Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Primark pick of the week #3

Hi Guys,

So here it is; my Primark pick of the week! They come in pink, purple and black (the coloured ones looked particularly vibrant and amazing and I wish i'd had my camera!) but because of the way they would fit into the currrent colour pallet of my wardrobe I got the (yup, you guessed it!) black ones:
Sorry about the crazy-untidiness of my desk! Primark has gone above and beyond with these gorgeous leather shoes which, at just £18.60, look an awful lot more expensive and a lot less, well, primarky!
These are going to look great with my new tuxedo jacket, toughening up floaty summer dresses and ditzy floral skirts. I love the multitude of buckles and they also zip up at the back with a chunky black zip, again adding to the expensive feel. Quite frankly, i'm chuffed!!
Primark was looking particularly good today; the scallop edged dress in coral yellow and black is a definite best seller (on any figure except mine!) and they had a great range of summery tops for teaming with jeans or leggings in the upcoming months. Oh, and I fell in love with a yummy pixellated floral lampshade skirt. Of course, I snapped that right up, and the pictures will follow as soon as the bf is available to get camera happy!
Have a great day and I hope you're all enjoying the yummy weather!
Love Tor x

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The perfect black jacket

Hi guys,
It strikes me as funny that Susie Bubble (of stylebubble fame, of course!) should write about the importance of owning the perfect black jacket (or PJB as she calls it) yesterday, because on that exact same day I found my perfect black jacket. (Ooooh! Spooky!)

I have been hunting for one for ages, and in frustration bought a cheap tux jacket from Primark which was no substitute (and shall now be making its way to ebay). But now i've found a jacket to love for years to come and I think it looks great!

I love that its so much longer at the front than it is at the back, and the cascading lapels are flattering on my bust (despite their ruffly nature!) because of their length. Its smart, which is how i've worn it for work today, but i'm desperate to wear it with my faded torn jeans and a flesh coloured t shirt for travelling to my parents on Friday! Smart casual will forever now be easy for me!

And was it expensive I hear you ask? Well the answer is no (in fact it was as good value as a session with yourlondonstylist ;) Oh the joy of the shameless plug! ha!) I got it from my new best friend the topshop outlet in Edgeware.

I had the day off work yesterday to go to the hospital in Edgeware for xrays and blood tests (yawn!) and I figured while I was there it would be rude not to pop into my most favoured discount store. While there I fell in love with this top:
The gorgeous, gorgeous sleeves! They are really lovely unusual zip details. Ahhh, I die! (As Rachel Zoe would say; that's how much I enjoy this top, it makes me quote Rachel Zoe!) I then immediately fell even more in love with my jacket of dreams and took them to the checkout where they were rung up and I was told they had been wrongly priced. My face fell. I didn't want to spend more than £30 although I would for that jacket. At that moment in time I suspect I would've thrown caution to the wind and handed over the entire contents of my bank account for that jacket! But I can sense that you know there is a happy ending to this tale....

....And here it is: Have no fear for I got them both FOR £10 BOGOF, BABY!!! That works out at just £5 per item!!

Sometimes I just can't believe my unbelievable luck! And super cheap or not, these are items I will definitely cherish in my new, slightly more streamlined wardrobe....or at least, realistically, streamlined for now!

Lots of love,


NB - Whilst were talking about funny coincidences, which I suppose we sort of are (ish), yesterday Susie also wrote about an exhibition in Norwich that I was telling my boyfriend I wanted to see when we were up in Norwich to visit Becky at the end of May. Spooky or what

Monday, 27 April 2009

If in doubt, complain!

Now i'm what I think most people would class as typically British when it comes to complaining.

If i'm in a restaurant and my food isn't as hot as i'd like, i'll eat it anyway. Poor service? Doesn't affect my tip. But this week I made my first proper complaint about Warehouse (the clothes store, not a storage facility!) and i've never felt so good about myself! In fact, i'd recommend it to anybody:

Two Fridays ago I popped out in my lunch hour and bought this skirt. Although some might say it looks like a nappy, I think it looks great. I'm happy with my bargain and all is well with the world until....The next morning I pop on the skirt only for it to immediately rip right down the back, not even on the seam! Despite having other plans, I immediately take off the skirt and drive down to Brent Cross, my nearest shopping centre, to return it. The only Warehouse in that particular centre (and within a 15 mile radius of my home) is in the Fenwicks department store. So having found the exact same skirt in the exact same size I went to the counter to exchange it. I didnt even have any intention of complaining about the fault (caused by the poor and flimsy quality of the fabric, if your interested!) I just wanted the same skirt I had originally paid for. Only it wasnt that easy. First I was told that I couldnt exchange my skirt within that store as it was a concession within a department store. (There was no sign stating this anywhere) Then the assistant had the audacity to imply that I had ripped the skirt on purpose to get a new one. Now i'm definitely no criminal mastermind, but what;s in it for me to rip a skirt one day only to go out of my way to get the exact same one the next day? Madness!!

I was dismissed and told smugly that if I had a complaint to contact head office. I left the store feeling let down, insulted and angry. And still in possession of a broken skirt. The next day I did two things: Went to the store where i had originally got the skirt (they were great and swapped it straight away) and wrote an email to the Warehouse head office. In my email I explained what had happened, that I had inconvenienced myself going back to their store when I didnt have to, how hurt I felt my the insult from the staff, and that I wanted them to do something about it.

The results were three fold:

1. It felt cathartic to write the letter and feel that I was getting my say.
2. They wrote back and apologised, convincing me I was right to be angry and to complain (see left)
3. They sent me a £15 voucher to encourage me to try their products again.

One afternoon last week I popped down to Oxford street with my boyfriend and spying a Warehouse, I decided to head inside and spend my vouchers. However everything is soo expensive in there, and I didnt have the faith to pick something up and have to go through this whole process again. So for £14 (with a £1 voucher in change!) I got:
It made me feel better knowing that my complaint had been taken seriously, and that they cared enough about my custom to try to win it back. And as I headed into that store when I saw it rather than turn right around (having angrily promised never to set foot in a Warehouse store again just the week before) it obviously worked!

My advice if you think you have cause to complain is:
1. Dont argue in the store! It probably isnt the assistant's fault and even if it is they generally dont have the power to fix it!
2. Write an email or a letter, rather than call. The person on the phone will only make you angry and you wont be able to get your point across as clearly.
3. Say exactly what happened in as clear and concise a manner as possible.
4. Tell them exactly what you want. Whether its a formal apology or financial compensation, you probably wont get it if you dont ask!
5. Include your address and telephone number. You wont get a response without these, but its amazing how easy it is to forget!

And finally, don't feel shy or embarrassed about making a complaint. The saying "the customer is always right" is popular because its true! Particularly in today's difficult ecomony shops need your loyalty and your custom, and they know you won't keep going back if the quality and the service is shoddy. You have all the power, so why not use it!?

I'm still not convinced about the quality of Warehouse's goods by the way: one voucher doesn't stop the feeling that you're receiving Primark quality goods at triple to quadruple the price. But it will make me pop back in now and again and keep an open mind.

And with my final rant on the subject finally over, I really do feel better!

Lots of love,


Friday, 24 April 2009

The wardrobe clear out: watch out ebay, here I come!

Despite my very best efforts, I have never won anything on ebay. I try my hardest, watching the items, sitting at the computer religiously for the last 5 minutes of bidding, but I always get pipped to the post - I missed out on an amazing pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses by just 50p yesterday!
However in spite of my own lack of winning ability (and some might say skill) with the whole ebay thing, I wrote aaages ago that I would be having a clear out, and so, by golly, I am! Its good for the wardrobe, the pocket, and dare I say it, the soul, to get rid of all the stuff that's too big, too small, or that you just can't stand the sight of, every now and again.
I have a bin liner stuffed full of things I dont want any more (the result of a very brutal wardrobe clear-out) and i've decided to give ebaying them a go! I've only listed about 8 things to start with - mostly as I had no idea putting them up would be so time consuming (!) but there are about 50 things in total that need to go!
Here are the highlights of what's up/what I will be putting up, all with a 99p reserve. If you're very very nosey, my ebay handle is 079fashionista, so feel free to stalk me a little/see what else I am ridding my wardrobe of!
(My boyfriend is going to be so happy when all this stuff is gone, and I finally let him have a drawer for his things!)
Kate Moss @ Topshop white one shouldered dress

Topshop ruffly top

H&M Hello Kitty cardiganGeorge @ Asda cat dress
Primark trapeze top
I will photograph and put up another load of 10-15 things this weekend; who knew trying to clear out your wardrobe would be such hard work??
Anything that doesn't sell will find its way to the Cancer research shop on Mill Hill broadway; Apart from the fact that it's a very good cause, it has a lovely atmosphere in there (and doesnt have that funny charity shop smell!) I think my things would be very very happy!
Love Tor
PS - I know I said I would be selling my Tommy Hilfiger skirt, but Becky read those very words and asked if she could have it instead- of course I said yes! It will look so lovely on her!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Matthew Williamson @ H&M

Hi Guys,

Before the collection is released to the shops on Thursday ( is predicting shopping hysteria which I, frankly, am taking with a pinch of salt!) does anyone else find the majority of the Williamson collection we have had "sneak previews" of,a little bit blah (and dare i say it, a little bit dated!?!)

Maybe i'm being bitter because the pixellated rose pattern I love and covet so so much hasn't been represented at all, but i'm really not that into the Miami vice 80s feel of the whole collection. It takes a truly brave woman to pull off an electric blue suit!

I'm pretty sure my mum has thrown out similar that even I (the ultimate hoarder) have rejected. As my nan would say; "I wouldn't give it house room" I also won't be rushing out for this utilitarian jump suit, the frightening circa 1995 butterfly top or the cheap looking cardi with ill thought out peacock feather shoulder.

I would, however, give this sequinned dress plenty of house room:I looks like a grafitti artist was given one too many cans of spray paint and decided to go totally insane! This would look great over denim-look leggings teamed with horrenduously uncomfortable (but very very beautiful, its a thing!) skyscraper heels.
It's a bit worrying that there's only one thing that made me take notice though: One dress does not a collection make, and although there are some belts and a leather jacket also being released that look very very wearable, there is no piece in this whole collection that makes me want to stop and say "wow!"
It's difficult to sum up. Some people i'm sure will be talking about the recession; that people are turning to safe pieces they can wear over and over again rather than the showstoppers they'll wear once or twice. So maybe this was a canny move, and the collab will be a massive success and i'll be proved wrong. But I suspect people will also go the other way- Matthew Williamson is famous for his amazing party dresses - if I was to buy a Matthew Williamson collaboration dress that is up to 3 times the normal store price, I would want it to be a bit bloody special. In fact, i would probably want it to make people gasp on awe as I passed by (even if I did only wear it once every couple of months!) !
I know this: I won't be one of the predicted crowd of hysterical women. And unless you're anxious to get your paws on mediocre H&M clobber thats been insanely marked up because there's a name you probably recognise on the label, I wouldn't recommend you do either!!!
Lots of love,
Tor x

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Erase and Rewind (and the launch of yourlondonstylist)

....'cause i've been changing my mind!

I don't know why but whenever I sit down to think of a title for a post, song lyrics come into my head. Sometimes you just have to go with it!

I think the theme of this post, or a summary in a sentence, is a change of direction. Its time for me to make a change that I am very excited to be sharing with you all, but as usual I shall probably ramble around it for a couple of paragraphs.
As I approach my mid 20s (I'm 25 next month, despite my baby face!) the fact that I live in a real world where I have responsibilities and an obligation to give every oportunity my best shot becomes more apparent. I live and breath fashion; I think I always have since the first time I stuffed my chubby hand into my mums jewellry box! I always thought this love would manifest into a career as a fashion writer, but although I have truly enjoyed all the freelance work I ave done and will never give it up, this really hasn't been regular enough to count as a career!

This is where the change comes in. As part of a role working for a small fashion website, i had to style the models for a PR photoshoot: this was so much fun! Then a friend asked me to take her shopping to find an outfit for a wedding. after convincing her to try on a dress shhe would've never picked up and finding she looked amazing I was hooked. I knew that if I could do anything for a living it would be to go shopping (who doesn't dream of that?!) and use my knowledge to make other people look and feel fantastic. Six months, and a smattering of personal shopping appointments later, YourLondonStylist is born.

YourLondonStylist is me; starting up in the middle of the recession (because apparently i'ma lunatic!), taking people shopping, detoxing their wardrobes, and hopefully making them feel great! Over the next couple of weeks I will be rebranding the blog so that it matches the new website (because it just makes sense really!) but don't worry; the content will be exactly the same, no changes going on there! I hope the rebrand doesn't put you off and you keep coming back!

And because the pictures on the new website are so small, and I am possibly the vainest person in the entire world, here are my PR shots; I will actually go as far as to say (deep inhalation please!) that I think I look kind of pretty!

Lots of love, and wish me luck!

Tor x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bringing back black!

Despite my continual effort to introduce new colours to my wardrobe, we all know my mantra: "I'll wear any colour as long as it's black!" Remember that fateful picture of my wash day?
I rest my case! Every season the fashion editors pronounce another colour as "The New Black" but actually there's no such thing: thats why beloved black is their constant source of reference. You never hear anyone going on about the "New Red" do you? I rest my case, m'laud!

So when the website "basically black" was brought to my attention, my initial thought was what a damn good idea! Imagine never having to trawl through the pages of asos again falling in love with their vibrant patterned dresses, only to wish there was also a black version! Everything on this site definitely comes in black already!

The word basically immediately conjured pictures of basics - sensible shirts and t shirts; great for our mums, but not so great for fashion conscious young things like us! But actually I was completely wrong. You can buy your basics and they're great quality(we all need them, even if we resent the expense!) but you can also get glamourous dresses, coats, and sparkly sparkly bags (oh how I love sequins and black - i'm suprised i'm still typing straight!)

I know its shockingly simple but I think i'm slightly obsessed with that last dress; perfect for going to dinner or drinks straight after work (dahhling!) it looks uber flattering and more excitingly than that, its cashmere; nothing feels more wonderful than cashmere on your skin, except perhaps knowing it was a bargain, which this certainly is!

My quest for the perfect boyfriend blazer was not sucessful on this website (I know i'm obsessed, but their jacket selection sadly leads a lot to be desired!) but the next time my already fairly extensive collection of black dresses for work, play, and everything else I can think of to wear a black dress to, runs low, I know exactly where i'll be turning.

In fact, maybe i'll add that waffle dress to my birthday list (only 3 weeks to go!) Poor old Mike; I keep adding so much stuff I don't know what will explode first - his head or his wallet!

Love Tor x

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Rigby and Pellar warehouse clearance sale

Well, I know where i'll be going for my new summer bikini; these discounts are totally unbelievable!Rigby and Pellar are having a warehouse clearance sale, and I for one will be at the front of the queue with my elbows sharpened!

VENUE: 20th Century Theatre, 291 Westbourne Grove, LONDON, W11 2QA

16th April 12pm – 9pm

17th April 10am – 8pm

There is an all stock must go policy, and as they're running into the evening as well, you don't even need to take the day off work: bonus!!

See you there!

Love Tor x

Monday, 13 April 2009

Liberty design competition

Ok, so I am about to skim the following copy staight from Liberty's blog (hence the speech brackets!) because I thought it was too good an opportunity for you talented lot to miss out on and because they put it just as well (OK a bit better) as I would:

"Are you a budding new British designer? How would you like to have your products sold at Liberty?

In a bid to recognise and support new and emerging British design talent, Liberty is hosting an Open Design Day on Saturday 25th April.

A panel of experts comprising the Liberty buying team, now headed up by ex-Bergdorf Goodman Senior VP Ed Burstell alongside industry experts such as Yasmin Sewell (Liberty’s Creative Consultant), David Nicholls (Design Editor of the Daily Telegraph) and Sarah Mower (international fashion authority), will be on hand to cast their expert eyes over everything the public bring in.

From fashion to furniture, hats to handbags, craft to cushions and from ceramics to silverware Liberty is encouraging anyone with a creative passion to bring in their designs for the panel to assess.

But don’t expect a Dragon’s Den – rather it is a chance for new designers to get sympathetic and helpful advice from experts on how to nurture and develop their ideas.

The best designs will get the chance to have their products sold at Liberty, a name synonymous with the very best of new design since its doors first opened in 1875, and now one of London’s best-loved emporiums of style and design.

Arthur Lasenby Liberty trawled the world and created an emporium where the finest could meet the rarest. In keeping with this heritage Ed Burstell is keen to champion the best new British design and craft. He and his team will offer support and direction for each step of the process that designers need to get their items selling on Liberty’s world renowned shelves.

To register your interest and receive further updates on this event please send an email to "

How cool is that?! So I suggest you all get those sewing machines whirling and give it your best shot: i'd be joining you if it weren't for my complete and utter lack of talent!!

Love Tor

Thursday, 9 April 2009

New web love: Queens of

I know I constantly have a new "love" but I found a fabulous website yesterday that I just have to share with you.

Billed as the 'Vogue of Vintage' (I promise that that awful intro is the only part of this site you will find so trite!)’s content spans vintage fashion, beauty, interiors and culture.
You can organise your posts by city: an amazing feature for anyone living outside of London given the majority of vintage sites and blogs (sorry about that!) are so London-centric!

The feature I most enjoy is the reviews of vintage stores in cities near you. It's like someone taking the hassle out of vintage shopping for you by reviewing the stores before you even leave the house!

The layout is a bit confusing to start with (the homepage is so damn busy!!) but you soon get used to it. And although talking about the credit crunch is getting dull and seriously getting me down, it is happening and starting to affect our purses. Or at least, its definitely affecting my purse! So the make do and mend feature is perfect for its easy tips (even someon with monkey paws could do it!) on revamping what you already have. I know, I know, I'm raving again but it is a good site!

And if this isn't all exciting enough, I found a feature (or is it a blog post? This looks like a blog but bills itself as an ezine!?) on where you can buy beautiful vintage brooches online now.

I love vintage brooches (although now the collection has passed the 50 mark i'm trying to be a little more selective) but selective or not, this one would definitely make it into the collection. Or maybe this one:How do you choose!? Queens of vintage is definitely a site I will visit again, if only to see what their top picks are. Not to mention the gorgeous photos in their "Top 100 queens" section. Now back to the important issue of brooches. If I just start raiding the penny jar....

Much love,


Hitting the coral reef!

Hi All,

It has always been my sisters favourite colour (and it really suits her too - lucky duck!) but this year she is bang on trend: coral is everywhere! And it's such an amazing colour - in the right shades in can look just as good on blondes as it does on brunettes (is it just me or do trends usually suit brunettes so much better?!)
I've been obsessed with this big coral Fiorelli handbag (available at House of Fraser) for over a month, which as we all know is an age both in fashion terms and my attention span, but for once this is a trend that I intend to take further than accessories. Although the little purses are cute too!
Top to bottom: Tree hugger, kookai, ASOS

I LOVE the body con dress, although obviously it isn't a style that will ever suit me! The kookai dress is a perfect summer staple and I can see it going from work to beach without too much effort at all (oh the power of the accessory!) The tree hugger dress immediately caught my attention of course, because by love affair with jersey is still well and truly in full swing!! The coral colour also looks really great with denim in its many shades and persuasions: I especially like it with light wash for that great spring/summer feel!

Top to bottom: Prophecy, Pepe jeans, Warehouse

Oh and the added bonus is that coral looks great with nude, which means it will breathe a new lease of life into all of the nude tops i've been collecting over the past couple of months: what's not to love about that double whammy!?

I'm going to try and post everyday over the bank holiday (I will definitely be posting tomorrow and monday!) but if you don't check back before then have an amazing easter: don't make yourself too sick stuffing your face with chocolate...advice more for me than you really!

Lots of love,


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

TAG: I'm it again!

When the lovely Kate of Film Upstart (formerly of Make do style) tagged me to answer the following questions, how could I refuse?

Here are the guidelines:

1. Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own invention; add a question of your own.
2. Tag eight other un-tagged people.

What is your current obsession?
This is an easy one because it's been my obsession for years; fashion! I know it sounds like a cliche but I love every aspect of fashion; from high end to high street. Its like a never ending world you can drown in and still never really understand everything. And I love that clothes can change how a person acts and feels: and make you really happy about yourself!

At the minute i'm obsessing about shoes. I've been looking for the perfect pair of heels that I can wear all day without blisters and agony; the hunt goes on!

Do you nap a lot?
We have the best (albeit ugliest) squishy leather sofa that I love lying on when I come home from work (and in fact am lying on right now) and often doze there. Mike is forever nudging me and hussling me up to bed!

Who was the last person you hugged?
The BF just before he left the house about 15 minutes ago to leave me to blog in peace!

What’s for dinner?
We just got back from a raucous weekend in Norwich (how great it was to see Miss B!) so I have no idea what we'll be eating! Given the limited supply of food in the cupboards teamed with my current lethargy I will either be making omlettes or salad! (NB - I had a tuna salad)

What was the last thing you bought?
The last shop I went to was Morrisons where I bought a clothes airer, peg bag, and solero. The last fashion thing I bought was a fringed top from topshop; it's awesome and has fringing on the sleeves as well as along the bottom hem; I shall put up some pictures shortly!

What are you listening to right now?
Right now i'm sitting on the sofa listening to/watching the first Ghostbusters film. I love the bad films they put on Channel 4 on Saturday afternoons! Aparently they've just started making a third Ghostbusters film and Bill Murray et al are actually going to be in it!

What is your favourite weather?
I'm in a good place weather-wise now actually! I love Spring because I like the sunshine and not having to wear too many layers but the temperature is perfect. I'm rubbish in the summer; I suffer from heat rash and get so hot and bothered I'd just like to lie in a cold room until Autumn comes round!

What's in your bathroom cabinet?
Wow, now this would be a list!! I have a dressing table and 3 bathrooms in our house and i've managed to fill them all with a never ending supply of lotions and potions! I really love Benefits Dear John face cream and Soap and Glory's wonderful yummy smelling body butter at the moment though.

Say something to the person/s who tagged you.
Kate: you are lovely, and clever, and someone to look up to for taking a chance with your career by following your dreams. I'm in the middle of planning a project to do exactly the same thing and you are definitely on my list of inspirations as to why. And although we only met once, you're just as wonderful in person as your writing implies you would be!

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?
I love travelling and have lived in lots of different countries but I think England will always be my home. If I was having a house paid for and furnished it would be a toss up between Norwich and London I think: London is definitely the place I want to be now both career wise and because its such a vibrant and exciting city. But I will always love Norwich and nothing can compare to the happy feelings I get in my tummy when we pass the sign that says "welcome to Norfolk"

Name the things you can’t live without.
Apart from fashion, which I couldn't imagine not being a part of my life, my family are everything to me. I was blessed with wonderful parents and have 2 sisters I talk to every day and whom I am happy to say are my best friends. I'm lucky to have Amie in London and close to me, and Lucy graduates this summer and is moving down too. I genuinely dont know how i'd live without them. Oh, bugger, and Mike of course my wonderful boyfriend/house keeper who endures my habit of keeping my clothes all over the house with a smile, and is the love of my life.

What is your favourite tea flavour?
I don't often drink hot drinks, but if I really fancy one its always a Mint Green Tea. Except I like to leave it until its nearly cold before I drink it: yum!

What would you like to get rid of?
Nothing. I think everything happens for a reason; even the really bad things serve to remind us how versitile and resillient we are!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Only an hour? Going somewhere amazing for an hour then being snatched back again would be torture! I'd have to say Cuba; I've always wanted to go there and eat the free ice cream (If the queues work with me you can do that in an hour!)

What did you want to become as a child?
When I had my entry interview to get into school I said brain surgeon but I think I'd always said that because it made my parents so happy. From as far back as I can remember all I ever wanted to be was a writer: my grandpa used to call me his little Kate Adie! All i've ever wanted is to write, and thats still true (and also what I do!)

What do you miss?
My parents because they live too far away, my carefree uni days, and right now i'm missing junk food!

What are you reading right now?
Irvin Welsh's the bedroom secrets of the master chefs. I only started it a couple of days ago and i'm not really enjoying it, but i've never started a book I haven't finished: you never know what you might miss! My house is covered in books (we have 3 book shelves) and I cant walk past a book shop (especially a second hand one!) without popping in and picking up something else.

What's your favourite brand of jeans?
I'm not really a jeans person, and I struggle to find them to fit, but last week I bought the new Harper fit jeans from Topshop; boyfriend fit at the top and skinny and tapered to the ankle, they are absolutely wonderful! They look great and fit like a dream!

What designer piece of clothing would you most like to own (new or vintage)?

Will you have plastic surgery/botox etc.?
This is a tough one. I'm not against surgery and if someone told me there was a painfree way i could shed 2 stone then i'd certainly give it a go. But the key word there was painfree; surgery certainly isn't and my pain threshhold is so low I just don't think I could cope with unneccessary surgery and as for botox; needles...shudder!

My own question:

If someone gave you £500k what would you do with it?
Pay my parents mortgage, take a very long holiday, go shopping (oh dear lord, the shopping!) buy a house and car (sensible stuff) and start my own little fashion publishing house. I'd only publish books I thought were wonderful and I wouldnt care if we didnt make a tonne of money as long as I was happy!

And now to tag people: I take dressed and pressed, style child, disney roller girl, and both of the queens to answer the questions! But don't worry - it's not like those awful chain emails: nothing bad will happen to you or your families if you don't!

Tor xx

Monday, 6 April 2009

All I want is Kitty!!

Morning all,

In honour of my cousin who had a new baby called Hannah Kitty this weekend, and because I love Hello Kitty more than anything in the world (despite the fact that i'm 25 next month and I should know better!) here is the new hello Kitty range in collaboration with Mac cosmetics. The collection is 60s inspired (the focus of my MA dissertation and a passion for years!) and I actually really like Mac cosmetics, so it's the perfect triple whammy!

This is the item i want most. In fact I want it so much it hurts! Soft black pleather 14" Hello Kitty doll in a 60’s style black & white dress with pink trim and iconic pink bow. Limited edition. Black and pink? Hello Kitty? 60s dress? It's like it was made for me!

I love the sickly fluoro pink colour of this lipstick almost as much as I love the retro Hello Kitty casing. Is anyone else sensing a massacre in my make up bag followed by a serious Kitty-fest!?

The thing I love about the blusher is the attention to detail: Not only does it have the same patterned casing as the lipstick (all 60s and lovely!) it also has her face embossed on the powder! Love it!

There's loads more; lip glosses and nail varnish, eye shadow and eye dust. But the final thing to grab my attention (and as soon as I get near a MAc, my wallet) are these:

Exclusively created for the Hello Kitty collection, a half-lash with criss-cross overlapping effect on the outer corner. Provides the look of big, wide “kitten eyes.” Limited edition. I want kitten eyes and I want them now: Oh to be half as cute as Hello Kitty!

Love Tor

PS-At the risk of sounding like a spoilt child I feel the need to reiterate again: I really really want that doll!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Daily Wear: A weekend in three pictures

Hi All,

This weekend the Bf and I trekked up to Norwich on a series of missions; to see the wonderful Miss Becky (oh how I miss her!), to give our friend Chris a great birthday, and to get seriously seriously drunk! All of these missions were accomplished, and I think I managed to look pretty good whilst doing it, even if I say so myself! Here are the pics:

Outfit 1: Travelling up and shopping with Becky

Top and vest: Topshop
Belt and bangle: Warehouse
Ring: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Primark (guess what? They've started doing a "premium" leather range in there! These are 100% leather and were only £15!)

Outfit 2: A night out with the boys

Dress: French Connection (from an outlet store, reduced from £150 to £20!!)
Jacket: Primark (My old faithful; i've never found a better one!)
Bag: Primark and only £4!
Belt: Madam Butterfly

Outfit 3: The morning after the night before!
Jeans: Topshop (they're called Harper and they fit like a dream!)
T shirt: From a shop in Hemel Hampstead for just 50p!
Shoes and Bag: As before

Dear God I look a bit rough! And I actually went out for a fry up with my shoes looking like that; I just couldnt be bothered to fasten all the buckles! Still it was a wonderful weekend, both in the fashion and the fun stakes. Thanks of course must go to my dreamy bf who did all the driving and paid for all my drinks because i'm broke (I had a bit of a topshop splurge!) What a perfect gent, and isn't he handsome!??

Lots of love,

Tor xx

Friday, 3 April 2009

Give us this day....

... Our daily vest!

As summer approaches so fast i've entered into a romantic relationship with jersey - its an obsession that can only end happily, given that it's the perfect fabric for slouching around in on hot days and comes in so oversized this year that I can eat as many ice creams as I like and noone will ever know! Good times!

Here is todays aquisition of love:

The colour is a pale denim blue and the tie dye pattern actually makes the fabric look thicker; like 80s denim rather than jersey. I've cinched it in with my panther belt, but it's actually really wide and slouchy around the hips, and I love the ruching details at the bottom, which I think adds a little bit of sexiness! Cripes I better stop, I actually am talking about it like we're in a relationship! I just can't stop myself from buying the jersey...

Lots of Love,

Tor x

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Kate Moss for Topshop SS09: A quick update!

Hey guys,

This is just a very quick update on the Kate Moss collection which is launching today, and which everyone is raving about (I really should go and see why before I pass any judgement!)

If the thought of standing in line for an hour and being jostled by the crowd, just to buy a new dress, makes you feel a bit sick then I think I have the solution!

As I mentioned yesterday, the new Kate Moss collection features a selection of vintage Liberty print fabrics from the year Kate was born. In celebration of this, a selection of the pieces are available in the Liberty London store. It's a lovely department store anyway, but even better if you can get your hands on the pieces you wanted without the hassle!

No jostling, no anxious teenagers. Now isn't that a better way to get your hands on the apparent "must have" collection of the season?

Love Tor xxx

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Kate Moss for Topshop SS09 hits stores tomorrow

I think the title says it all: if you liked the last Kate Moss for Topshop collection you'll probably like this one (they all seem a bit samey to me!) There is a twist this time though: In a first for Topshop, the new collection includes seven key pieces sporting prints inspired by Liberty's design archive. They hit the stores tomorrow morning, so get up bright and early and hit the shops, whichever side of the Atlantic you happen to be on!
When I saw these pictures I was more interested in how Kate looked than in the dresses. There's no doubt that Kate looks amazingly gorgeous in these shots. She says the look was inspired by photos of her mum in the 70s. But when I see these images it only reminds me how important styling and good photography is in promoting a campaign, and that getting that right can turn almost anyone into a model.
I'm not a huge Kate Moss fan although I do admire her attitude and her business acumin. But when you put the usual photos you see of Kate (looking hungover, wearing those faded jeans again, hair slicked back and almost always looking the wrong side of wash day) alongside these its almost impossible to tell they are the same person. And would you be inclined to buy a dress sold by the Kate you often see in the tabloids? Selling clothes is like selling yourself in any line of work: you have to look the part to convince other people that you are!
I don't yet know how these dresses look in person (rest assured I will be trying them on for your viewing pleasure!) but it always scares me a little when clothes are overstyled to look good- if Kate Moss needs that skirt swirling around her waist for it to look good, how is it going to look on me?! Does everyone remember the boxy star shirt from the last collection? They had to unbutton all but one button to make that work and nobody brought it!
Having said that, I always say that a good hair cut and the right make up can make anyone look and feel better about themselves, and Kate Moss is certainly living breathing proof of that! She looks absolutely stunning and i'm even toying with digging out my old rollers and giving that hair 'do a go myself!
Lots of love,