Friday, 2 January 2009

Where else would I start?

Either all my friends and family read this blog (unlikely!) or I am a seriously boring conversationalist! Because I received topshop vouchers from 4 different people this Christmas. Apparently I couldn't make it clearer how much I love topshop!

So where else would I start my sales exploits than there, in the hope of getting some serious bargains! Laziness and location mean that I haven't been to the Oxford Street store yet. I've been staying with my boyfriend who lives just outside of Luton, so i've focused my sale shopping in Luton and Milton Keynes this week. When i'm back to work next week my sister and I will be hitting Oxford street hard, and the zara you all requested will be poured over then.

In the meantime, here are the four things I liked most in the (tiny) Luton topshop:

Tie Dye Dress
Without a belt I think this dress looks a little plain, but I really like the pattern, which reminds me of a gravelled path, and the way it fits around the neck and shoulders. Reduced to £30.

Tartan dress
This is a lovely dress, but not on me! I really like the flare and the bold pattern on the skirt, but the vest fabric of the top was flimsy and not very supportive of my bust. Also reduced to £30.

The next couple of items will require a brief explanation: you see I wanted to try on a couple of skirts, but I decided to go shopping in a dress:I hope this explains the ingenious use of my scarf in the next couple of images!!

Work-style skater skirt
This wool mix skirt was really flattering and would look great with a t shirt for a day at work. Maybe a little too puffy for my chunky thighs, but a nice skirt non the less. Reduced to £18.

Peacock skirt

Excuse my mince pie filled belly in the next couple of pictures! I liked this skirt, I just couldn't picture any top I owned looking good with it! Reduced to £20.

So there you have it: four of the best in the tiny Luton topshop. Nice but not really impressive is it? I purchased the tie dye dress and i'm really pleased with how versatile it is. Everything else went back on the shelf for someone else to enjoy! I just hope the Oxford circus store has a little more to show: I've still got a stack of gift cards to spend!!

Lots of love,

Tor x


KD said...

I really like the tie-dye dress, good buy!

KD said...

P.S. I love your shopping outfit and the outfit shown below!

Make Do Style said...

Bless yes Luton does smack of provencial Topshop clothes - nice but never the same as Oxford St - tsh London centric smugness creeping in here!
Good endeavours though...

deep_in_vogue said...

The Tartan dress is my favorite! You look super adorable in all photos!

Susie Bubble said...

Love the tie dye dress...

fashion herald said...

glad you got the tie-dye, it's adorable!