Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year, Same Me....

Firstly, a belated happy new year everyone! I'm afraid my boyfriend had a rare festive period day off yesterday, so I decided eating candy, going to the cinema and generally hanging out was slightly more important-ish. The detox, and more importantly the seriously regular blogging restart today!

Back to the New Year: Like so many others, my New Year was just another night. We went out for dinner, and because of the hundreds of tables booked, limited set menu, who cares everyone just wants to get drunk anyway attitude, the food was seriously under par. The music was blasted out like we were in a club, so conversation was impossible. And there was at least 12 infants on the next table. Yay. So I ended my year on the sofa with an obscenely large vodka orange watching Jools Holland. Good times.

On the brightside though, my outfit was seriously cute. Ahem. Even if I do say so myself:

The dress was from the River Island sale for just £20, and I love the sequinned collar and the low slung sequinned pockets. The giant hair bow was half price in topshop for just £6, and studded shoe boots believe it or not are from Peacocks and I paid just £9 for them. They're made of pleather but they're insanely comfortable, and the quality isn't that important in such occassional wear shoes. The bag was a primark gift from my boyfriend last summer, and I showed off the River Island coat in my last post!!

More sale purchases and non purchases to follow after a short interval!

Lots of love,


PS - I hope you'll noticed a slight improved picture quality next year; i've replaced my old pink 2 mega pixel camera with a 8 mp camera phone.

PPS - In hot news, my boyfriend and I have decided to start househunting and move in together asap. So hopefully the grainy self papped in a mirror pictures will start to become a thing of the past. New Year, New Home, New Picture quality! Yay!!


Sarah-Rose & Craig said...

Oh that outfit is SERIOUSLY cute. Especially the bow. Love it!

Dressed and Pressed said...

Gorgeous outfit, the bow's fantastic. Fab news about the move, as well. Happy New Year, if I haven't said it already.

Hayley Clough said...

Love.... the jacket is amazing. Bow is soooooo cute.