Monday, 23 December 2013

The ASOS Sale has Started: On Your Marks!

Hi guys,
Just a little post to say that the ASOS sale has started: and I've already ordered my first 'January sales' frocks! Long gone are the days when you had to wait for Christmas day to pass before the sale shopping could begin: in fact, if you're really savvy you could even wait until the last minute for the sales to start before you do your Christmas shopping! Here are a few picks of some of the things I've got my eye on from the sale (and a couple of the things I've already ordered!) After Christmas itself, shopping the January sales is one of my favourite times of the year:
 photo asos_zps75f0c76a.png
Floral smock dress, was £36 now £14.
Sheer black dress, was £35 now £17.50.
Check skater dress, was £42 now £21.
Angel midi bodycon dress, was £100 now £50.
Full skirted embroidered dress, was £325 now £195.
Floral maxi dress, was £65 now £39.

If you don't have your New Year's Eve outfit organised yet, then it's definitely worth checking out: there's still time to order now for NYE delivery!

I've got just one more post to share with you (full of Wilbur in all of his Santa-y glory) before Christmas!'Tis the season and it's very nearly the big day: I'm already home at my parents and indulging in a host of festive treats!

Love Tor x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Gifts from (Secret) Santa and M&S!

Hi guys,
Last week, when I shared some great Christmas stocking filler ideas from M&S, I mentioned that I was taking part in a Blogger's Secret Santa event with them too. Well, my present has arrived (like a naughty elf, I opened it early) and I have to say I am delighted with what I received! My lady-Santa has helped me to kit out my new office with stationary and a super-handy family planner, and I love the subtle pastel colours of the stationary she chose. Here it is, being demonstrated by Wilbur: the chief present-opener in our house!
 photo mandschristmas_zps3674c520.jpg
 photo mandschristmas2_zps775aa2e9.jpg
What do you think? Is stationary on your Christmas stocking filler wish list? I'm absolutely delighted with mine! Massive thanks to my secret Santa, and of course, massive thanks to Marks and Spencer too: don't forget that they're open right up until Christmas eve if you still need to grab any presents! And if you have left things to the last minute you're in luck: they currently have 50% off selected Christmas gifts!

Love Tor x

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Objects of Lust: Beautiful Boots by Sol Sana

Hi guys,
One of the things I like most about working with Sarenza is that the site almost constantly introduces me to brands I haven't heard of before, and immediately fall in love with. One of those brands is Sol Sana, who's boots I am newly obsessed with. In fact, I ordered these feline print Sol Sana Jessie boots last month, and have been wearing them near-constantly since they arrived:
 photo solsana2_zps3537fb5f.jpg
 photo solsana3_zps1b73d5b1.jpg
They look incredible teamed with skinny jeans and boxy blouses, but I've also worn them out to dinner with black tights and a little black dress.They are a really gorgeous statement boot that get positive attention whenever I wear them. But they aren't the only incredible boots from the Sol Sana brand. Here are my picks of some other Sol Sana boots that have got my pulse racing:
 photo solsana1_zps723df819.png
Sol Sana Jessie boot in black, £145.70
Sol Sana Jai boot in khaki, £159.90
Sol Sana Larry boot in black, £132.00

Sol Sana Nic boot in wine, £145.70

My feline print Jessie boots are so comfortable and stylish (and get so many nice comments every time I wear them!) that I just ordered myself the Nic boots in the wine colour too: I have a wine coloured Vivienne Westwood scarf they will match with perfectly, and these statement boots are the perfect way to wear eye-catching shoes without having to wear heels. I'll be sporting a pair of these boots all Christmas long!

Love Tor x

*I am a Sarenza brand ambassador

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sponsored Video: Simply Being Myself

Hi guys,
It's not often I see a video for an advertising campaign and really relate to it, so I was surprised to really relate to the latest video from Simply Be. Its honest and heart warming, and its message to be true to who you are is both real and sincere:

Being true to yourself is what the Simply Be brand is all about, and it gives me the perfect opportunity to get all schmaltzy and sentimental about who I am, and how the people I love got me here. When I'm down or having a bad day it is being all these things to all these people that gets me through it:

I am a mum. I'm a dress size bigger and my tummy is significantly more wobbly, but having Wilbur is the best decision I ever made. Loving him is a whole different kind of love, unlike any other, and there's no bad day he can't immediately fix simply by smiling at me, or giving me one of his sloppy kisses which are at least 90% spit!
I am a wife. What can I say about my handsome husband? He drives me crazier and makes me happier than anyone else in the world (usually at the same time). He's a great dad, and a great man, and I'm phenomenally lucky to have him, and lucky that he loves me unconditionally: even on the days when I forget to brush my hair!
I am a daughter. I have hands down the best parents in the world, bar none. There's not a problem they can't fix, a hole they can't mend, a disaster they can't rectify. They're almost superhumanly amazing: it's awe inspiring (especially now I'm a parent myself). Their love and their patience never ends.
I am a sister. I am so lucky to have two sisters that I talk to every single day and that are like my best friends. They make me howl with laughter, and (occasional) want to give them a good slap. I don't know how I'd cope without them. I was doubly blessed when Amie ended up having the same dress and shoe size as me so I can borrow here stuff whenever I like!
I am a friend. Moving cities when we were pregnant was a massive upheaval but it has helped us discover who our good friends (new and old) really are and to cherish them all the more.

It makes me feel all Christmassy and good-cheer-y to remember how lucky I am to have all these awesome people, who all help to make me me! And when I have to buy a new party frock (because last year's is a little too snug) or I'm up all night and so tired I can't think straight I know that these are the wonderful people that will get me through. Let's face it: What better Christmas present could you want than that?

What blessings will you be counting this Christmas?

Love Tor x

*This is a sponsored post for Simply Be

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stocking Filler Ideas From Marks and Spencer

Hi guys,
Another day, another post about Christmas! We're now exactly two weeks away from Christmas day, so if you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet then you really should get a wriggle on! I've been on the Marks and Spencer website for the past hour or so, checking out all the great stocking filler presents they offer: and all for less than £20. Here are my picks of the best of them:
 photo marksstockingfillers_zps28dfd30d.png
1.Conran house print cushion, £19.50
2. Limited edition diamante earrings, £15
3. Chatsworth stag candle, £19.50
4. Limited collection 12 days of Christmas mini nail polishes, £15
5. Butterfly keyring, £7.50
6. Three pack of santa socks, £5
7. Winter robin mugs, £8

The reason I've been scouring the M&S website? I'm taking part in the Marks and Spencer Christmas Blogger's secret Santa challenge, and I chose the House print Conran cushion above as my present for my secret Santa.

Want to know which blogger I brought my Secret Santa present for? Well sadly I'm not allowed to tell you. But here are a few clues that might help you to reveal her identity:
1. She loves sewing and craft.
2. She has long red hair
3. She's an incredibly talented illustrator
4. I chose this particular gift for her because she's recently moved in with her boyfriend and I think it would look great in her living room!

Does anyone know who it is? If you think you can guess then pop your ideas in the comments box. And happy Christmas shopping!

Love Tor x

Shoes: Glitzy Pretty Ballerinas

Hi guys,
I love a ballerina pump as much as the next girl: they're pretty, easy to wear, practical, and they go with just about everything. But when I saw these stunning glittery pumps from Pretty Ballerinas my tummy flipped over a little. Ok, so they're a little girly: but it's Christmas! When else can you wear ballet pumps covered in glitter and topped off with a big pink bow?
 photo prettyballerina_zps7d396e53.png
Pretty Ballerinas have a great selection of pumps including a pair of leopard print ones topped with a big black cord bow, which normally would be my first choice. But as it's the season of glitter (and as I'm planning on avoiding wearing heels as much as possible this Christmas) it's these little girl-style pink ones that are calling my name.

If you want to get your hands on a pair of these in time for the holiday season then they can be yours for the princely sum of £87.19 (they currently have 20% off in the Spartoo pre-Christmas sale).

Love Tor x

*Post written as part of a partnership with Spartoo shoes

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Gift Idea: Jord Wooden Watches

Hi guys,
Christmas Eve (and the last shopping day before Christmas) is just two weeks away. I've been ploughing through my Christmas shopping, and only have two people left to buy presents for! But if you're still looking for Christmas gift ideas then I am going to spend this week bringing you some inspiration. First up are a range of wooden watches from Jord: No, you didn't read that wrong. These are watches made of wood, which makes them incredibly lightweight and easy to wear. And I like them so much I'm recommending them to you guys!
 photo jordwatch1_zps27904865.jpg
When I first read about the idea of wooden watches I was sceptical. As a watch addict (and owner of nearly a dozen high quality watches) I wasn't sure a watch made of wood would stand up to the test of time: to the daily battering I seem to give my watches when I'm baking, painting with the baby or banging about doing DIY, for example. But actually I was wrong, as this watch is incredibly hardy. It also looks much sleeker than I had expected: it's smooth and sleek rather than coarse and textured, though of course you can see immediately that its made of wood. And I love the coarser more textured wood used in the watch face: it really drives the 'wooden watch' message home without chaffing your arm whilst you wear it!
 photo jordwatch2_zps15a57f48.jpg
 photo jordwatch3_zpse3b503fd.jpg
Another thing that impressed me about this watch was the speed at which it was delivered (important for last minute Christmas shopping). This watch was shipped all the way from America, and yet it arrived in just four days: that's faster than the Amazon order I placed at the same time!

So who am I recommending these watches as Christmas gifts for? Well I think they would make a great unusual gift for the man in your life (I know my husband and my dad would both love these) and perfect presents for any eco-conscious, environmentally friendly family members too.

There are lots of different styles, colours and models available: so whether you want something streamlined or chunky you'll find your pick. I opted for the Fieldcrest model in Black. You can get your own for $120 right here.

Love Tor x

*I received a watch for the purpose of this review but all thoughts are my own

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sponsored Video: Prepping for the Perfect Party!

Hi guys,
The Christmas party season is well and truly underway. But for me, there is a more significant party taking place before Christmas begins: Wilbur turns one on Saturday! We are having two parties on Saturday: one for his little pals at a play centre and one for family and close friends at home. I'm currently knee deep in party decorations, baking cakes, and menu plans. Then as soon as the birthday is over, I have two more parties at home to plan for: we always like to get our friends round at Christmas, so it's a month of baking and party planning for me!

As I have so much entertaining and partying to do this month (and as I'm still breastfeeding so I can't really drink anyway) I'm loving the idea of J20's new glittberry drink, as promoted by Harry the Party Pug. It has a slightly spiced flavour and would make a great mixer, but tastes just as great on its own, meaning it's perfect for designated drivers, new mummies, or just folks that don't want to feel foggy headed the following morning. What's not to love about a drink that tastes yummy and has glitter in it: it's perfect for parties! I'm definitely going to be getting some in for when my mummy pals come over to exchange Christmas presents next week.

And hey, if it's approved by the party pug, how can I argue with that! I love Christmas and I love Christmas parties: the season just passes far too quickly for my liking. Are you throwing any parties this festive season?

Love Tor x

*This is a sponsored video from J20, but all other content and thoughts are my own. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist: Who's That Girl?

Hi guys,
Christmas is coming, the geese are fattening up, and I am starting to think about what I'll be finding in my Christmas stocking.

The new series of New Girl is starting soon, so the complete second series on DVD is going to be one of the gifts on my wishlist. And because it's been 12 months since I've been to the cinema there are a dozen other DVDs I'd be glad to unwrap on the big day too. Mostly though, I'll be asking for things for our new house and fashion-y things for myself. Now to decide exactly what bits and bobs I'll be asking Santa Claus to pop under my tree. To give him a helping hand I've created my perfect Christmas wishlist from the Zalando website: I've covered a range of price points from stocking filler to 'wow that's expensive'.
 photo zalandowishlist_zpsa7273ecb.png
1.Ted Baker classic blue wool coat, £245
2. Pad purple cushion cover, £21
3. Michael Kors brown and leopard print boots, £190
4. StyleR by Post turquoise necklace, £38
5. Vivienne Westwood purse, £80
6. Set of two stag decorations, £14
7. Rosantica ring, £130

What do you think of my picks? And what will you be asking Santa for? I'll be making gift guides and wishlists from lots of other stores over the next couple of weeks: here's hoping Santa is watching!

Love Tor x