Friday, 1 May 2009

Fabfrocks interviews: Lindsay from EmandSprout

Hi All,

As i've already mentioned on this blog once or twice, I have a major shoe crush on the etsy store EmandSprout. Their chihuaha shoes have been one my mind at least once daily since the first time I saw them, and they give a fresh take on the phrase "putting the fun into footwear."

So imagine my delight when the lovely Lindsay Gibson, owner and designer of EmandSprout (which was lovingly named after her two cats) agreed to do a short interview with me for your reading pleasure:

How cute are Lindsay and her enviably thick fringe!?

TB: Tell me a little bit about your background:

LG: I've always been a crafter at heart! I know it sounds so cliche but I've just been into making stuff since I was a little girl. My earliest and fondest memories of being crafty were making Valentines Day mailboxes for card swaps in school, you know the kind you make out of shoeboxes? I remember always staying up all night making sure my box was perfect! Fast forward 10 years and I ended up going to art school and graduated with an emphasis in graphic design. I worked professionally as a designer until my interest waned because I wanted to start working for myself instead of for someone else. Plus I'm a terrible morning person, ha! ;)

........................................Lindsay's workspace: where the magic happens!

So about 5 years ago I taught myself screenprinting and created a line of screenprinted t-shirts under the name Kid Pirate. The success of that business allowed me to do extra things with my spare time, and so Em&Sprout was born! Em&Sprout just started as a little side project, but after seeing the response people had to my shoes it's sort of grown into something alot more special that just a side project.

TB: When did you start making your wonderful shoes?

LG: It's been a little over a year now!

TB: Why did you choose to focus on designing shoes?

LG: The shoe idea just popped into my head one day, I didn't really choose to focus on shoes - it just came to me and I went on my whim and made them! I ended up really liking the idea of making cute shoes especially for us grown-ups! Why should only little girls get all the fun shoes?

TB: A bit of a cheesy question, but what is your inspiration?
LG: Animals!! I'm a huge animal lover. Especially my two cats, Em & Sprout (Emily Pussyfoot & Beansprout Sassypants) who the shop is named after! Other than animals I find inspiration in so many things including: Candy wrappers, 80's cartoons, classic arcade games, halloween, monsters, silliness, vintage toys, carnivals and fairs. All things colorful and wacky with a twisted sense of humor :)

TB: What is the most bizarre custom order you have ever received?

LG: Puffer fish maryjanes. They had these huge red fishy lips and I made it's fins coming out the sides of the shoes. They were pretty crazy but the girl loved them. HAHA!

TB: Of all the designs on sale in your store, which is your favourite and why?

LG: Definitely the zombie cats because they're a little cute and a little creepy. How can you not love a little kitty with a gouged eye?

TB: Who are some of your favourite fashion designers?

LG: Betsey Johnson, Erin Fetherston, and basically anyone who has a young, flirty, whimsical aesthetic. An indie label I admire is Kelly of I'm Your Present, she is so fabulous and creative!

TB: As your design style is so cartoon focused, I have to know who your favourite cartoon character is:
LG: This is seriously the hardest question ever, but I have to go with Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons. I watched that show so much as a kid and I have such a soft spot in my heart for her! She was so warm and hilarious, the show wouldn't have been the same without her. I could go on and on about all my other favorite characters but I'd never shut up so I'll stop now! ;)

TB: Describe your fashion philosophy in less than 20 words:

LG: Your personality is your style, be comfortable in your own skin, and don't worry about what others think!

I love Lindsay's style philosophy as much as I love her favourite designer (Oh Betsey!) but not quite as much as I love her fabulous shoes which you can buy here and here.

Happy shopping!

Love, Tor xx
Oh by the way, if you are a designer, illustrator, blogger or creative-type and you would like to be interviewed on the blog just drop me a line at and I will be in touch!


Jody Pham said...

Wonderful interview. I love Lindsay and all her creations. Yay!

WendyB said...

OMG! She made fish feet.

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sorin said...

I love the information because I think that Lindsay is a beautiful girl, so I went to buy generic viagra to my grandpa and I passed In front of a pretty store with the same things.

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