Thursday, 28 May 2009

Another summer day out idea: I feel like Blue Peter!

Cast your mind back to the shadowy world of December 2007, when I wrote about the importance of textile recycling AKA why I loved shopping in TRAID, A segment of which I noticed during the course of my research for this piece actually appears on the TRAID website!

Now roll yourselves forward to today (hello, welcome back!) because i'm going to do it again!

This year is TRAID's tenth year (happy birthday!) and continuing with this weeks theme of things to do throughout the summer, TRAID is running free remaking and reuse workshops in London throughout 2009.
Simply bring a garment that you no longer wear and the TRAID team will help you to transform that damaged jacket, dated skirt or unspeakable fashion mistake into a gorgeous and completely unique piece of clothing. As well as learning easy clothes remaking skills and basking in the glow of having made something yourself, you will also make your clothing last longer - reducing waste and diverting textiles from landfill.
I think this is a genuinely ruddy marvellous idea! Although I keep making pathetic attempts at DIY at home, it will be great to have a TRAID expert show me how to do it better - and all for free!! I have a battered denim jacket that I will be taking down - I tried to do the jemstone epillettes make and do in UK Vogue on it this month , but it just looks like Dolly Parton threw up on my shoulders!
So, as the Loreal advert always says, here is the science bit:
2009 // 11am - 3pm // 30 May, 27 June, 25 July, 22 August, 26 Sept, 31 Oct, 29 Nov
All workshops take place at TRAID Shepherds Bush shop 154 Uxbridge Road, W12,
Lyla Patel at TRAID on 020 8733 2591 or email her to register your interest. You can also just turn up on the day!!
I've got the 27 June and the 25 July ones pencilled into my diary (so I can definitely go to one!) Hopefully I'll see you there!
Love, Tor x

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Make Do Style said...

A great idea will make the effort myself - love a nose!