Tuesday, 30 April 2013

More magic from Primark's high summer collection!

Hi guys,
My first thought when I saw these campaign images from the Primark high summer collection: Why, hello 1995, good to see you again!

Yes, the dungarees, the obsession with American sport styling, the grungy 'I love Kurt Cobain' attitude: all reminiscent of a very young and very uncool me in the 1990s. And I remember really wanting a pair of those round Liam Gallagher sunglasses too! This is definitely a collection reminiscent of my youth:
 photo primark90s1_zps59ffeb3e.png Fluro Dungarees £13, White Vest £2.50, White Trainer £6, Round Clear Sunglasses £1.
Varsity Crop Top £6, Boyfriend Jeans £15, Strap Heels £12, Fringe Bag £8
 photo primark90s2_zps577a609b.png Knitted Varsity Crop £7, Printed Shorts £4, Spike Necklace £8, White Trainer £6, Denim Duffle Bag £6, Ring £3
Aztec Print Cut-Out Dress £15, White Trainers £6, Sunglasses £2.50, Earrings from £2.
 photo primark90s3_zpsf0b0ff64.png Oversized baseball top, £6.
White sunglasses, £2. Pink trainers, £6.

I am so tempted to give dundarees a go, but I just know they wouldn't suit me! I do like the much more curve-friendly cut out detail Aztec dress though: rather than the trainers, I would team it with a satchel and tan wedges instead.

I love all of these looks, but following the old adage that if you can remember a trend from the first time around you shouldn't wear it, I won't be adopting a full-nineties look!  Instead I think I'll incorporate a few details into my usual look: hello, new found obsession with neon!

Have you tried the nineties trend? Would you incorporate any nineties details into your wardrobe?

Love Tor x

PS - This is a pre-scheduled post and as you're reading this I am picking up the keys to our new house! We officially own it from today, and we move in later this week, after we've finished painting the upstairs. I couldn't be more excited: obviously a full post, complete with pictures, will follow!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Shoes: In praise of Georgia Rose

Hi guys,
Yesterday I went out for lunch and, wanting to add a pop of colour to my outfit, immediately added my neon panel boots by Georgia Rose. They are some of my favourite boots, and I wear them all the time. I have several pairs of Georgia Rose shoes: my favourites are eye-catching navy blue brogues covered in silver stars: they always get plenty of attention whenever I wear them. And yet, almost no one who admires them (it happens a lot!) has heard of the brand that makes them: which is why this is a post in praise of Georgia Rose!  photo winterboots3.jpg
Georgia Rose is a French brand, which is probably why Sarenza stock so many of their styles (Sarenza is a French brand too). Here comes the blurb: "The Georgia Rose woman has is dynamic, feminine, ambitious and glamorous and before anything else, she is contemporary with a passion for fashion. Because Georgia Rose knows that life is made up of a thousand moments, the brand has created shoes for every occasion. A fantastic relationship between quality and price, a fantastic range and even a bags and handbags line: Georgia Rose is going to become your new best friend!"

Because they focus on comfort as well as being fashion-forward, Georgia Rose is fast becoming one of my favourite brands: I like a shoe I can wear all day without my feet aching, and these definitely tick that box!

Here are some of my picks of the very best Georgia Rose shoes available for this Spring/Summer:
 photo georgiarose1_zps58f99cf0.png Pink polka dot loafers, £111.
Green and yellow brogues, £74.40 (Currently 40% off)
Stappy tan sandals, £60.90 (Currently 30% off)
Yellow velvet wedge sandals, £72.10 (Currently 30% off)
Brown and gold sandals, £111.
Floral platform heels, £111.

I saw the brown and gold sandals for the first time when I was putting this post together, and now I'm slightly obsessed with them! I know having that thick ankle strap will make my legs look shorter, but I like them so much I think I'm going to have to have them anyway. And those yellow wedges just scream summer: I love yellow teamed with black, so with a little black cotton dress these could be yet another summer staple. My final favourites (I have so many) are the pretty pink loafers. I have three pairs of slipper-type shoes already but I can't get enough of them: as comfy as ballet pumps but much more on trend: what's not to love?

Have you tried any shoes from Georgia Rose, and if so which ones? What do you think of the brand? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Love Tor x

* I am a Sarenza brand ambassador

Sunday, 28 April 2013

April 2013, According to my iPhone

Hi guys,
I can't believe April is nearly over already: and I've done almost nothing I had planned to do this month! We move house in three days and I still haven't fully packed a single room. Which means now is probably the right time to start panicking! Of course, rather than panic, I've decided to write a blog post instead. So here's what I've been up to this month, according to the photos I've taken on my iPhone:
 photo aprileating_zpsaa9bd246.png - I popped into London for the day and had an amazing afternoon tea at Sketch with Jenny and Reena: cake will never taste the same again!
- I have become slightly addicted to the steak baguette from M&S food on the go. I limit myself to only having it once a month though: it's calorific!
- Operation salad continues in the effort to lose my baby weight. Although, to be honest, it feels like the harder I try the more weight I put on (Maybe that's the afternoon teas and the steak baguettes!)

 photo aprildoing_zps638e71fb.png-This month's 'doing' list is all about the new house: I've discovered Crown's Vintage paint range and I love it!
-We've also been enjoying the beach and the park: thank you warm weather, for finally arriving!

 photo aprilme_zpsfbe64236.png-I tried the Barry M Gelly nail varnish: It's so shiny and has real staying power. Highly recommended! I've rediscovered my obsession with painting my nails this month!
- I had my eyebrows tinted a shade darker than usual: I really can't decide if I like it or not!
- My new Missoni sunglasses from TKMaxx arrived! I love them, and was delighted they arrived just in time for all the warm weather we've been having.
- Shopping-wise, I've tried on a million (at least) dresses for Wilbur's christening next month: this one from French Connection is what I eventually chose.

 photo aprilwilbur_zpsd6603493.png-Wilbur and I have settled into a nice routine of groups and activities; covering himself in paint at creative play on a Tuesday is his favourite. And so much fun to clean off his clothes!
-In other Wilbur news this month, at the advice of our Health Visitor we have started feeding him. He's only been eating his purees for three days, and he's already worked out he gets it quicker if he holds the spoon himself: definitely my child!
-This month he also rolled over: proud mum alert!

What have you been up to this month? The big news for May is that we're moving into our own house: so exciting! Prepare for lots of interior shots in next month's round-up!

Love Tor x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Designer Versus Highstreet: When to spend and when to save

Hi guys,
Like most people, I love a little bit of luxury, and I can't resist treating myself to designer things every now and again. But I'm also a high street addict and I love getting a bargain. I've tried to give up shopping in Primark so many times, but I always get lured back "just to have a look" and I always end up picking up something: their on trend styles and low-low prices are just too tempting!

As someone, therefore, who mixes designer and high street pieces in almost every outfit I wear (though my wardrobe contains significantly more high street items!) I thought it would be a good post to share my opinions on what you should buy designer, and what items you should save your money on and get from the high street. Unless you're a millionaire of course, in which case you can hang the expense and get everything designer! But this is for the average gal like me, with a relatively small amount to spend on fashion each month:

When it comes to most accessories, I subscribe to the philosophy that designer is best. I think people notice if you're wearing a statement watch from a good brand or if your sunglasses are designer or high street. And because trends for these items change very little, they're worth investing money in. It's also worth noting they're usually much cheaper than designer dresses or handbags!

On the other hand, I like to update my wardrobe with my accessories (that's what comes of being addicted to classic black outfits) which means there are also pieces I like to get from the high street: I would love to be able to afford necklaces from Mawi, for example, but for oversized statement necklaces I don't think you can get better than Topshop - especially because fashion jewellery trends change so often.  photo designeraccessories_zpsf0f7b3ba.jpg
I just can't seem to stop myself buying designer accessories - it's an obsession!

As a general rule I shop highstreet when I'm buying clothes. We are so lucky in the UK, because our high street is the best in the world both in terms of style, and in terms of quality and fashion forward-ness. Of course, I would love to spend £1000 on that Matthew Williamson dress. But when Monsoon do a very passable equivalent for a tenth of the price (and you'll only wear the frock twice anyway!) it really does make sense to save your money.

I do caveat that though with this notable exception:

My black trench coat is Stella McCartney (I got it from a sample sale) and I really do think you can tell the difference in it's quality from my old Topshop black trench coat. Designer coats tend to be heavier, a little thicker, more well crafted. If you like to have lots of coats in lots of styles and colours (like me!) then the high street is going to be your best friend. If you choose just one winter coat that you like, and wear it winter after winter, then look for a designer coat you can really fall in love with.

Handbags and shoes
A lot of people will say that when it comes to handbags and shoes, designer is best. But what I think they really mean is that quality is best. Whether I'm buying from the highstreet or spending designer money, I always like my shoes and bags to be leather. It lasts longer, and looks better: it doesn't have that plastic sheen that pleather tends to have.

I think a splurge is definitely worthwhile on one classic designer handbag: especially if there's one you've had your eyes on for a while. Saving your pennies to buy your dream bag is definitely behaviour I approve of!

PS - Don't believe people when they say that designer heels are worth the money because they're more comfortable: As the owner of several pairs (Dior, D&G, Moschino) I can tell you that it's a myth!
 photo wardrobe2-2.jpg
A mix of high street and designer, but every pair is leather!

So in summary I guess what I'm saying is spend on the classics: your watch, sunglasses, everyday handbag and coat. But save on trendy tops, perpex necklaces and anything in neon: you won't wear it often enough for it to be worth spending too much money!

Of course, don't forget that buying designer doesn't have to cost the earth! Here are some of my favourite websites that I scour through at least weekly to find designer treasure at discount prices:
www.tkmaxx.com (They have regular designer flashsales, but you now have to sign up to shop)
www.brandalley.co.uk (You have to be a member to shop their designer sales)

What do you think of my suggestions? What items do you like to buy designer, and what do you think you can get just as easily from the high street?

Love Tor x

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy Birthday Zalando!

Hi guys,
I'm a big fan of Zalando: the shopping site, and I've worked with them several times since they launched two years ago. I was a particular fan during my pregnancy, because cool maternity clothes are so hard to come by. And now that I'm a busy mum, it's my special occasion saviour. The nature of the site, pulling together all the best items from the best brands and stores, means that it's so much easier to find what you're looking for. Perfect speedy and easy shopping when you want something fast.

This week Zalando are celebrating their second birthday. And in honour of that, I am showcasing some of my favourite purchases from the site:
 photo zalando-1_zps0ac9d171.png Warehouse monochrome dress from Zalando.
Mamalicious zebra patterned maternity top from Zalando
Full circle blouse from Zalando

Warehouse isn't a shop I normally go into when I'm shopping in the city, but I just can't get enough of this Warehouse dress. It looks great for casual wear with leggings and boots but can be dressed up with heels too: winner! And the Mamalicious and Full Circle blouses were regulars in my maternity armoury: I wore them both at least once a week!

If you want to celebrate Zalando's birthday too then create your own birthday image for the brand and tweet it using the hashtag #zalandoturns2 - there's a £300 voucher to win if you do! Find out more here.

Love Tor x

Friday, 19 April 2013

Get ready for high summer from Primark!

Hi guys,
Spring has finally sprung - for the first time since September I've left the house without a jacket on this week. That means, that in the time-honoured fashion tradition of always looking a season ahead, it's time to forget about Spring and start thinking about high summer!

When I saw these high summer model shots from Primark, my heart skipped a beat. This is my dream summer wardrobe, and exactly what I'd like to wear for frolicking of the beach, wandering around the markets and sightseeing on my summer holiday. It has the perfect bohemian style and feels very casual, not too overthought, and just made for an exotic location. Perfect:
 photo primarksummer_zps3fab2d5c.jpg Fluro Zebra Bodycon Dress £10, Aztec Cut-Out Bangle £2.
Mexicana Print Tank £4, Denim Navajo Shorts £14, Ring £2.50, Bangle Sets from £2.50.
 photo primarksummer3_zps4401bd83.png Bikini Top £6, Crochet Waistcoat £14, Printed Trousers £9, Beaded Sandals £12, Aztec Cut-Out Bangle £2, Ring £2.50 photo primarksummer2_zpsec98b113.jpg Crochet Fringe Top £14, printed Shorts £4, Feather Earrings £5, Straw Tote £7.
Bikini Top £4, Crochet Crop Top £12, Suede Shorts £12, Gladiator Sandals £12, Embroidered Rucksack £9, Dreamcatcher Necklace £10, Rings from £1.50.

The pieces I just can't wait to get my hands on are the paisley print trousers (still flattering because the base colour is black) and the fringed crochet top. Cream crochet and lace detail tops are definitely going to be a core part of my wardrobe this summer.

I also really love the tribal print shorts and for £4, they're a bargain! If you have the legs, go and check them out: I do not have the legs, but I love them so much that I'm currently scouring the high street for a longer pair: if I find them i'll let you know!

Have you started shopping for your summer holiday yet? Have you even booked it yet - and if you have, where are you going?

Love Tor x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Daily wear: How to wear a sweatshirt

Hi guys,
Like most trends, the rise of the humble sweatshirt took a while to grow on me. It seemed too casual, too understated, too damn young! But having bought one I've done a 360 on the sweatshirt trend, and will definitely be giving it a go this spring. Here's how I made it work for me:
 photo sweatshirt4_zpscaef7294.jpg  photo sweater3_zps2a5bb798.jpg  photo sweatshirt2_zpsc12065fe.jpg  photo sweatshirt5_zps6e8a5ae9.jpg  photo sweatshirt1_zps1b8cbd6e.jpg Sweatshirt- Gap. Necklace- Warehouse. Jeans- Topshop. Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell c/o Sarenza. Handbag- River Island.

- Add a chunky necklace. I'm a huge fan of oversized necklaces anyway, but they're almost essential partners to the sweatshirt. They stop it looking too casual and give a grown up, fashion-forward feel.

- Keep everything else streamlined- you need to balance the volume of the sweat. I've seen several other bloggers really make theirs look amazing with pencil skirts and even sequinned minis. But for my lifestyle, a fitted vest and skinny boyfriend jeans were the order of the day.

- If you're sweat is plain, add a little interest somewhere. I tried this outfit with my black boots and gold pumps first. But the best fit was when I added some pattern via my feet: these slipper shoes from Jeffrey Campbell.(Available here with 30% off)  Heels would have looked even better, but I can't really go to little mans messy play class in heels!

This neon orange sweatshirt was a bargain from the Gap half price sale (I paid just £14.99 for it) and their sale is still on instore and online now if you want to pick up one of your own. I chose this one because it nods to two trends at once- neon and sweats- with mininal effort. But I'm actually thinking of going back for the grey and lilac ones too- outfits for this awkward seasonal transition period, done!

Do you own a sweatshirt? And how do you style yours?

Love Tor x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shopping for a new home. Not long to go...

Hi guys,
I've mentioned it a couple of times, but now it's nearly official. We've exchanged contracts, paid the deposit, and in 14 days we pick up the key and officially become homeowners. So what have I done to celebrate? I've gone shopping, of course! Here are just some of the things I've picked up so far:  photo homesofar_zps8cf20efe.png So far I've bought new bedding and new lamps for our bedroom. A new mirror and vases for the living room. A toilet roll holder and shelving unit for the bathroom (I'm all glamour!) Mugs and my dream cutlery chandelier for the kitchen. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the new things we need.

As well as all the fun stuff like ordering wallpaper samples, buying new furniture and browsing through endless interiors blogs (I'm addicted to ApartmentTherapy) I've also had to start thinking like a proper grown up very quickly. Checking out home insurance comparison websites, buying life insurance, and even writing our wills. Scary! But I think it's important to protect yourself by having home insurance, and protect the people you love by having life insurance. Especially now we have little man to think about!

Right now though, I just can't wait to get those keys and move in. And of course I'll be showing you all the 'before' pictures as soon as I do!

Love Tor x

* This is a sponsored post

Monday, 15 April 2013

Time to get your feet ready for summer!

Hi guys,
Yesterday in lovely Norwich it was 20 degrees and sunny. I spent the afternoon in the park, and even abandoned my beloved boots in favour of gold pumps. This got me thinking: it's probably time to remove that nail varnish that's been on my toes forever, give myself a pedicure, and get my feet ready for sandal season: it's nearly here!  photo feet-1_zps819cf319.jpg The first step was to remove my nail varnish and trim my toenails. I like mine short, slightly rounded, and neat. Then I soaked my feet in warm water for 20 minutes (very relaxing!) and scrubbed away at them like I've never scrubbed before! I use the Carnation foot scrub. Finally, I moisturised them then painted my toenails a nice vibrant red.

My advice from now until Autumn is to start moisturising your feet everyday. It will keep them soft and supple, and prevent the need for any extensive hard skin removal: after all, prevention is better than a cure! I use Soap and Glory Heel Genius foot lotion: it smells and feels fantastic.

It's also the perfect time to stock up on some preventative solutions for those blisters and sores that come with the first month in sandals. Unlike with boots, the leather straps on sandals can rub and dig in, making the first time you wear them particularly painful. I protect my feet by rubbing Carnation anti blister stick underneath the straps on new sandals - it really helps!

Are your feet ready for sandal season? If not it's time to get to work- it doesn't matter how nice you're new sandals are if you're putting them on ugly feet!

Love Tor x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Shoes: Breaking out my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa heels!

Hi guys,
As soon as I saw these Vivienne Westwood x Melissa heels on the Sarenza website, I knew I had to have them. I just loved the vibrant green colour and the cutesy pink contrasting bow. They aren't the easiest colour to match to, and I don't have loads of things in my wardrobe that will go with them (unless you count black, of course. I have plenty of black!) but I just couldn't resist!
 photo viviennewestwood1-1_zpsfcdedf05.jpg  photo viviennewestwood2-2_zps5fcb8191.jpg  photo viviennewestwood3_zps5d204393.jpg They look great with jeans, especially this lighter denim, so they'll be perfect for the summer. I think with skinny jeans and a simple white blouse or shell top they'll look great for lazy al fresco lunches, or evenings in the local beer garden. I'm also now on the look out for a tea dress in that exact shade of green, so that I'll have a frock I can wear with them too!

This particular style also comes in black and white, orange and pink, and pink and blue. You can check them all out and get your own pair here.

I can't wait for the weather to brighten up a little more so I can take these babies out for a spin: I'm looking forward to showing you an outfit post with them!

Love Tor x

* I am a Sarenza brand ambassador

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Lusting after designer sunglasses at bargain prices!

Hi guys,
I'm a bit of a sunglasses addict, but I'm also a clumsy oaf: I manage to lose, sit on, or otherwise break at least one pair of sunglasses every season. So getting designer shades for less than £20 is like the holy grail for me! It means I get to wear the sunglasses I love all summer long, but I'm not too heartbroken when their sell by date inevitably arrives.

Enter TK Maxx: home of the designer discount, and my favourite place to find sunglasses! They've just had a new drop of shades arrive on their website, and there is a great selection available. Whether you want aviators, vintage-style frames, coloured sunglasses, or wrap around shades, there's something for everyone:  photo tkmaxxsunglasses_zps0642836d.png Row 1 left to right: Diane Von Furstenberg aviators, £19.99. Nicole Fahri retro sunglasses, £19.99. Brown Calvin Klein sunglasses, £19.99.
Row 2 left to right: Missoni oversized frames, £24.99. Jil Sander oval sunglasses, £29.99. Christian Dior red metal sunglasses, £69.99.
Row 3 left to right: Nicole Fahri purple sunglasses, £19.99. Hugo boss tortoiseshell frames, £59.99. Calvin Klein white sunglasses, £19.99.
Row 4 left to right: Mugler brown sunglasses, £19.99. Guess wraparound sunglasses, £24.99. John Richmond aviators, £16.99

I scoured through all of the designer sunglasses available twice before finally settling on ordering the oversized Missoni ones. I love the slight cats eye shape and the tortoiseshell colour. I really like brown or tortoiseshell frames, especially if you're fair skinned and fair haired. They blend in and are softer against your face, unlike black frames with can look too harsh and really dominate your face.

I'm also a huge fan of an oversized frame. Much like the theory that if you carry an oversized handbag against your hip it will make your body look smaller, I think that if you wear an oversized pair of sunglasses it will make your face look smaller: perfect if you have a big old moon face like me!

I want to end this by saying that this isn't a sponsored post: I just really love sunglasses, and as soon as I saw all these bargains in my TK Maxx newsletter today, I knew I had to share!

Do you buy new sunglasses every season? Or do you manage to not break the ones you have? (If so, tell me how you keep them in one piece! I'm useless!) And do you have your new sunglasses yet?

Love Tor x

Monday, 8 April 2013

SS13 In Primark this week: Rock the varsity trend

Hi guys,
This week's Primark drop is perfect if you're looking to rock the varsity trend this summer. Plenty of jersey tees and  preppy little dresses that will look great teamed with pumps and varsity bomber jackets.

When I was in my local Primark this morning the first quarter of the shop was entirely devoted to all things jersey. Tees professing that you're a 'Geek' or a 'Mathlete'. Or with Mickey Mouse or Batman on them. American high school girls would probably have a field day, but believe it or not this trend is ridiculously fashionable. Even if I am a little too old to rock it! Here are the new pieces that landed in store in Primark this week:
 photo primark080413_zpsb276f150.png Tie dye tassle tank top, £6
Stud sleeved cropped varsity tee, £6
Road trip tank top, £4 (in store on Wednesday)
Mint pintuck shirt dress, £15
Studded bow pump, £5
Gold weave peeptoe flats, £10
Black stud sleeved varsity tee, £6
Green cutwork dress, £10

I really fancied trying one of the 'Geek' tees currently instore in Primark, but my husband, who usually has no interest in fashion, told me I was "far too old" for that particularly trend. It's sad, but it's probably true! I do like the green cutwork dress though, and it's a bargain for £10. It would look great with a contrasting fine knit cardigan too - more Grease's Sandy than Varsity girl, but the closest I'm likely to get to an American high school look!

Have you been into your local Primark lately? And what do you think of the varsity trend, would you try it out or not?

Love Tor x

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Daily Wear: Wearing sequins in the daytime!

Hi guys,
I'm not really much of a sequin wearer. For eveningwear I tend to stick to classic matt black. But I do love sequins: I'm a glitzy pink Barbie girl at heart, even if that isn't ever externalised by my clothes!

I am currently making a sequin- exception though: This sequin sleeve khaki jacket from OwnTheRunway.com. And believe it or not, it's sequins for the daytime rather than the evening. I saw a couple of other bloggers wearing this, and I just knew I had to have it:
 photo sequin1_zps74566400.jpg  photo sequin2_zps02a97c78.jpg  photo sequin3_zps01590543.jpg Sequin sleeve jacket: OwnTheRunway*. Jeans: Miss Selfridge. Shell Top: Matalan. Boots: Topshop. Bucket bag: River Island.

Because the jacket is such a statement piece (the sequins are so bright that when the sun's shining this baby could blind someone!) I decided to keep everything else as simple as possible: plenty of black and then a nice fresh denim. Of course, because I can't resist a little matching I wore my gold topped boots, a gold necklace and my gold watch to go with the sleeves.

The lipstick is the Dainty Doll red shade I showed you earlier in the week: I really do love it, and a splash of red lipstick is perfect for making me feel put together no matter what I'm wearing!

I wore this outfit for shopping and lunch with Mike and Wilbur today. It was so easy to throw on (effectively it's just jeans and a tee) but I must admit I was pleased with how it looked.

Have you tried wearing sequins during the daytime, and how do you manage to dress them down? What are you wearing today?

Love Tor x

* Gifted item

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Swimwear shopping picks and tips for the big busted gal!

Hi guys,
Shopping for swimwear when you're fuller busted is a mini nightmare. I would go as far as to say it is my least favourite thing about going on holiday: and I love shopping!  It's also more expensive than shopping for a 'normal' bikini: there's no popping to Primark or George at Asda and picking up a couple of swimsuits for less than a tenner when your boobs need proper support.

Luckily, Bravissimo is my swimwear saviour. Not only do they stock their own brand of cupped and sized bikinis, they also stock all of the other huge fuller busted brands such as Triumph, Freya, and Panache. If you're rocking boobies bigger than a D cup then I think swimwear that is cupped for proper support is essential, and worth the extra money you have to pay. Here are some of my picks from Bravissimo's current range: photo bravissimo_zps1f4ce7e8.png Haiti tankini top £45, bottoms £23.
Stella bikini top by Panache, £31. Bottoms, £15.50
Belize tankini top £36, bottoms £18.
Madame butterfly bikini top by Freya £34, bottoms £23.

The tankini style is perfect if you have a slightly jiggly tummy - or new mummy stretch marks like me! I think you look slimmer the less flesh you show, so I'm a big fan of the tankini. I love the first Haiti tankini here: the blue band at the top of the bikini bottoms breaks the smooth line of the pattern of the tankini. This isn't great if you have hips, curves, or an hourglass figure. But it's perfect if you are slim with fuller boobs as it will create curves at your hips and draw attention away from the boobs.

The only problem with this tankini? It has halter straps! If you have very heavy boobs then you will find that when a halter bikini gets wet the weight of your boobs will cause friction and pain on the strap around the back of your neck -  I'm talking from experience here!! Wide flat shoulder straps are much more comfortable, and that's what I would recommend you look for.

I've included the blue Belize tankini here because that's the tankini I'm wearing right now: mine is in coral though, which was the colour Bravissimo made this in last summer.

I only have one swimsuit in my armoury (these are so expensive!) but I think its better to have one that fits properly than ten cheaper ones that don't. I've you're going on holiday and want lots of different swimwear looks but don't have a lot of money then my advice would be to buy one well fitting bikini top in a classic colour or pattern (I would opt for plain black but the nautical stripes shown above would also work). Then head somewhere much cheaper -  I'm thinking Primark - and pick up some contrasting mix and match bottoms and sarongs so you have lots of options and never get bored of your swimwear looks. This is what I did for my honeymoon and it worked really well!

Have you picked out your new season swimwear yet? And fuller busted girls, do you have any more bikini finding tips to share?

Love Tor xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Fabfrocks reviews: Dainty Doll Make up

Hi guys,
If you're amongst the ranks of the pale and interesting like me, then you're bound to have heard of Dainty Doll make up. I'd heard of the range, designed specifically for lighter skinned gals by Nicola Roberts (the 'ginger one' from Girls Aloud) but had never tried it. Until this weekend when I found the whole range in a discount make up shop in my parents hometown for just £2.99 an item. So I decided it was definitely worth giving it a go!  photo daintydoll1_zps67f0ba24.jpg I tried the blusher in shade Hippy Shake. Two lipsticks: Saucy Sailor and In His Kiss. And the concealer pen: these skin products start so palely that I am actually shade 003 on the scale of 001 to 004! So if you are very pale this is definitely a make up range worth trying.

First things first, I love the lipsticks! They feel rich and velvety and are so long lasting. The nude In His Kiss shade is perfect for wearing everyday, whilst the vibrant red Saucy Sailor has blue overtones which is perfect for fairer skins (and has the added bonus of making your teeth look whiter too!) This is one of the best red lipsticks I've tried for a while.
 photo daintydoll2_zpsa42172c1.jpg The concealer pen doesn't provide quite as much coverage as I would usually like. I have very dark circles under my eyes so I use a heavy coverage concealer and this one just isn't covering them up! But if you wear very light make up and prefer a more sheer look this would be perfect for you.

And the blusher? I was dubious about a lilac blush, because I usually try to add colour to my face which a much warmer blusher like a dark pink or even a fuchsia . But I surprised myself by loving this blush! It makes my skin look so healthy and works like a highlighter, accentuating my (let's face it, non existent) cheek bones!

Have you tried the Dainty Doll make up range? Or do you have any make up tips for pale gals that you'd like to share?

Love Tor x

Monday, 1 April 2013

Accessories: Helen Rochfort Handbags

Hi guys,
This bag from Helen Rochfort is very aptly called the 'Oz TV' bag. The central image is a vintage print of the ruby slippers from the original Wizard of Oz film: one of my faves! I love this grainy vintage print, which makes me want to wear red shoes and point my toes.

The bag isn't the usual thing I'd carry at all; I'm a soft tan leather satchel kind of gal. This bag by contrast is a hard case with a solid metal frame, shiny silver body, glitter detail and diamante fastener. That description doesn't make it sound very covetable, does it? But it is! I defy anyone to see this bag and not smile:
 photo helenrochfort1_zpsc5c15f71.jpg  photo helenrochfort2_zps73b19da0.jpg  photo helenrochfort3_zpscfdb698a.jpgIt's accessories like this that remind you that fashion is supposed to be fun, and we shouldn't take it all too seriously!

It isn't a big bag, so I couldn't carry it every day: you wouldn't fit more than your phone, purse and some make up in it. But I have a couple of weddings coming up this summer that I will be taking this to (and teaming it with red shoes, obviously!) and if I were ever to leave the house in the evening again - a girl can dream - then this would be the perfect bag for that too.

This particular bag comes in at £65, and if you love it too, you can bag your own here. Oz not your thing? There are also bags inspired by Willy Wonka, Unicorns, and even Fish and Chips!

What do you think of my new handbag? Is it the kind of thing you'd carry, or are you yet to be convinced?

Love Tor xx

* I received a handbag for the purpose of this review.