Monday, 12 January 2009

Head to toe, but I didn't know!

Help! I think i've committed a major fashion faux pas, and i'm trapped in the office until 5.30 pm, and there's nothing I can do about it!

You see, today I left the house like this (with close up of the details):

Nothing wrong with this outfit, you think. (I hope!) Of course, my hair looks like a disaster because I got wee'd on en-route, and I'm not wearing any make up, but I don't think strangers would point and laugh as I passed them in the street. Well, thats because I know something they don't know.

In traditional blog stylee, below is a breakdown of my outfit:

Silk Dress - Warehouse
Morroccan leather belt - Warehouse
Poloneck jumper (worn underneath) - Warehouse
Oversized bag - Warehouse
Wooden bangle - Warehouse

In fact, the only things not from Warehouse are my boots and leggings (Primark) and my necklace (Miss Selfridge).

In my defence, it's not all from this season, so I didn't even notice until about 10 minutes ago. But even so, is this the ultimate fashion crime? After all, not only am I dressed head to toe from one highstreet store, it isn't even a particularly fashion forward highstreet store! Should I lock myself in the stationary cupboard until the end of the day and then scurry home with my tail between my legs, muttering that i'll never make the same mistake again? Or should I hold my head up high, because what noone else knows won't hurt them, and the outfit doesn't look that bad?

I really am in a fashion dillemma. You decide, while I go and hide in the toilet for a while...

Love, Tor xxx


Dressed and Pressed said...

There have been a few times that I've actually found myself doing a sneaky shop in Primark in head to toe Primark *shudder* bar a few pieced. Ditto in H&M. It's the knowing that everyone in the store could buy exactly what you're wearing right that minute that does it.

But I wouldn't sweat it. It's the way you wear it that counts and you, my dear, are wearing the hell out of that Warehouse outfit!

Make Do Style said...

Easily done and who cares least you weren't head to toe in Burberry aka Danielle Westbrook!!

KD said...

Oh please hon, who cares? What's much, much worse is wearing a hot pink Juicy sweatsuit with the waistband rolled down with Uggs and a too-tight tank top.

Rollergirl said...

Oh Tor. Warehouse - How COULD you?

Nah seriously, you look cute -even sans make-up!