Monday, 26 January 2009

Dans mon sac il y a…

Does anyone else remember those early French lessons at school where you started with that essential phrase "Dans ma trousse il y a..." (Or in my pencil case there is...) and then you had to list all the things you had in your pencil case? I always loved saying "une gomme" (a rubber/eraser) It was a beautiful round word that filled your mouth and then popped out like a bubble.

Anyway, this post is my grown up equilivent of that favourite school game. They say you can tell alot about a person from the contents of their handbag. Well, for those of you who really wanted an insight into mine, i'm sure your going to be disappointed. But lets see, shall we!

Despite its massive sack like nature, here is a list of everything nestled comfortably inside my handbag, sweet papers and all!

Dans mon sac il y a...... My oversized patchwork purse, Make up bag, Compact Mirror, Sunglasses, LG Renoir phone (my new blog photo phone of dreams!),Sunglasses, Little miss vintage note book, Tissues with shoes on, a thank you card for my sister, a black vest, half a packet of throat sweets, Red gloves, year planner, Inhaler, Stamps, A necklace, some loose change, Receipts, The contract for our new house, 3 pens, oyster card, used train tickets, 2 nail varnishes, and a leaflet welcoming me to the Ikea family.

Or in Pictorial terms:

The insights I think you can get from this are that I carry too much stuff, I never have time to put my make up on in the morning so I do it when I get to work and i'm an untidy slob, hence the receipts and used tickets stuffed in every corner. What weird things lurk at the bottom of your handbag?

I tag the lovely style child, make do style, and dressed and pressed (three of my favourite little blogs!) to tell us all what's hidden in theres!

Lots of love,


KD said...

Haha, unfortunately I haven't progressed much in terms of French class! Your bag is really nice! And those sunglasses . . . Thanks for tagging me!

Make Do Style said...

I will do shortly!! Very good indeed!