Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Fabfrocks reviews: Dainty Doll Make up

Hi guys,
If you're amongst the ranks of the pale and interesting like me, then you're bound to have heard of Dainty Doll make up. I'd heard of the range, designed specifically for lighter skinned gals by Nicola Roberts (the 'ginger one' from Girls Aloud) but had never tried it. Until this weekend when I found the whole range in a discount make up shop in my parents hometown for just £2.99 an item. So I decided it was definitely worth giving it a go!  photo daintydoll1_zps67f0ba24.jpg I tried the blusher in shade Hippy Shake. Two lipsticks: Saucy Sailor and In His Kiss. And the concealer pen: these skin products start so palely that I am actually shade 003 on the scale of 001 to 004! So if you are very pale this is definitely a make up range worth trying.

First things first, I love the lipsticks! They feel rich and velvety and are so long lasting. The nude In His Kiss shade is perfect for wearing everyday, whilst the vibrant red Saucy Sailor has blue overtones which is perfect for fairer skins (and has the added bonus of making your teeth look whiter too!) This is one of the best red lipsticks I've tried for a while.
 photo daintydoll2_zpsa42172c1.jpg The concealer pen doesn't provide quite as much coverage as I would usually like. I have very dark circles under my eyes so I use a heavy coverage concealer and this one just isn't covering them up! But if you wear very light make up and prefer a more sheer look this would be perfect for you.

And the blusher? I was dubious about a lilac blush, because I usually try to add colour to my face which a much warmer blusher like a dark pink or even a fuchsia . But I surprised myself by loving this blush! It makes my skin look so healthy and works like a highlighter, accentuating my (let's face it, non existent) cheek bones!

Have you tried the Dainty Doll make up range? Or do you have any make up tips for pale gals that you'd like to share?

Love Tor x


Lillian Funny Face said...

I got a bunch of this really cheap recently too. Unlike you I am the very palest shade ha ha! I'm really impressed with what I got so far, especially as it was all £2-£3 :)

teawithonesugarplease said...

The red looks amazing, not seen the range at all around here. I remember the TV show documenting her designing the range and the dedication to make some great products