Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Crown Me, Immediately!

I read about the work of Camille Roman, creator of Tour de force, on the stylebubble blog last month, but didn't really take it in. Then this morning my catwalk genius newsletter arrived (did I mention i'm slightly in love with catwalk genius?) and they were waxing lyrical about Camille's work.

Such praise from two highly trusted sources meant that I had no choice other than to check it out. And now i'm totally obsessed! According to Catwalk genius Camille produces "hairpieces which allow people to make an impact with a high-end statement, but be easily adorned comfortable at the same time." And i'm quoting directly because I really couldn't but it better myself!

This is the image gracing the homepage of tourdeforce.com and the one attracting all the attention on the bloggosphere (I really hate using that word!) And you can see why: it really is a statement piece! At £140, it's also the most expensive thing on the site. And I would love to own it, and sit in my living room sporting it and feeling glamorous whilst I watched eastenders with a can of lemonade. I really do live the high life, don't I? But, like most people too afraid of attracting the attention, I don't think i'd be brave enough to wear it out. I'm not letting that put me off though. That doesn't mean tour de force isn't for me. Or for you. Because, for a wedding or a party, this is a hairpiece I would love to wear day in and day out:

It's called the butterfly crown and I think it's beautiful. Its soft floppyness reminds me of a cartoon bunny, and it has something of the anime princess about it.

And the thing that suprised me most? Actually, it really isn't that expensive! As the CG website shows prices in Euros, the weak pathetic pound is working against us at the moment, but even bearing that in mind, the butterfly crown of my dreams is only 76.96, which works out at a nicely rounded £69.91.

These hairpieces are quickly going to become my new obsession. I'm picturing everyone around me wearing them- here's a gold lame turban rose for Becky and monochrome pleated flower that would look amazing set against my sisters dark hair:
You can tell that Camille gained her experience at at Johnny Loves Rosie and Lulu Guinness. Looking at her designs makes you think of last seasons oversized (and I really mean oversized) floppy bows from Johnny Loves Rosie. But bigger and more intricate: they did the mini episode and she wrote the whole animated movie. Her work reminds me of 80's cartoon characters crossed with gorgeous mysterious 1930's film sirens travelling via Japan. And I love it.
Oversized glamorous attention grabbing wild hair pieces. They're going to be the new black!
You read it here first.
Love Tor xxx

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fashion herald said...

funny, it's always at home sitting on the couch that i wear crazy stuff on my head. I need one of these!