body, in which case a hanky tied together with two bits of string will look amazing on you. Or you don't, in which case everything you try on will make you feel like a sack of potatoes. So this summer I have given up the search for perfection (no swimsuit will make me look like a supermodel, no matter how much it costs!) and instead started the search for pretty happy patterned fun! With that in mind, here's my pick of the best swimwear available on the highstreet:
Peacock swimsuit, We Are Handsome, £180
Red and black high waist bikini, Topshop, £32
Red heart swimsuit, Clothing at Tesco, £14
Neon green bikini, Kurt Gieger, £40
Tropical lily swimsuit, Matalan, £15
Mara Hoffman lace up bikini, Net a porter, £210

Have you found the perfect swimsuit? Or do you (like me) just have something fitted and functional for hitting the pool in? I love to swim, so mine is supportive and functional, rather than pretty. But I would love to lounge around a tropical pool like a glamour puss one day....

Love Tor xx

PS- There is less than a week left to enter my amazing fashionpony competition: you could win a whole new outfit! What are you waiting for? Head over and enter now!