Wednesday, 26 June 2013

High Summer from Levis

Hi guys,
For the past 12 months my obsession with dresses has been replaced with a newfound obsession with denim. I wear jeans at least five days of the week, and finding the perfect pair consumes me: I think I've come close, but I'm not quite there yet! One denim brand that I really do love is Levis. Great cuts, great fits, great jeans: but of course, they make other things too.

Even the most committed denim lovers tend to wear less denim in the summer. The lure of skirts and sandals, floaty sun dresses and fitted maxi dresses are so much more exciting that the jeans and vests or blouses that you've been wearing all winter long! Me? I'll be wearing the jeans and the vests (with a great sandal or two thrown in!) And I'll be teaming them with some of the latest high summer pieces from Levis:
 photo levis_zpse74df732.png
High waisted yellow skinny jeans, £80
Denim trucker vest, £55
Body shaping floral tulip dress, Was £80 now £55.90

I love the sleeveless denim jacket. It would look fantastic worn open over a white cotton bohemian dress. And if my thighs were just a tad slimmer then I would snap up those yellow jeans: they would look amazing as part of my day to day uniform, teamed with simple black or white silk vests or chiffon blouses. Finally, who knew Levis made such pretty dresses? How perfect would this floral tulip dress be for a wedding, and it's almost worth buying for the fun and surprise of telling people you're wearing an outfit from the nation's favourite denim-outfitter!

Seen something you like? Shop the brand now!

Do you tend to wear less denim in the summer? Or are you a committed denim lover all year round? And do you have any denim brands you'd like to recommend for me to check out?

Love Tor x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sales shopping: My Topshop jumper is Great!!

Hi guys,
It's sale season, and the Topshop sale has started! I never 'pop in' to check out a Topshop sale without buying something, and this season was no exception. With a better than 50% discount, I picked up this (probably Kenzo inspired) tiger motif jumper. And I think I look, in the famous words of Tony the Tiger, grreat:  photo tigerjumper1_zps1becf5be.jpg  photo tigerjumper2_zps591313a8.jpg I know it's not technically the right time of year to be buying jumpers, but with the small amount of summer we've had so far I think it's probably a safer and more wearable investment than a floaty frock.  My jumper was reduced from £38 to £18, so it was a total bargain.

Want a tiger jumper of your own? Here's the clicky link!

Have you checked out the Topshop sale yet? And have you done any other sale shopping? If so I'd like to know where you've been shopping, and what stores you'd recommend I check out next!

Love Tor x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Shoes: Lusting after the Minna Parikka bunny shoes

Hi guys,
Do you ever have one of those moments where you see a pair of shoes and you know that it's love at first sight? Like a birds singing, clouds parting, the world slows down a little kind of love? Well, that's how I felt when I saw these Minna Parikka bunny shoes:  photo minnaparikka_zpsb4ce496d.png I first fell in love with animal shoes when I saw the Marc Jacobs mouse pumps. I remember tirelessly bidding on pairs of them on eBay because I couldn't afford to buy them full price. Then came the Charlotte Olympia cat flats. But if anything I love these shoes more, because they don't have an animal face on them: it makes them more subtle and sophisticated (If you can ever call a shoe with huge rabbit ears sprouting out of the top of them sophisticated!)

I love flat shoes because they fit my lifestyle so much better than heels at the moment: all the running around and walking for miles I do right now demands a trendy statement flat shoe that will go with everything. And these ones definitely tick all the right boxes!

The Spartoo sale has just started this week (Hurrah for the sales!) so these shoes are now 30% off, coming in at £132.99. If you want a pair of your own you can buy them here. I have been thinking about these all week, so I think i'm definitely going to have to succumb and buy a pair!

Love Tor x

* Post written as part of a new partnership with Spartoo shoes

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Dress for £3.68? Meet the very latest acronym dress!

Hi guys,
First came the LBD (Little Black Dress). The came to LWD (Little White Dress). And now I've just received a press release introducing the world to the MWD: anyone know what it stands for? Well, I couldn't work it out at first. But it's actually the Minimum Wage Dress!

The Minimum Wage Dress (MWD) costs the same as an hour’s pay on the lowest minimum wage –  £3.68 – which is the minimum wage for someone aged under 18 in the UK. I don't know what I was more surprised about: that you could buy a dress online for less than £4, or that the minimum working wage in this country is so damn low: not much incentive to get off your bum at 16 and get a job, is it?!
 photo mwd_zpsca0f1b7c.png Nick Puri, director at, said: “Thousands of women, who are struggling to make ends meet, are constantly on the lookout for gorgeous outfits that make them look and feel a million dollars, without costing them that at the checkout! We wanted to offer all of those women an on-trend summer dress that they could buy, guilt-free, as we understand the pressures on women’s wallets, as well as their wardrobes.”

I haven't seen or felt the dress, so I can't vouch for its fabric or its quality: but you really can't knock its price! The dress is available from from tomorrow, and comes in three colours: neon yellow, pink, and black. Given that this gimmick is likely to be all over the tabloid websites tomorrow, the dress is expected to sell out fast, so if you want one it's time to go go go!

Love Tor x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sale shopping: Embellished jelly sandals from Primark

Hi guys,
The summer sales are popping up everywhere: today I got two gorgeous dresses from Oasis (pictures to follow) and a cheapy top from Peacocks (because I have no summer clothes for my holiday!) . But my biggest bargain purchases of the day were from Primark: two pairs of embellished jelly shoes for just £3 a pair.

They shoes came in five different colours with five different animal embellishments. Black or yellow with a bumble bee , coral with a toucan, mint green with a butterfly, and neon pink with a flamingo. I got the yellow ones purely because they didn't have the black in my size, and I love insects, and the coral ones because my bikini is coral, and they'll be perfect for schlepping around the pool in:  photo jellysandals2_zps60daea25.jpg  photo jellysandals1_zps35a45d44.jpg
 photo jellysandals4_zps15ba32cf.jpg  photo jellysandals3_zps1b7b11df.jpg Thanks to Melissa shoes, jelly shoes are hugely popular at the moment. And although normally I will only wear leather shoes, they're surprisingly comfortable and perfect for wearing around swimming pools and beaches because they wipe clean and dry so quickly. I currently have my toenails painted black, so they bumble bee sandals look incredibly effective against them at the moment - I'll be wearing them with skinny jeans and a silky black tee tomorrow.

Have you had any sale bargains so far? And are there any summer sales you're looking forward to starting? I always like to keep an eye out for the Topshop and River Island summer sales: perfect for when you're taking sunny holidays later in the year!

Love Tor x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Lip prints for National Kissing Day

Hi guys,
This Thursday is National Kissing Day: A day to pucker up and get your smooch on! National Kissing Day is a UK-wide awareness campaign running on 20th June 2013 and research reveals that 65% of people will celebrate the day with a digital kiss - I, for one, tend to always add a kiss or two at the end of every email I send. Which I know isn't very professional, but it's a digital instinct I don't really even think about. However I am much more interested in some smooch-y fashion, and lip prints are just 'So hot-right-now'!.

Here are a couple of options that seem just perfect for wearing for National Kissing Day:
 photo kissingday_zps2efd5da8.jpg Model shot: Top from Quiz, £10.99
Pink and white lip print dress,, £16
'Kiss me' pendant necklace, Accessorize, £6
Lulu Guiness silver lips clutch, John Lewis, £245
Diane Von Furstenberg trousers,, £112

I have always wanted one of these Lulu Guiness lip clutches: I lust after them at their press day every season! I also really like the DVF trousers which are a more subtle take on the lip print, and would look so gorgeous worn all summer long teamed with metallic sandals and a simple black or white vest. For a more subtle and affordable take though, realistically I will end up wearing a lip necklace like the Accessorize one: add a simple chiffon top and skinny jeans and I'm ready to go!

When you have an active little man like Wilbur, being forced to find the time to take five minutes for yourself and have a good old snog with your husband can only be a good thing! Will you be having a kiss for National Kissing Day? And will you be wearing something red/pink/kiss themed for the occasion?

Love Tor x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Shoes: Still obsessed with studs

Hi guys,
The trend for studded, rock chick fashion has been around for years. And it's not set to go anywhere soon! Much like the punk rockers of the '80s, nowaways DIY fashionistas are adding studs and pins to everything they can add them to: I've seen studded converse, jackets, blazers, even homemade studded necklaces.

Whether you DIY them or buy them made for you, you need something studded. I have a studded jacket, studded slipper shoes, and a gold studded bracelet from Topshop that I wear nearly every day. And my current obsession is these studded Guess court shoes:  photo guesssandals_zps9a463ee9.png Peep toe, platform, stiletto heel, studded detailing: these shoes have it all! They would look great teamed with super skinny jeans or leggings and a fitted leather jacket for a classic rock chick look. But you could also use them to toughen up a floaty chiffon dress, and add some attitude to your favourite Saturday night going-out look. I want them to wear with jeans and a floaty chiffon blouse for one of my rare cocktail nights!

These Guess studded shoes cost £181.99 and you can buy a pair of your own here.

Do you have anything studded in your wardrobe? And if so do you buy your studded pieces already done, or do you like to add the studs yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts of this trend!

Love Tor x

*Post written as part of a new partnership with Spartoo shoes

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Summer sales: Pick up a bargain with Sarenza!

Hi guys,
When I got the email saying that the Sarenza summer sale had started, my stomach turned over a little in excitement. After all, the only thing more exciting than shoes is sale shoes! So I trawled through the site checking out all the amazing pretty summer shoes available at discounted prices (when there's still so much of the summer left!) and picked out some of my favourites/the biggest bargains. Here are my choices:  photo sarenzasale-1_zps7c950142.png Ash Engima leopard print boots (60% off). Were £216 to £86.40
Ravel colour block wedges (50% off) Were £80 now £40
Peach Mysuelly heels (50% off) Were £236 now £118
Neon pink and beige Mysuelly flats (50% off) Were £236 now £118
Irregular Choice heels (50% off) Were £119 to £59.50
Paul and Betty neon lips heels (50% off) Were £216 to £108
Camper white sandals (50% off) £76 to £38
Jonak tan booties (50% off) Were £71 to £35.50
Brown chocolate Schubar sandals (50% off) Were £39 to £19.50

I think they're a little high for me, but I'm giving serious consideration to those colour block wedges from Ravel: they're just perfect for summer and I have an orange dress they would look fabulous with. Although it's not so good a look when I wobble and fall off them! The second pair I love (and the obvious choice for me) are the Paul and Betty lip heels: Everyone needs a nude heel in their shoe wardrobe armoury, but these are a quirky and unusual way of wearing them. I just can't resist!

Sarenza have also had a site redesign in the past couple of weeks: the design is now more funky and streamlined. But more importantly, it's now compatible to be used easily on your phone and tablet: dangerous for me as it means I can shop for shoes on the move. Gulp!

Love Tor x

* I am a Sarenza brand ambassador

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

SS13 In Primark this week: Heading to a festival

Hi guys,
I suspect that, as everywhere prepares for the arrival of the new season (despite the fact we haven't actually enjoyed this season yet: where is the sun?) this will be the last SS13 Primark post. I've already seen a couple of the autumn jackets that will be appearing in store next month, and based on that, I think next seasons offerings will be quite exciting. Bring on AW13!!

In the meantime, the latest arrivals into Primark are just perfect if you're heading to a festival or two over the next couple of months. From practical duffle bags to hold all of your clobber to the now ubiquitous floral festival headband, if you want something new to give you that off-duty rock star look, Primark is the place to be this week.

Everything on the product picture has either landed in Primark over the past couple of days, or is due to arrive by the end of the week:  photo primarkfestival2_zps59709638.png  photo primarkfestival_zps4bcc6a06.png Blue candy stripe barrel bag, £6
Belted floral maxi dress, £13
Acid wash Aztec skinny jeans, £13
Flower headband, £2.50
Box chain spike necklace, £8
Studded skater skirt, £10
Aztec flap satchel, £9

All you need to add if your favourite band tee (which will look perfect with that studded skater skirt!), a lightweight mac and a pair of wellies, and you're ready to go! Being festival ready has never been so easy!

Are you heading to any festivals this season? If so, which ones are you going to and what will you be wearing? I'd love to hear all about it!

Love Tor x

PS - Did you know you can now buy a selection of Primark clothes online, over at ASOS? Perfect if there isn't a Primark near you, or you just can't face heading into those messy stores! My only concern is that because the quality of the fabric in Primark varies so wildly, you wouldn't be able to check that until the product arrives, and could end up spending a lot of time on returns. Still, if you're interested, here's the link!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Shopping: Looking for lovely luggage

Hi guys,
I've heard that good luggage should last you forever. But I don't think anyone has ever told the baggage handlers at Heathrow that! Because the good luggage we bought for our honeymoon just two years ago is completely ruined thanks to the severe battering it has received from those baggage handlers: and we've only used it about a dozen times!

Now that we're trying to organise our first family holiday in October I'm on the hunt for new luggage to replace our last set: a necessity given one of the suitcases has lost a wheel! I also need a new weekend bag, as we have two wedding weekends and a romantic anniversary weekend coming up this summer. My preference is for something lightweight, sleek, and something that feels very fashionable.

Debenhams have just started their half price summer sale, meaning you can get some excellent quality luggage, but at very affordable prices. And (for the inner fashionista) some of it is so damn pretty! Here are some of the best options and discounts I've found:  photo debenhamsluggage_zps14f6518b.png Tripp yellow holiday four wheel suitcase: Reduced from £150 to £69. Available here.
Tripp blue and raspberry floral suitcase: Reduced from £140 to £42. Available here.
Tripp petal flower wheel duffle suitcase. Reduced from £139 to £35. Available here.
Grape light travel suitcase. Reduced from £105 to £59. Available here.
Tripp star lite carry on suitcase in Mulberry. Reduced from£140 to £69. Available here.
Samsonite aqua four wheel suitcase. Reduced from £175 to £140. Available here.

I really like the square pattern on the yellow suitcase, which comes in a variety of  sizes and is also available in black, pink, and purple. You wouldn't be able to miss that coming towards you on the carousel would you?! I also really like the ultra-glossy star lite suitcase in the vibrant mulberry shade: I'm clearly having a bright colour luggage moment for this season. Which makes a change from my usual obsession with black!

Have you bought new luggage this season? How long do you find a suitcase tends to last you, and do you think the price you pay affects it's quality and longevity? I'd love to hear all your luggage thoughts. It's my current obsession!

Love Tor x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Shoes: Beaded sandals for sunny weekends

Hi guys,
It's time for a collective hurrah for the sunny weekend! If you're in the UK you'll agree that this weather has been a long time coming! We're headed to visit my folks for the day, and I will be taking Wilbur to the beach: an occasion that requires a simple, casual outfit. And of course, the perfect shoes! Which is why I'll be wearing these ones:  photo edensandals_zps5c0d5f80.jpg  photo edensandals2_zps288726a1.jpg These gorgeous Eden sandals cost just £52 and you can get a pair of your own right here. I was immediately attracted by the mix of the turquoise and orange beads: they have a lovely bohemian feel. Like you got them when you were on a far-flung exotic summer holiday. (There's no need to tell anyone you got them online, not in a dusty street market!)

I plan on teaming them with a simple jersey maxi dress and a floral chiffon kimono. Simple, beachy, and comfortable enough to sit on the beach building sandcastles in: perfect!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you doing anything nice? And will you be wearing fabulous shoes whilst you do it?

Love Tor x

*I am a Sarenza brand ambassador

Friday, 7 June 2013

Daily Wear: Like a preppy bumble bee!

Hi guys,
The title of this post is what my husband said when I asked him how I looked today! I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended as a complement. Nonetheless I'm quite happy with this simple but sunshiney outfit, which is just perfect for looking stylish, but not like I've made too much effort when I pop to the shops this afternoon:
 photo bumblebee1_zpsa5e958ca.jpg  photo bumblebee2_zps8269fe1b.jpg  photo bumblebee3_zps1eb65625.jpg The jumper is from Gap (Just £13.99 in the sale: total bargain!), the jeans are Topshop, and the blouse is H&M. The dainty flower necklace is from Cath Kidston. The heels are Steve Madden via Sarenza and the bag is via Hotter.

I usually shy away from bright colours because I'm not sure how to wear them and, truth be told, I don't really like drawing attention to myself which you're bound to if you wear a jumper like this. But this vibrant yellow looks great with my trademark black and new love of denim. And wearing heels helps too: it forces you to carry yourself tall and adds outfit confidence!

How to you wear bright colours? What's your comfort zone, and how do you force yourself to step outside of it sometimes? I'd love to hear your tips!

Love Tor xx

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Trends: A day at the races

Hi guys,
This afternoon my sister mentioned that she is going to Royal Ascot for the racing in July. Which is very exciting! I've never been to the races before (I'm not really a fan of it) but I love the idea of having a formal occasion to dress up for. Realistically I suspect that's what most women go to the races for anyway. Well, that and the champagne!

Stores on the highstreet are advertising their racing and wedding wear in almost ever window at the moment. But, much like going to a wedding, going to the races doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are some of my highstreet picks that will leave you looking fabulous on an affordable budget:
 photo races2_zps7d442d36.jpg  photo races_zps9ec065f3.png Top images all at Phase Eight
Leopard flower fascinator, Accessorize, £35
Peplum skirt dress,
Lola cotton printed dress, Phase Eight, £99
Peach floating leaves dress, Apricot, £34
Dusky pink fascinator, British Heart Foundation shop, £7.99
Green Valentiena fascinator, Phase Eight, £49

If you're Norwich-based then Chapelfield shopping centre are having a pop-up Best Dressed Style Station this week (from Saturday 1st to Sunday 9th June) where you can head down and have their stylists help you find the outfit you need for your day at the races. Or a wedding, or other special occasion. Appointments are free and last 20 minutes. You can find out more about it here.

Are you heading to the races at all this season? And what would you choose to wear?

Love Tor x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Daily Wear: Just a walk in the park!

Hi guys,
Isn't it amazing how much the weather can change your mood? After a miserable week stuck in the house with Wilbur last week (mostly wearing jeans and baggy tees) I woke up this morning to find the sun shining and the birds singing, and my immediately reaction was Hurrah! It's the perfect day to throw on a dress and go for a walk around the park!

So that's exactly what we're going to do today, complete with rides on the swings and sandwiches under a shady tree. And here's what I'm wearing to do it:  photo park3_zps1bc2814d.jpg  photo park2_zpsc93a5874.jpg  photo park1_zpsdd650ae2.jpg
The dress is years old (like, I got it when I was at university old!) and is from Topshop. The vintage bag is just as old (I was 19 when I got this bag and I'm 29 now. That's some serious wardrobe longevity!). The necklace is the Black Lily one I showed off last week. And the shoes are from Mellow Yellow via Sarenza. I actually ordered these months ago in anticipation of Spring, but today is the first time I've worn them. I'm seriously excited to take them for a spin, as they're so cute, with their little heart cut out details!

Oh by the way - you may have noticed the new background to my last couple of outfit posts: our new garden! We spent much of this weekend mowing the lawn and weeding the patio: my next job is to paint the fences. It's so much nicer to take photos here without passers by on the street gawking. I feel much happier and comfortable posing too: cue lots more outfit posts to come this summer!

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you do anything nice, to make the most of the sunshine? And do you find the change of weather affects your mood too?

Love Tor x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Shoes: Wild about white sandals

Hi guys,
White sandals have a bad reputation. When you think about white sandals you probably think of cheap pleather and Essex girls. But actually, white shoes are about to have a white-hot fashion make over. And it's a trend that I am definitely ready to get on board with!

Head to toe white is a big trend for this season (let's face it, it's a big trend nearly every summer) and where your dresses go, your shoes are sure to follow. White is perfect for summer: it emphasises your tan, keeps you cool in the sun, and looks great teamed with warm summery colours like coral and turquoise.

I love to wear white when I'm on holiday: white and gold is my favourite summer colour combo. White maxi dresses and white linen trousers teamed with delicate gold jewellery are my favourite beach-holiday outfits. But finding shoes to team with them is difficult...

 photo whitesandals_zps63b3cf16.pngEnter these gorgeous heeled sandals, which are the perfect solution, and will look great with any white outfit. With their coral, turquoise, and snakeskin geometric panels, they add colour and interest to the simple white sandal. They also make a shoe that could look cheap look and feel very classic and expensive.

These Chie Mihara sandals cost £218.99. If you want to get your hands on a pair of your own then you can find them here.

How do you feel about this season's white trend? Would you wear white sandals, or is their Essex-girl reputation enough to put you off?

Love Tor xx

*Post written as part of a new partnership with Spartoo shoes