Monday, 21 May 2012

Shoes: Magnificent Michael Kors sandals

Hi guys,
As soon as I saw these gorgeous Michael Kors sandals on the Sarenza website I knew I had to have them. Yes, I admit that I can hardly walk in heels and I'll probably only wear them for sitting down events (dinner and the theater anyone?) but when has that stopped me from indulging in a little shoe porn?!

Actually these are surprisingly comfortable: normally when I try on new heels I can't wait to take them off, but I wandered around the house breaking these babies in without an ounce of pain: fingers crossed they stay that way over longer distances! They'll look gorgeous teamed with flowing long maxi dresses during summertime day events, and my favourite LBDs for summer nights out:

Zebra print soles, brown leather upper, and gold hardware. The perfect mix of canvas, leather, and a platform heel high enough I can actually walk in it. These are everything I could possibly want in a shoe! Want a pair of your own? You can get them here.

Love Tor xx

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