Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Speccy Four Eyes!

I know i'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, but having never worn glasses before, picking these up today was actually a pretty big deal for me.
I have a teeny tiny perscription, and only have to wear my glasses when i'm reading and my eyes start to feel strained. Which just goes to show that two literature degrees and a love of books can actually be bad for your health; remember that kids! Still, all in all although I desperately wish I didn't have to wear them, i'm not too horrified by how they look.

What do you think?
Thick rimmed tortoise shell specs - please try to ignore the dishevelled hair and the finge, which is badly in need of a trim!
Black plastic horn rims. These ones are my favs; I like to think of them as a more subtle version of last seasons geek glasses favoured by Luella.
Although they are currently enjoying a fashion revival, glasses have such a stigma of unnattractiveness attached to them. I remember feeling sorry for the boys and girls with the glasses that were tormented mercilessly in the playground at school. Did anyone ever see She's all that? I really love that film! But its so frustrating that the heroine goes from geek to gorgeous just because she puts a brush through her hair and whips her glasses off.
I just hope that in one lunch hour, with my new glasses and disshevelled hair, I haven't done the reverse!
Lots of love,


fashion herald said...

so unfair she had a great body in she's all that, as I was once a tortured, flat chested, eyeglass wearing teenager myself.

KD said...

I like both pairs, but that 2nd pair is amazing! I had to wear glasses when I was little but I was never teased. In fact, I feel like my age group doesn't tease people because they wear glasses, I don't know why but I'm not complaining. Not once have I ever heard anybody tease anybody else about glasses.

dunhill sunglasses said...

I too had the similar experience. It was most unfortunate day when I held my hand with prescription glasses, somehow with time I got used to it and I am okay with them now. Would have felt better off with just with designer frames

Anonymous said...

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Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Glasses used to have a slight stigma but no more! I curse my perfect vision because I would love a pair of specks!!
The 2nd pair are really great on you