Thursday, 29 January 2009

When I grow up....

...I want to dress just like this lady!
I haven't ever done a street style post before: mostly because i'm waaay to shy to approach people on the street and ask them if I can take their picture! But when I saw this fabulous looking woman on the bus back from lunch with my sister, I just couldn't resist getting my camera out.
As the song sort of goes, its not that easy wearing green. But with confidence obviously in the blue bags alongside her shopping, she does just that:

I love this coat and matching hat combo. And the green really was this vibrant; almost Kermit the frog green. Having seen it close up, I suspect the fur was real. But although I wouldn't wear it myself I certainly enjoyed looking at it and don;t feel its my place to judge. And check out those big gold buttons? I've been looking for buttons like that for my old black coat for weeks!
Its not just the hat and coat that were to love though; Mrs Green had also paid such attention to detail! Her leather gloves, oversized bag and shoes (with a slight heel I hope you note, which is more than impressive at her age) looked fabulous!
I always imagined myself growing old disgracefully, probably in early nineties Versace, AbFab style, but now I might be changing my mind. It seems there's sophistication can have its own attention grabbing personality too, if you throw yourself into it.
Lady on the bus, whose name I wish I knew, I salute you and your brave fashion choices!
Love Tor x

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Don't worry, it will be all white!

Now, I know this is a comparison that only means something to me, but as soon as I saw the S/S09 collection by Chanel in Paris yesterday (not in person of course, alas I don't have a jet set lifestyle) I immediately thought about how the bf and I decided last weekend we are going to decorate the new bedroom.

Everything in shades of white, simple and elegant yet not at all plain. Fabulous lines, prints, and patterns to keep it interesting. And lace. I cannot wait to put my new lace canopy over my bed. Chanel have reflected this perfectly in their collection for S/S09, (they can only have been ispired by me!) so obviously I love it:
The collection had a 60's inspired feel; i'm thinking twiggy style ladies with assymetric haircuts wearing white mini skirts and white leather boots, crossed with the early sixties women (who wore replicas of their mothers couture, before the new teen uniform and sepatration was even invented) in neat jackets and matching skirts.

The dresses over the white trousers is the only touch i'm a little unsure about, but the headpieces are truly truly stunning. Half of me thought the collection was a little bit safe, targeted more at my mum than me, but all of me found something inspirational that I will apply to my look for SS09 (obviously not the white trousers on my thighs, but something) and isn't that what the catwalk shows are for?

Oh yeah, and netting the designers some moolah, but that doesn't really affect me!

Lots of love,


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Speccy Four Eyes!

I know i'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, but having never worn glasses before, picking these up today was actually a pretty big deal for me.
I have a teeny tiny perscription, and only have to wear my glasses when i'm reading and my eyes start to feel strained. Which just goes to show that two literature degrees and a love of books can actually be bad for your health; remember that kids! Still, all in all although I desperately wish I didn't have to wear them, i'm not too horrified by how they look.

What do you think?
Thick rimmed tortoise shell specs - please try to ignore the dishevelled hair and the finge, which is badly in need of a trim!
Black plastic horn rims. These ones are my favs; I like to think of them as a more subtle version of last seasons geek glasses favoured by Luella.
Although they are currently enjoying a fashion revival, glasses have such a stigma of unnattractiveness attached to them. I remember feeling sorry for the boys and girls with the glasses that were tormented mercilessly in the playground at school. Did anyone ever see She's all that? I really love that film! But its so frustrating that the heroine goes from geek to gorgeous just because she puts a brush through her hair and whips her glasses off.
I just hope that in one lunch hour, with my new glasses and disshevelled hair, I haven't done the reverse!
Lots of love,

Monday, 26 January 2009

Dans mon sac il y a…

Does anyone else remember those early French lessons at school where you started with that essential phrase "Dans ma trousse il y a..." (Or in my pencil case there is...) and then you had to list all the things you had in your pencil case? I always loved saying "une gomme" (a rubber/eraser) It was a beautiful round word that filled your mouth and then popped out like a bubble.

Anyway, this post is my grown up equilivent of that favourite school game. They say you can tell alot about a person from the contents of their handbag. Well, for those of you who really wanted an insight into mine, i'm sure your going to be disappointed. But lets see, shall we!

Despite its massive sack like nature, here is a list of everything nestled comfortably inside my handbag, sweet papers and all!

Dans mon sac il y a...... My oversized patchwork purse, Make up bag, Compact Mirror, Sunglasses, LG Renoir phone (my new blog photo phone of dreams!),Sunglasses, Little miss vintage note book, Tissues with shoes on, a thank you card for my sister, a black vest, half a packet of throat sweets, Red gloves, year planner, Inhaler, Stamps, A necklace, some loose change, Receipts, The contract for our new house, 3 pens, oyster card, used train tickets, 2 nail varnishes, and a leaflet welcoming me to the Ikea family.

Or in Pictorial terms:

The insights I think you can get from this are that I carry too much stuff, I never have time to put my make up on in the morning so I do it when I get to work and i'm an untidy slob, hence the receipts and used tickets stuffed in every corner. What weird things lurk at the bottom of your handbag?

I tag the lovely style child, make do style, and dressed and pressed (three of my favourite little blogs!) to tell us all what's hidden in theres!

Lots of love,

Feathers from the Future!!

Today's post is just a brief snippet: a post-ette, if you will, as I am very very busy at work.
I stumbled across this picture of Manjit Deu, the winner of the collection of the year prize at the London College of Fashion this morning. Well, more importantly, I stumbled across this picture of his collection. And I was immediately transfixed by, what I like to refer to as, the robot feathers. Here is a close up of that dress:
Isn't is stunning?! The uber talent Manjit is only 24 years old (thats the same age as me, dammit!) He hails from West London, and completed his BA (hons) at Winchester. There were sequins everywhere; long ones that looked like ice trailing across the outfits, which was partically effective on the little sky blue number. And we all know how I feel about dramatic shoulders...and in pink!? Love it!

Now I don't know enough about fashion to say this with any amount of certainty, but I'm pretty sure Manjit Deu is a name we should all be looking out for in the future...Ahh, to be so talented!!

Lots of love,

Tor x

Credit: All but the first photo were stolen with love (but no permission) from here.

Friday, 23 January 2009

It's just the way it works...

DISCLAIMER: Don't read on if you've had a bad day, or for some other reason don't want to read me having a moan. Scroll down, find some awesome pictures instead!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking more and more about my career (or lack thereof). I suppose it's because the bf and I are moving in together, and no longer living in student houses or flat shares is making me feel very much like a grown up.

I like my job. The people are great, I get to write and it's hardly taxing. But i've never hidden the fact that although its what I keep falling into, online corporate writing about, if i'm honest, things I know nothing about, is definitely not what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.

For as far back as I can remember i've wanted to be a journalist when I grew up (this of course depends on my ever growing up); at first I wanted to do hard hitting front line correspondence - a modern day Kate Adie, but for the past 5-6 years, i've known that what I really want to write about is fashion. And not just because I love clothes, but because proper fashion is so fast paced and innovative and exciting. WHo can see Hussein Chalayan's crazy interdisciplinary dresses, and not realise that fashion is about so much more than what looks pretty.

What i'm moaning about here then isn't the fashion industry. From my squinty view way over here outside the circle of power, I love it, despite all it's flaws which I love reading on the bloggosphere everyday. What i'm moaning about is how I find a tiny little hole in. See, I think i've done everything right; work on the student paper? Check. Take fashion related units at uni? Check. I've worked for OSOYOU and styleshake writing their blogs (short term contracts), I'm a member of the NUJ, and I love love love fashion!

But apparently, this isn't enough to get me an interview anywhere even vaguely fashion related. Unless I want to take 6 months out and work for no salary whatsoever (which in my case would mean eating gruel and living in a box to be affordable; definitely not an option!) then the answer is thank you, but no cigar!

I'd love to meet an ordinary girl like me who can afford to have no income for 6 months; how to people do it? Surely this can't be the only way in, or only girls called Miffy and Bunty would ever make it! I've been told a million times "that if you want to get into the industry you need grit, persistence, and determination". All those things I have. But £10 grand in the bank or better still, the capacity for starvation and homelessness? Well, the lines got to be drawn somewhere!

So what can I do? Well, keep knocking on those doors with my fingers crossed I suppose. I'm forsaking my summer holiday this year and spending my time off on a work experience placement instead. I've signed up to start a fashion course at night school in March (although mostly if i'm honest this is more for fun than career purposes)

And I guess I can stop feeling sorry for myself! Stop writing this little rant and toughen up. Oh, and try to block out the sound of all those doors slamming shut before they've even opened.

Lots of Love,

Tor (Who promises to be in a much more optimistic mood tomorrow!)

Put the boot in....

Aside from my vast selection of heeled ankle boots too impractical to wear in the current climate (although, far be it for anyone to ever say I don't throw myself into any trend) I actually only own 3 pairs of sensible every day boots; the hello kitty ugg boots my parents gifted me for Christmas, my short flat tassled suede (ish) boots, and my low heeled knee high boots.

Only it turns out that actually, when the rain pours down, those boots aren't so sensible! The fake suede boots are actually made of thick fabric, meaning that when it rained on wednesday I had tiny lakes forming in each shoe. The sole of my knee high boots has peeled away slightly meaning that when I wore this yesterday water poured in as if I was wading through the Thames. And I never expected the ugg boots I wore today to make it to work with dry feet inside. They didn't.

The long and the short of this ramble is that I need new boots. This weekend. Well, now really. And what I am looking for is flat, sensible, black boots made from quiality leather that will last season after season. Actually, i'm going to correct myself. That's what I was looking for, until I saw these boots from River Island (£132.11):
My lust-o-meter went into overdrive!! They don't meet any of my criteria: they aren't flat or sensible. I couldn't wear them season after season because studs and fringing will be "like totally out" next year. And they are way, way over my budget. All in all, I should put them out of my mind. But I cant stop thinking about them. And could you buy these boots from Office:
when there were crazy boots to buy instead?! I'm not sure I can!

Lots of love,

A very perplexed Tor xx

Thursday, 22 January 2009

What a Stud Muffin!

Sorry if the titled lured you in and you expected to see hot young men in skimpy Armarni underwear.... this post is actually less interesting than that: this is a Daily Wear AND Primark Pick of the Week post, all rolled into one. Here is what I am wearing today, if you can ignore the fact that I look like I havent slept in a week!:

Tiered dress - Warehouse
Pleather jacket - Primark
Fingerless gloves - Primark
Everything else you've seen before!

The Pick of the Week aspect comes in with this amazing black studded pleather leather jacket. The collar folds over itself because of the side zip, giving the amazing studs the best possible exposure. It's studded on both sides of the collar, although you can;t see that too well here, as my hair is in the way! And its not only the collar that is studded: there are studs and zips on the cuffs and around the hem as well. And all this for a smidgen under £15! Here are the details:

The shrunken nature of the jacket wouldn't be my immediate choice for my top heavy frame, but teamed with black it blends in at the waist and looks so much more expensive than it was, and I just couldn't walk past all those studs!! I really love the rock chick look, but i'm just not sure i'm cut out for it: note how I had to match my nail varnish to my fingerless gloves for a more polished finish! Not sure you'd catch Debbie Harry doing that!

So there you have it: how much of a stud muffin is that jacket??

But for those of you still disapointed that it was just me full clothed, and not a hottie in some tight briefs, here's a little something to brighten up your day:
I believe this is the Italian rugby team rocking some D&G pants!

Lots of love,
Tor x

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Going GaGa

Last week Lady GaGa said in the Independent: "Fashion is everything to me. Its just as important as the music." And whilst there are hundreds of artists spouting the same generic rubbish all the time, in this instance, I actually believe her!

I'm not normally one to follow music industry hype (I love music, but I know what I like!) but I am genuinely interested in Lady GaGa (apparently just Gaga to her friends) and her progress: with her metallic breastplate and crazy stage gyrating, how can you not compare her to the conical bra wearing uber performer that was Madonna in the 80s? The girl has the potential to become an icon.
Apologies for the stolen photo from Mr, and I still get goose bumps when I see madonna in that Jean Paul Gaultier set up!

Like Madonna, she obviously loves the "underwear as outerwear" trend, and she's quite the expert: she made the nude bra for her love game video herself!

However, it's not her underwear that interests me: Any outfit that leaves you at risk of arrest for over exposure is definitely not for me! No, what I am loving, nay, slightly obsessed with, are her stage costumes; they're elaborate, have real attitude and yet like most things you see on the catwalk, you can imagine a toned down version that would really work on you:

The feathered eyelashes GaGa is so fond of (i'm guessing, as she wears them all the time!) are by Shu Uemra. They also do lace ones, which are immediately on my wish list!

OK so its a bland outfit with a little too much leg and a Star Trek vibe! Check out those shoulder pads!!

I've looked everywhere, and i have no idea who made those wonderful spikey dresses: if you know tell me! I am however, in love with the idea of using your own hair as a hair ornament and tying it in a bow: if i've got time tonight, i'm going to give it a go!

Lady Gaga leaves London at the end of the week and this makes me a little bit sad: I love reading about her antics of the night before on my way home in thelondonpaper every day. And if, after seeing all the wonderful pictures you still need another reason to fall a little bit in love with Lady Gaga, then don't worry because I have one for you. I've got it all! Christian Siriano, winner of Project Runway season 4, is responsible for some of her outfits, including the massive black patent bow she wore on MTV. Which sadly I cant find a picture of, but still...

Isn't that fierce?!

Love Tor x

Monday, 19 January 2009

We tweet!

It seems like almost overnight the world has gone twitter crazy. The New York Times calls Twitter "one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet." TIME Magazine says, "Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app," and Newsweek noted that "Suddenly, it seems as though all the world's a-twitter." I even read an article about a chap who told the world he was in a plane crash whilst it was actually happening through this new social networking phenomena.

So I figured, it was time for fabfrocks to get involved.

So if you just can't get enough of the blog and wish there was more (there has to be more people than just me who wish there was more!) you can read my tiny little tweets which will be updated more regularly than this here blog by going here: where I believe you can follow me, in a bloggy stylee.

I have also added what I believe is called a widget to the side bar of the blog over here somewhere, so that if you don;t want to follow me, you can still read what's going on in my exciting life. ------->

I just hope I get the hang of this!

Love Tor xx

Here comes the sun....

...I know it's still winter, and it's still seriously chilly outside, but the sun has been so bright this weekend that I have had to hunt my sunglasses out of my sack of a bag on three seperate occassions. Thank God then that i brought these from Primark last week for a mere £2 to replace last summers pair which are already broken:

I'm a nightmare with sunglasses. I can get through up to 12 pairs in a summer. Put them in my bag and i'll sit on them on the bus. On the table in front of me in the beer garden? I'll have one too many and leave them behind. I've even been known to hang them on the hook in a changing room whilst trying on dresses and walk out leaving them dangling behind. For that reason, it's highstreet sunnies all the way for me:
Animal print hearts, Topshop £15. Pink and cream catseyes, Topshop £15. Rainbow sunglasses £17 Jeepers peepers blue sunglasses £15.75 and a whole page of groovy sun specs from next!

Or of course, I could sensibly invest in a sunglasses case:
£7.82, River Island

In which case, i might trust myself and make a small investment in these:
Hmmm, is it just me or do these £110 miu miu numbers look very similar to the £2 primark pair I could buy and break 55 times for the same amount of money!?

Nah, who am I kidding? They'd be lost and i'd be crying within a week! More multicoloured primark faux raybains for me then! £2 a pop: who can argue?

Love Tor

Ps - Sorry for the lack of blogging over the past week: house hunting is taking over my life. Why is the London letting market such a wretched nightmare?? We have found two we liked, the first one was gone before we could even get a second viewing, and the house of my dreams, which we saw and told the agent we wanted on saturday, might also have already been let. A bit of organisation please! Grrr!!!

Pps - Is anyone else wondering what Michelle Obama will be wearing for the inaugaration tomorrow? Exciting!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Aye chihuahua!

Ever fall completely head over heels in love with someone, even though you knew it was wrong?
Well that's how I feel about this truly perfect purse bought for me by my sister this Christmas:

It is a hard cased leather purse by 'Fluff' and on the vibrant baby pink front, a cartoon chihuahua, complete with bang on trend studded collar. On the back pink hearts sit nestled in shiny shiny gold.

It's everything a teenage girl or Paris Hilton could dream of, and probably not what a 20 year old "young professional" should be storing her debt cards in. But I think it's wonderful, and every time I look at it, it makes me happy. The fossil purse my parents gifted me in Florida is still in amazing condition, and I still love carrying it, but there's a bit part of me just waiting for the leather to die enough that I can put it in the drawer and start bringing a smile to people's faces with my money protecting puppy.

Apparently Los Angeles artist Claudette Barjoud is the brains behind the Fluff designs (And never has a name for a company been more apt for its products!) but I can't find an online store to explore more of the cartoony kitsch goodness. However, if the puppies are floating your boat the whole set is available to buy on ebay:

And for a buy it now price of $68, I think its a bargain. After all, what price for leather induced happiness?

Love and puppy licks,

Tor xx

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Boots boots boots boots boots!!

Never has my sales advice been more ardent; if you love/like/know someone who likes cosmetics, get to Boots immediately. If you love the illustrations of Daisy de Villeneuve, run. Boots christmas gift range (which of course isnt at all Christmasy) just dropped from being 50% off all stock to 75% off all stock. The woman in front of me had so much stuff she couldnt carry it all. It was fantastically funny watching her waddle out laden with 7 giant sacks of goodies. There really are some bargains to be had:
Daisy de Villeneuve make up brush and rool set. Was £15. I paid £3.67.

Daisy de Villeneuve filled vanity case with mirror. Was £20.00. I paid £3.50.

Daisy de Villeneuve compact mirror. Was £5.00. I paid £1.22

Daisy de Villeneuve (are you sensing a pattern?) blusher brush. Was £8. I paid £1.95

John Frieda hair sets (blonde and brunette available) Was £10. I paid £2.44

Ruby and Millie bright eyes compact. Was £15.00. I paid £3.67

Tony and Guy make up bag filled with shampoo conditioner heat protection spray and straightening balm. Was £12. I paid £2.93
This whole post feels a little salesy, but its soo exciting! I brought as much as i could carry back into the office respectably after a slightly longer than regulation lunch hour, but tomorrow I'll be back for more. When do I get the chance to own so much stuff that I want but don't need, and therefore usually relagate to the realms of "stuff I cant afford?"The answer is never! But boy, am I going to make up for it now....
Love Tor