Thursday, 29 January 2009

When I grow up....

...I want to dress just like this lady!
I haven't ever done a street style post before: mostly because i'm waaay to shy to approach people on the street and ask them if I can take their picture! But when I saw this fabulous looking woman on the bus back from lunch with my sister, I just couldn't resist getting my camera out.
As the song sort of goes, its not that easy wearing green. But with confidence obviously in the blue bags alongside her shopping, she does just that:

I love this coat and matching hat combo. And the green really was this vibrant; almost Kermit the frog green. Having seen it close up, I suspect the fur was real. But although I wouldn't wear it myself I certainly enjoyed looking at it and don;t feel its my place to judge. And check out those big gold buttons? I've been looking for buttons like that for my old black coat for weeks!
Its not just the hat and coat that were to love though; Mrs Green had also paid such attention to detail! Her leather gloves, oversized bag and shoes (with a slight heel I hope you note, which is more than impressive at her age) looked fabulous!
I always imagined myself growing old disgracefully, probably in early nineties Versace, AbFab style, but now I might be changing my mind. It seems there's sophistication can have its own attention grabbing personality too, if you throw yourself into it.
Lady on the bus, whose name I wish I knew, I salute you and your brave fashion choices!
Love Tor x


KD said...

I salute her too, love her!

Aelwyn said...

Another salute from me!

fashion herald said...

impressive, i wish i looked as good on the bus in wintertime!

WendyB said...

Yet another salute from me!

Make Do Style said...

Big up salute and I've tagged you on my Sunday post too - plus I've doen my bag reveal - tuesday!

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Susie Bubble said...

In general I think the elderly dress better than us young uns' anyway....