Thursday, 15 January 2009

Aye chihuahua!

Ever fall completely head over heels in love with someone, even though you knew it was wrong?
Well that's how I feel about this truly perfect purse bought for me by my sister this Christmas:

It is a hard cased leather purse by 'Fluff' and on the vibrant baby pink front, a cartoon chihuahua, complete with bang on trend studded collar. On the back pink hearts sit nestled in shiny shiny gold.

It's everything a teenage girl or Paris Hilton could dream of, and probably not what a 20 year old "young professional" should be storing her debt cards in. But I think it's wonderful, and every time I look at it, it makes me happy. The fossil purse my parents gifted me in Florida is still in amazing condition, and I still love carrying it, but there's a bit part of me just waiting for the leather to die enough that I can put it in the drawer and start bringing a smile to people's faces with my money protecting puppy.

Apparently Los Angeles artist Claudette Barjoud is the brains behind the Fluff designs (And never has a name for a company been more apt for its products!) but I can't find an online store to explore more of the cartoony kitsch goodness. However, if the puppies are floating your boat the whole set is available to buy on ebay:

And for a buy it now price of $68, I think its a bargain. After all, what price for leather induced happiness?

Love and puppy licks,

Tor xx


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-what a cute range!! Your boots and primarks bargains are fab too!

Make Do Style said...

Yes a tres cute pressie and what great Boots bargains!

WendyB said...


Top bird said...

Oh wow, looks like it's straight out of Legally Blonde! V. cute. xx

Pratishtha Durga said...

Oi, what a cute range! Yeah, and I agree with Top Bird on the "Legally blonde" connection.

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