Tuesday, 31 July 2007

So who will style the Spice Monsters? (Er, I mean Girls!)

After appearing at their recent press conference looking unco-ordinated and unstyled (See right if you need proof!) the Spice Girls (or rather, Spice "Women") are in desparate need of a restyle.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Alicia Silverstone looks wild!

David Beckhams first game for LA Galaxy was a star studded affair, but for me the star of the show wasn't Mrs Beckham aka "The Posh one" (who wore black and pouted alot, so nothing new there!) but the very casual Alicia Silverstone.

Sporting jeans, a turquoise t shirt with tiger logo, and with her hair hanging in casual curls around her shoulders she looked dressed down but glamourous; a movie star on her day off! (And it's a good job really, as thats what she is!)
*SIGH* If only I could pull off looking so effortlessly gorgeous in nothing more than a t shirt and jeans.......

Land Ahoy!!

More rain this weekend led to more towns flooded and more people's lives thrown into disarray.
With this selection of wet weather goodies however, at least your wardrobe will stand by you when the weather lets you down!

1) Jella Welly Parrot Print Boot. Office £20.

2) Metallic Blue Parka. Topshop. £55

3) Purple Gingham Umbrella. Topshop. £12

Friday, 20 July 2007

Something for the Weekend

What with the Wedding season fast approaching, throngs of us will be heading to the shops this weekend in search of the perfect head-turning frock. Luckily, I don't have any weddings to attend this year, but if I did, these are the dresses i'd wear:

Dress 1: This strappy yellow ra ra dress is from Topshop for £25. The cute puff ball skirt is a great way to disguise wide hips, and the colour will brighten up your day, whether the sun is shining or not.
Dress 2: The most expensive dress at £100, this frock is from Warehouse. I love the pattern and the wide bandeau waist band. This dress would look perfect against fair skin tones.
Dress 3: This dress from Monsoon is 100% silk organza for £95. The layered ruffles are perfect for hiding any lumps and bumps and the V shaped neck line will show off shoulders and arms.

It's never to early to think about Christmas.....

With todays torrential downpours leaving me feeling very unsummery (and more than a little wet!) in my inappropriate ballet pumps, it started me thinking about more appropriate footwear that would see me looking stylish (and dry) all the way through til Christmas.

Now this is a sentence I never thought I would say, but theseUGG boots are perfect for winter everyday wear. When Kate Moss started the trend in the UK, I didn't like the UGG look. Comfy, yes. Stylish, no. This new version however, seem different. They are leather so they look great, whilst still having the warm and comforting fur inside. The leather straps, dark fur trim, and extra height all give the boots a biker feel . These boots are understated, great quality......

....And for £200 from Office, they could be yours right now. Hmm, I wonder whether Primark will be bringing out a nice cheap version instead!

Oh Britney, What have you done now?

Oh Britney I do despair!
When you went crazy and chopped all your hair off, I stood by you. When you sacked your stylist and started dressing even more trailer trash than usual, I told everyone there would still be a glorious comeback. I even forgave you those badly thought out (and poorly executed) hair extensions. *shudder* But even I have a limit, and this could be it.

Firstly, as you commend more a month than I am likely to earn my whole lifetime (and you live on the beach) why not buy a bikini if you fancy a swim? Its not like you can't afford it/wouldn't use it again!
And secondly, if you want to swim in your pants in front of the paparazzi (because heaven forbid Britney kept her head down and staved herself of the publicity-oxygen) at least make sure they match your bra!
Oh Britney, please buck your ideas up! I'm not sure how much more disapointment from you I can take.

Jessica Biel looks great in Gucci!

Jessica Biel looked stunning at the New York premiere of the new movie, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry (which should win an award for its offputting title!)

Jessica wore a summery white Gucci dress covered in a graphic grey print that was accented with bursts of red. She teamed this with black peep toed heels and a teeny red and white clutch.

I usually hate these "mid-length" dresses, which make even the thinnest calf look like it belongs to a rugby player, but Ms Biel really pulls it off! The cinched waist emphasises her incredible figure (yes, I am a bit jealous!) and the pattern draws attention downwards, elongating her body further (ok, now i'm really jealous!)

Ms Biel scores 9/10 for this little Gucci number (I would've worn red shoes) and is awarded today's (not exactly) coverted FabFrock of the day award! Well done Jessica!

Meet the Team!

Well, that's just a posh self-important way of saying meet me, really!

So, here are 5 (fashion related) questions about me which I shall answer. If there's anything else you want to know (and who wouldn't want to know everything about me!?) just post a comment!

My Style in 10 words or less:

Casual (read scruffy!) but original, denim enthusiast obsessed with oversized accessories and clean lines. (Ok, so that was more than 10 words!!)

Last thing I bought:

A black hooded parka from Primark which i bought last night for a mere £15!

Celebrity style I love:

Mary Kate Olsen always looks effortlessly cool (and is a fellow religious jean wearer!)

I'm also really liking Liv Tylers rock chicky look lately

Favourite high street store:

I used to really love Topshop (and i still think it's great!) but River Island is coming into its own lately and Dorothy Perkins seems to be having a revival.

Accessory I can't live without:

I love accessories! My fav item of jewellery to wear are rings, but at the moment I have a great chunky black wooden bangle that I wear everyday.

Ready, Steady, Shop!...........

.........because the River Island sale started at 9 o clock this morning, and it's set to be huge!

I had a little sneaky peak in the Oxford Street store after closing last night, and can confirm that the front half of the store was completely taken over by giant red signs attached to cut price goodies!
I'm going for the candy coloured polka dot T bar flats and some oversized shades (both a massive bargain at 50% off!) I'm going to try to steer myself away from the tunic dresses and brightly coloured kaftans (I really don't need any more) but i'm not making any promises! When something's a bargain, I sometimes just can't help myself!

I will post pictures of any lovely bargainous treats I pick up. Happy hunting!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Get Vintage fever and put these dates in your diary!

As The Kinks would say, i'm a 'dedicated follower of (vintage) fashion.' Mad about Vintage? Then these are events you just can't miss:-

9th September - Olympia Hilton Hotel - Vintage Fashion Fair

14th October - Dulwich College - Vintage Fashion, Textiles, and Accessorises Fair

4th November - Olympia Hilton Hotel - Antique textiles, Costumes, and Tribal art Fair

Bag a bargain that will make your friends weep, and wear original fashion with a low carbon footprint? How can you possibly go wrong!?

Brighten up your day........

I have just spotted the perfect dress to beat those "where did my summer go?" blues.

At just £32.00, this dress from Topshop (which is 'New In' today, dontcha know!) is a bargain! With empire line top, A line skirt, and slight puff sleeves, this dress will flatter any figure. And the pillar box red colour is guarenteed to brighten up everyones day.

Simply team with silky smooth pins and wedges if the sun starts shining, or opaque tights and ballet pumps if the sky stays grey. This versitile dress will be perfect, whatever the weather. Hmmmm, i wonder whether i'll beat the rush if I leave now...........

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