Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sponsored Video: Simply Being Myself

Hi guys,
It's not often I see a video for an advertising campaign and really relate to it, so I was surprised to really relate to the latest video from Simply Be. Its honest and heart warming, and its message to be true to who you are is both real and sincere:

Being true to yourself is what the Simply Be brand is all about, and it gives me the perfect opportunity to get all schmaltzy and sentimental about who I am, and how the people I love got me here. When I'm down or having a bad day it is being all these things to all these people that gets me through it:

I am a mum. I'm a dress size bigger and my tummy is significantly more wobbly, but having Wilbur is the best decision I ever made. Loving him is a whole different kind of love, unlike any other, and there's no bad day he can't immediately fix simply by smiling at me, or giving me one of his sloppy kisses which are at least 90% spit!
I am a wife. What can I say about my handsome husband? He drives me crazier and makes me happier than anyone else in the world (usually at the same time). He's a great dad, and a great man, and I'm phenomenally lucky to have him, and lucky that he loves me unconditionally: even on the days when I forget to brush my hair!
I am a daughter. I have hands down the best parents in the world, bar none. There's not a problem they can't fix, a hole they can't mend, a disaster they can't rectify. They're almost superhumanly amazing: it's awe inspiring (especially now I'm a parent myself). Their love and their patience never ends.
I am a sister. I am so lucky to have two sisters that I talk to every single day and that are like my best friends. They make me howl with laughter, and (occasional) want to give them a good slap. I don't know how I'd cope without them. I was doubly blessed when Amie ended up having the same dress and shoe size as me so I can borrow here stuff whenever I like!
I am a friend. Moving cities when we were pregnant was a massive upheaval but it has helped us discover who our good friends (new and old) really are and to cherish them all the more.

It makes me feel all Christmassy and good-cheer-y to remember how lucky I am to have all these awesome people, who all help to make me me! And when I have to buy a new party frock (because last year's is a little too snug) or I'm up all night and so tired I can't think straight I know that these are the wonderful people that will get me through. Let's face it: What better Christmas present could you want than that?

What blessings will you be counting this Christmas?

Love Tor x

*This is a sponsored post for Simply Be

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