Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beauty: Adding Quirky Nail Embellishment

Hi guys,
It's amazing what you can buy for a pound: That is the official slogan of Poundland, and something I say all the time when I'm in there! When shopping for craft supplies yesterday I came across these Nail Rock nail emellishments, and at such an affordable price (less than the cost of my car parking) I just couldn't resist giving them a go.
 photo nailrock1_zpscc856740.jpg
They had two varieties instore: sweets and fruit. Obviously I went for the sweets! The lilac shade of varnish is by Models Own. I then sealed the embellishments in place using Nails Inc Kensington Cavier topcoat. The pack did come with nail glue but I didn't want to ruin my nails so I just secured them in place with varnish instead. I slept on them last night and they're still all in place, so so far so good! Here's how they look: photo nailrock2_zps31e4622d.jpg
 photo nailrock3_zpsf00ba2f4.jpg
I have no idea how long this look is going to last (I'll let you know how durable it is) or quite what the other mums at the children's farm will think when I turn up with nails like a toddler today. But looking at these makes me happy: and that's definitely worth the 30 minutes it took to do it, even if they do only last for the day! I'm going back to buy a couple more packs before they sell out: I'm planning on doing these for my holiday, and for my sister's Hen 'Do!

What do you think? Will you be running to your local branch of Poundland to pick up some of these?

Love Tor xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Last minute Mother's Day gift ideas...

Hi guys,
It's Mother's Day on Sunday. Yup, this Sunday! I figured I should lead with that in case some of you had forgotten - because every good mum deserves to wake up to a card and a cup of tea she hasn't made herself on Mother's Day!

When I was asked what I wanted for Mother's Day this year (this will be my second Mother's Day as a mummy) I replied that what I really wanted was a piece of toast all to myself, without having to share it with Wilbur (he loves to eat everything I eat, and invariably dribbles all over my food!) and a peaceful bath without him shouting 'Peepo' and trying to jump in! Obviously that's not going to happen, so I will be content just to spend the day enjoying some family time (and a bunch of daffodils will be nice!)

If you want to get something for your mum but haven't been shopping yet then here are a few last minute Mother's Day gift ideas that you could order now and still get before the weekend:
 photo mothersday_zpsd3e186c2.png
Essie Mother's Day Nail Duo, £12.99, Boots
Liberty caption notebook, £22.95, Liberty 
Mummy Deer bone china mug, £8.99, Arundell Farm Shop
Wooden crate planter, £39.99, Not on the High Street
Collage photo board, £22, Next

I actually wish I'd seen that crate earlier, because my mum would love it but I've already got her present! Have you got your mum a Mother's Day present or card? I posted my card this morning (I'll be delivering the present in person next week, as it's too heavy to post) so I hope it arrives in time!

Love Tor x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Say Hello to Collections From eBay

Hi guys,
eBay collections have been big in the US for a while, but this month (March 2014) has seen the launch of eBay collections here in the UK too. Collections is a very clever way to visually organise all the things you love on eBay in one place.  photo collections_zps147bcbfa.png

You can also browse and shop other people's collections (find mine here) and I think they're a great way of collating beautiful things: effectively it's like Pinterest but with the added bonus that you can actually shop and own every amazing thing you see! I've been using eBay Collections as a place to collate all of the fabulous looks I hope to be sporting this spring/summer. Here are just a few of the pieces I've been coveting:
 photo totallytropical_zpsc554e3ad.png
Totally Tropical - See the full collection here! 

 photo mintyfresh_zpsbd3cd680.png
Minty Fresh in Mint Green - See the full collection here! 

 photo hellforleather_zpsaac51348.png
Go Hell for Leather - See the full collection here! 

My current favourite collection is Go Hell for Leather, as I'm in the market for a new leather jacket for Spring. All this choice is making it difficult to choose the perfect one though! I already had an eBay obsession, and the launch of the Collections Feature is just making it worse. Not only does it mean I can spend hours scrolling through listings (which, believe me, I do), I can also check out what other bloggers, celebrities and influencers are adding to their collections: and the temptation is definitely there to do more shopping than I should!

Check out my collections on eBay: I've create 14 so far, and I'll be adding more and updating them as time goes on. I'd love your feedback on how they look and what you think of them: and what you think of the concept in general too! Which of my collections do you like best?!

Love Tor x

*I have been working with eBay on this project and was compensated to write this post 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Life Lately, according to my iPhone....

Hi guys,
Spring has officially sprung, which means life lately has involved lots of outdoor family fun, some spring cleaning in the house and garden, and shopping for spring/summer clothes! When I look through my iPhone now I'm always surprised by how many pictures I manage to take of Wilbur in such a relatively short time frame: my phone used to be full of pictures of shoes! Anyway, here's what my life has been like lately, according to my iPhone:
 photo iphonemarch1_zps24d6ea21.png
Trying my hand at making sugar roses to top cupcakes, We went to see the seals on Horsey beach, Hatching out of an egg at the Dino Park, Brushing ponies with Granny at Wroxham Barns. 
 photo iphonemarch2_zpscc5c3569.png
Eating doughnuts and ice cream on Great Yarmouth beach, Our bare faced selfie for breast cancer awareness, nibbling on bunny biscuits (it is nearly Easter!), Fun at the soft play
 photo iphonemarch3_zpsdd1cd807.png
Riding the junior train with Wilbur, feeding the lambs at the farm, the new dino cushion I made for his living room chair (complete with initial!), home made cupcakes!

What have you been up to lately? And do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? I'm having dinner with a friend on Friday night then we're taking a trip to the dino park, and I want to get my hanging baskets planted!

Love Tor x

Monday, 17 March 2014

Having a love affair with House of Fraser

Hi guys,
When I was living in Central London, Selfridges was my department store of choice. It was perilously close to my office, and I used to pop in on at least a twice weekly basis: our flat was littered with those trademark yellow carrier bags!

Since we've moved to Norwich (where sadly, there is no Selfridges) House of Fraser has become my new tempting poison. Whenever I pop into the city center I park in the House of Fraser car park, meaning there's always an excuse for a walk through the many departments which, in the past couple of weeks, have become a riot of colour. And I am really impressed! Therapy by House of Fraser in particular always has something that I covet, and the Linea Weekend range is fast becoming my go-to for yummy mummy everyday wear. Then I saw the latest House of Fraser press shots. And I have fallen in love all over again:
 photo hof1_zps3fbb4e40.jpg
 photo hof2_zps31695630.jpg
 photo hof3_zpsa32413a3.jpg Image 1: Embroidered grey sweater £195 McQ, Floral prom dress £115 Untold, Bird print scarf £30Dickins &Jones
Image 2: Denim shirt £55, Aztec printed shirt dress £50 both Linea Weekend 
Image 3: Blue leather biker jacket £1,115 Acne Studios, Neon green check midi skirt £79Mary Portas Image 4: Denim dungarees £65 Noisy May Yellow logo t-shirt £35 Biba Yellow studded ‘Poppy’ grab clutch £30 Therapy
Image 5:  Pink jacquard printed shift dress £150, Linea White shirt £59, Mary Portas Coral bag £225, Vivienne Westwood

I really haven't ever seen the appeal of dungarees until I saw this image: but teamed with the elegant heels, pop of yellow and the clutch I think they have a grown up appeal that I'd really like to try. They'd be fabulous for wearing during summer day trips: so stylish but practical at the same time! The image that really makes me lust though is the floral combination of the sweater and the prom dress. I need to have that sweater, and I want the scarf to tie in my hair too! House of Fraser have brought their 'A' game for this Spring: I might have to take to parking somewhere else, or I'll be in danger of bankrupting myself!

Do you have a favourite department store? Which is your department store of choice, and why?

Love Tor x

Monday, 10 March 2014

Object of Lust: French Connection mellow yellow jacket

Hi guys,
I've got a massive soft spot for French Connection, and statement jackets are my favourite things in the world to buy and wear, so it stands to reason that I would be lusting after this vibrant yellow collarless jacket from French Connection!

The colour just screams summer, but the shape and style will be perfect for wearing during the chillier days of spring. I love how it's been styled with the white shirt and leather skater skirt, but equally I think it would look great worn my way: with jeans, pumps, and a patterned blouse! It's the look that's pretty much my mummy uniform, but the colour will give it a fashionable edge:  photo frenchconnectionblazer2_zpsd6b8694a.png
 photo frenchconnectionblazer_zpsdcdd5bdb.png
You can pick the jacket up here at £130. I popped into my local FC store to try this on this afternoon but it wasn't in stock, so I'm just going to have to risk it and order one: It will be the perfect transitional wardrobe piece and it's too lovely to miss out on! I really am a jacket addict!

Have you got your eye on any new season transitional pieces? Now the weather is starting to hot up, there's no better time to hit the shops!

Love Tor x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Daily Wear: Occasion Wear for Everywhere!

Hi guys,
If you have a special occasion coming up this summer then you're in luck. The high street is filling with occasion wear, and you're spoilt for choice when it comes to finding something to wear. I have two weddings to attend this year, including one very special one: my sisters! But when it comes to weddings and other special occasions there are so many more than one outfit you have to buy: you also need something for the hen 'do, the day before the wedding, for heading to breakfast on the morning afterwards...the list goes on!

Another important thing to think about when you're choosing your occasion wear is whether you'll be able to wear it again: those fancy wedding frocks are far too expensive to only wear once! That's why I've taken one dress from the Marks and Spencer occasion wear collection (which I'm completely in love with) and styled it for another equally as important occasion: a casual day of bridesmaids fun with my sisters and mum (incorporating setting up the wedding and then enjoying afternoon tea) the day before the wedding!
 photo mands1_zps9f94768b.jpg
 photo mamps4_zpscf8f9b40.jpg
 photo mands3_zps5791d981.jpg
 photo mands5_zps40593102.jpg
You can buy this dress for yourself here for £89. I've teamed it with a hat that's also from M&S, contrasting pastel yellow polka dot pumps and an over body bag. Whereas I would go for heels and a clutch if I were wearing this for the wedding, the flats and easy bag make the dress much easier and more comfortable for running around in, but still fancy enough for a sophisticated afternoon tea.

The thing I love about this dress is that it is quite clearly an occasion dress (thick luxurious fabric, gorgeous lace overlay) but its on trend pastel colour means that you really could wear it anywhere. Meaning it's cost per wear will be significantly better than some of the other frocks I've bought for weddings and other special occasions over the past couple of months!

Are you going to any weddings this year? And have you started thinking about what you will be wearing for them yet?

Love Tor x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Discount: Get £10 Off at Dorothy Perkins!

Hi guys,
Two posts in one day? It's been a while since this has happened! But I just got an email from Dorothy Perkins that was too good not to share! Dorothy Perkins are offering £10 off when you spend £50 or more online until midnight Saturday. To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is follow THIS LINK and enter the code YOUR10 at checkout.

This offer couldn't have come at a better time for me: we are going on holiday in 8 weeks tomorrow, and so far I haven't actually bought a single item of new holiday kit for myself (despite the fact that I've brought Wilbur everything he needs. and more!) I love Dorothy Perkins, so I'm seeing this as a sign that I should start my holiday shopping right now!
 photo dp1_zpscb16fd68.png
On my list are a light denim jacket (I'm usually a blazer wearer, but I figure a denim jacket will go with everything), a couple of floral maxi dresses, a lace blouse to travel in that can double up as a beach cover up, and some light wash jeans for wearing when we take day trips. I already have some gorgeous sunglasses and a lovely pair of leather flip flops, so at least my side of the suitcase won't be completely empty!!

Have you got any holidays coming up, and have you started shopping for them yet? I always think planning a holiday is half the fun, and I just love packing my suitcase before we go. Bring on the shopping!!

Love Tor xx

The most important thing to happen to Blogging this year?

Hi guys,
There are two things I look for when I'm reading a blog (and deciding to keep coming back again and again) Interesting content and great pictures. Now having the latter will be infinitely easier, thanks to Getty's announcement today that they are making the full spectrum of their images free to use for bloggers and other non commercial users. This is HUGE! In fact, I'm going to call it the most important thing to happen to blogging this year (Yes, I know it's only March)

All you have to do is visit the Getty website and find the image you want to use, then when you use the new Getty embed tool you can add that image to your site completely free. Because Getty is home to tens and millions of different images, this will be a complete game changer for bloggers: particularly celebrity and fashion bloggers that rely on instant access to relevant imagery to enhance their content! To prove the point, I've illustrated this post with a couple of images of some famous folks arriving on the red carpet for the Oscars on Sunday night.

As an additional note, I'm sure it takes hours to look that effortlessly beautiful, but Naomi Watts is my new beauty icon based solely on how incredible her make up looks in this picture! Embedded images will include photographer attribution and, when clicked, will link back to where the image can be licensed for commercial use.(You can click it and see for yourself if you like!)

Of course, many blogs are using images that originated from Getty on their sites already: it's easy to find the image you're looking for on google, and simply modify it and add it to your site yourself. But such practices are not only illegal (although there is yet to be a case of an unpaid blogger being taken to court for doing so) they are also making it much harder for the average photographer to scratch a living, thanks to the onset of fast and accessible digital images. This new tool is at least an attempt to readdress that balance. To try the tool out for yourself, please visit That's what I did, and I couldn't believe how easy and quick it was to do! Like I said, it's a complete game changer! Will you be using Getty's free images on your blog?

Love Tor x

Monday, 3 March 2014

Introducing the Caroline Blomst collection for Deichmann

Hi guys,
I've always had a huge soft spot for Deichmann. Because I grew up in Germany it's the shop my parents used to take me to every season to pick new shoes. Even then I loved shoes, and I loved picking out a new pair from the array of styles and colours. I had a dark raspberry pink pair of T bar pumps I remember stomping around everywhere in! More recently, I've liked the Halle Berry collaboration with the brand so much that i've picked up two pairs: a pair of tan faux suede wedges, and a rich berry coloured court shoe.

Now shoe giant Deichmann have collaborated with uber-blogger Caroline Blomst to bring us a brand new shoe collection just perfect for spring. The capsule collection of seven pairs of shoes is cleverly created so that whether you want shoes for work, play, or Saturday night seductions you'll find something fabulous to wear. The stand out pairs, for me, are the graphic print slippers in a bold monochrome (an absolute bargain at £17.99) and the low pointed strap heels. So I had them sent over so I could give them a closer look:
 photo deichmann2_zpsd5b0742b.jpg
 photo deichmann1_zps3ae54ddb.jpg
The slippers shoe has spent the past couple of years being at the top of the style stakes, and these give the style a hot twist by giving it a pointed toe: not only do point toed shoes make your legs look longer and thinner (a definite bonus) they're also bang on trend, and were seen on the AW13 catwalks across the biggest fashion weeks by designers such as Marc Jacobs, Burberry Prorsum and Mui Mui.

I was surprised by how much I loved the studded pointed toed kitten heels, which are the perfect marriage of elegance and edgy style. I have been lusting over a pair of Valentino Rock studded and buckled shoes that look very similar to these, but of course at more than ten times the price tag: I know where I will be spending my hard earned money!
 photo deichmann3_zps583e8925.jpg
 photo deichmann4_zpsfd9b76c0.jpg
Both pairs look so much better in the flesh than they do in the press shots, and even the photos I've taken don't do them justice. All of the shoes in the collection stick to Blomst's trademark monochrome, and with gorgeous details such as lace panels, buckles, and studs. The shoes are stylish, comfortable (because of course I couldn't resist trying them all on) and seriously affordable. I'm convinced, and I think you will be too.

Want to see the rest of the collection? Then you're in luck! Here it is:
 photo deichmann6_zps6a625737.png
1. Pixel print sneakers, £22.99    2. Pointed multi strap heels, £24.99  3. Peep toe with drop side and metallic heel, £27.99     4. Peep toe lace shoe boot, £27.99 5. Peep toe cut out shoe boots, £27.99     

How gorgeous are the high multi strap heels? As soon as I saw them I knew they'd been inspired by Gianvitto Rossi's beautiful multi strap creations, and they're just perfect for teaming with skinny jeans (or leather trousers if you're brave enough) and a soft cropped teddy jumper. Finally, although they're not to my taste, the clever addition of the trainers was a stroke of genius at a time when every blogger and fashionista I know is rocking a pair of Nike hi tops or a utilitarian DKNY yoga shoe: buy these now and you'll wear them all summer long, with no blisters in sight!

The Caroline Blomst collection for Deichmann is available in store and online from today. I predict that these will be selling out fast: particularly the bargain-priced slipper shoes. Which pair do you want to get your hands on first?

Love Tor x

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Shoes: Turned on to trainers!

Hi guys,
I am so far from a trainer wearer, it's ridiculous! Aside from the tatty old pair of trainers I wear for sports (which I've had for years) I don't even own a pair. And when I jumped onto the Converse trend I only wore mine a couple of times before quickly realising it just wasn't the look for me. Then I saw these Liberty print Gola trainers and quickly fell in love!
 photo gola_zpsffe931c6.png
Gola isn't a trainer brand that's on my radar, but I think these beauties will look fantastic with light wash skinny jeans. The florals are so feminine and I love the slightly vintage feel: they'll be great for running around the park in the summer. They also come in a purple version which features a slightly darker floral Liberty print fabric, but it is the girly pink that I love.

Want a pair of these for your own? You can pick them up from Spartoo for £70.99 per pair. Form an orderly queue after me!

Love Tor x

*Post written as part of a partnership with Spartoo shoes