Friday, 23 January 2009

Put the boot in....

Aside from my vast selection of heeled ankle boots too impractical to wear in the current climate (although, far be it for anyone to ever say I don't throw myself into any trend) I actually only own 3 pairs of sensible every day boots; the hello kitty ugg boots my parents gifted me for Christmas, my short flat tassled suede (ish) boots, and my low heeled knee high boots.

Only it turns out that actually, when the rain pours down, those boots aren't so sensible! The fake suede boots are actually made of thick fabric, meaning that when it rained on wednesday I had tiny lakes forming in each shoe. The sole of my knee high boots has peeled away slightly meaning that when I wore this yesterday water poured in as if I was wading through the Thames. And I never expected the ugg boots I wore today to make it to work with dry feet inside. They didn't.

The long and the short of this ramble is that I need new boots. This weekend. Well, now really. And what I am looking for is flat, sensible, black boots made from quiality leather that will last season after season. Actually, i'm going to correct myself. That's what I was looking for, until I saw these boots from River Island (£132.11):
My lust-o-meter went into overdrive!! They don't meet any of my criteria: they aren't flat or sensible. I couldn't wear them season after season because studs and fringing will be "like totally out" next year. And they are way, way over my budget. All in all, I should put them out of my mind. But I cant stop thinking about them. And could you buy these boots from Office:
when there were crazy boots to buy instead?! I'm not sure I can!

Lots of love,

A very perplexed Tor xx

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