Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Primark pick of the week #3

Hi Guys,

So here it is; my Primark pick of the week! They come in pink, purple and black (the coloured ones looked particularly vibrant and amazing and I wish i'd had my camera!) but because of the way they would fit into the currrent colour pallet of my wardrobe I got the (yup, you guessed it!) black ones:
Sorry about the crazy-untidiness of my desk! Primark has gone above and beyond with these gorgeous leather shoes which, at just £18.60, look an awful lot more expensive and a lot less, well, primarky!
These are going to look great with my new tuxedo jacket, toughening up floaty summer dresses and ditzy floral skirts. I love the multitude of buckles and they also zip up at the back with a chunky black zip, again adding to the expensive feel. Quite frankly, i'm chuffed!!
Primark was looking particularly good today; the scallop edged dress in coral yellow and black is a definite best seller (on any figure except mine!) and they had a great range of summery tops for teaming with jeans or leggings in the upcoming months. Oh, and I fell in love with a yummy pixellated floral lampshade skirt. Of course, I snapped that right up, and the pictures will follow as soon as the bf is available to get camera happy!
Have a great day and I hope you're all enjoying the yummy weather!
Love Tor x


KD said...

I LOVE those shoes and want them so badly and absolutely cannot believe they were under 20 pounds! Lucky!

Joelyne said...

what freekin hot shoes! i WANT them!!!


Lisa Drives A Van said...

these are gorgeous! xox