Sunday, 27 May 2012

A final trip to the Topshop outlet

Hi guys,
Next Friday I'm moving back to my beloved Norwich, which means that I've spent the past couple of weekends doing all of my favourite London things; and of course, that included a trip to the Topshop outlet.
The Topshop outlet is no longer offering all items on a buy on get on free basis, and all of the jewellery (which used to be £2 per item, as well as BOGOF) is now being sold at marked price. So it's not quite the amazing treasure trove it once was. But everything in store is sold at sale prices, so there definitely are still some bargains to be had.
Sadly however, on this final journey, I didn't buy a single thing. Sob! The bulk of the stock instore right now seems to be available in a size 10 which sadly sizes me out of the market. And in what seems to be a sad theme at the Topshop outlet lately, the couple of things I did like were damaged (always check for damage when shopping in this store, it isn't rare to find faulty zips, missing buttons, and snagged hems)

And there wasn't a great selection of shoes or accessories in store this week either. Typical: I head down for one last shopping binge, and come out disappointed!

I don't want to sound all doom and gloom though; it's still a great place to shop! For anyone who hasn't read my Topshop outlet posts before, however, I have picked up £5 leather brogues, lusted after some gorgeous knitwear, and shopped red hot party dresses.So there definitely are some amazing bargains to be had if you happen to turn up at the right time on the right day.

The Topshop Outlet is in the Broadwalk Centre, Edgware. This is in zone 5, at the end of the Northern line. I've written before, but will reiterate again, that in my opinion the store just isn't worth travelling far for if you don't live in the area. However if you live close by, happy shopping!

Love Tor xx

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Daisy said...

Shame you didn't find anything! I am working in Norwich at the moment. I will be sure to wave hello if I see you!