Monday, 6 April 2009

All I want is Kitty!!

Morning all,

In honour of my cousin who had a new baby called Hannah Kitty this weekend, and because I love Hello Kitty more than anything in the world (despite the fact that i'm 25 next month and I should know better!) here is the new hello Kitty range in collaboration with Mac cosmetics. The collection is 60s inspired (the focus of my MA dissertation and a passion for years!) and I actually really like Mac cosmetics, so it's the perfect triple whammy!

This is the item i want most. In fact I want it so much it hurts! Soft black pleather 14" Hello Kitty doll in a 60’s style black & white dress with pink trim and iconic pink bow. Limited edition. Black and pink? Hello Kitty? 60s dress? It's like it was made for me!

I love the sickly fluoro pink colour of this lipstick almost as much as I love the retro Hello Kitty casing. Is anyone else sensing a massacre in my make up bag followed by a serious Kitty-fest!?

The thing I love about the blusher is the attention to detail: Not only does it have the same patterned casing as the lipstick (all 60s and lovely!) it also has her face embossed on the powder! Love it!

There's loads more; lip glosses and nail varnish, eye shadow and eye dust. But the final thing to grab my attention (and as soon as I get near a MAc, my wallet) are these:

Exclusively created for the Hello Kitty collection, a half-lash with criss-cross overlapping effect on the outer corner. Provides the look of big, wide “kitten eyes.” Limited edition. I want kitten eyes and I want them now: Oh to be half as cute as Hello Kitty!

Love Tor

PS-At the risk of sounding like a spoilt child I feel the need to reiterate again: I really really want that doll!!!


MargieF said...

I really really want those eyelashes. Im so having them:)
margieheartsclothes xxx

Anonymous said...

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