Monday, 18 May 2009

More to life than being really really ridiculously good looking?

Hi All,

Advance warning; I am about to go off on a tangent and write a post that isn't about fashion!

Whenever anyone asks me what my favourite film is I always say something like Dangerous Liasons, Short Cuts, or Some like it hot. And whilst it's true that I really do love these films, when I answer the question this way, I am lying. It is my deepest darket secret (that I am sharing with you all, so I really can't have any secrets can I?!) that my favourite film in the world is in fact, Zoolander.

I just can't get enough of it; it's funny, random, pokes fun at the fashion industry, has Ben Stiller in it: what's not to love?! OK, so it isn't intellectually stimulating, but nonetheless, I love it and i'm saying it out loud! In fact, when i'm in "high spirits" I often conduct a "walk off" with my friends and family in Derek's honour!

So imagine my delight when I heard that they are making a sequel...With the working title of "Twolander" (love it!)

I actually can't find out very much about the movie, other than that it is definitely a work in progress. I do wonder what form the sequel would take: the first film was such a nicely rounded package that ended in a clear and definitive way, so it's hard to imagine where they would take the characters next. However as Zoolander script writer John Hamburg said to the MTV movie blog, “I think to catch up with two male models ten years later, there’s a lot of room for comedy.” This seems especiallly valid given that Derek has approached the end of his career in the first film. Speaking at the premiere of Night in the Museum 2 Ben Stiller also confirmed that the second film was definitely in the making, and that he was looking forward to pulling that infamous Blue Steel pose! This is all exciting stuff, now we just need a confirmed release date!

With this news reverbirating around your fashion consciousnesses, I leave you with the following final thoughts from the first movie. I can only hope there will be more of these classics coming from the second:

Derek Zoolander: "Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don't play their game."

Mugatu: "Let me show you Derelicte. It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by the very homeless, the vagrants, the crack whores that make this wonderful city so unique. "

Really, what's not to love.... It's a walk off!

Love, Tor x

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