Monday, 18 May 2009

Sh-ust (Or Shoe Lust to the uninitiated!)

Hi Guys,

My love for topshop is well documented, but this season they seem to have really excelled themselves on the shoe front. I don't think there is a single pair of heels on their website or in their stores that I don't covet.

I so genuinely struggled to find my favs to show you that I thought it best to create a serious montage of them all!!
And finally there are these Emma Cook platform sandals for £95. Flowers and ruffles made from zips: Oh my!! Birds are tweeting (not on twitter) and angels are singing and playing trumpets, and whatever else angels do, when I look at these shoes. It was love at first sight, and the moment I slipped my foot into them in the topshop in brent cross it was love at first touch:

Three birthdays ago the lovely bf bought me Emma Cook @ topshop shoes, and they are amongst my treasured possessions: crazy high black heels with a black and blue suede cage weaving across the foot. If only these had been nestled in the lovely pink cupcake paper this year!
The problem with heels this high of course is their wearability. I pride myself on being the kind of girls that can wear heels to work (on occassion) and doesn't need to pussy out with trainers on the tube: I say if you're comitting to heels then commit to them! But no matter how beautiful they are, the thought of the pain in my arches means that I dont want to commit to them every day; in fact, after a long day at work and a hard night of dancing, I look at the most beautiful shoes like satan's own traps, and long to put on comfy flats, any comfy flats. So how dare topshop design all these stunning heels, when they should really be out there designing pumps with cushioned insoles. Don't they think about practicality? Dont they care for our foot welfare? Think of all the pressure we are putting on our toes, you heartless shoemakers, you!
Of course, this could all be a lie because i'm jealous and broke...
Maybe the real problem I have isn't one of practicality at all; i've never been one for that. Maybe my main problem with topshop shoes (apart from the price which sadly is a little rich for me over the next month or two) is that with all these lovely shoes to choose from, i'd have struggled to settle for just one pair.

Lots of love,

Tor x


Rosa said...

wow - love the yellow. hehe

DeenaBeena said...

Those gold shoes.... I feel weak... *drop*