Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A little Etsy loving...

Hunting for unusual furnishings for our new home drove me back to Etsy (I have to have these robot wall transfers on my bathroom mirror!) but it was the amazing fashions that kept me there. My self imposed ban (I really am trying to cut back on my shopping addiction, honest!) meant that it had been so long since I looked on etsy, that i'd almost forgotten it existed, but now i'm back and the obsession starts once more.
I've just started work on my first ever DIY dress, and it just makes me admire more the handicrafted magic all the clever people on etsy weave over every treat you buy. And shopping there is so much more exciting than on a high street website, because every item you look at is from a different shop meaning the style and atmosphere (yes, I do think an online shop can have an atmosphere!) is completely different. And more so with etsy than any other store, something doesn;t have to be wearable for you to fall in love with it. Which leads me neatly to my first lust -have object:
This beautiful kimono covered in apples by missbubbles (who also makes beautiful cards) is sold with a story: made inspired by the concept of Japanese dress and European folklore tales where the sun tree was a centre of happiness, shelter and beauty. This tree is represented by a blossoming apple tree on the back of kimono. The red apples symbolise happiness, life and magical future.
It makes me feel special just looking at it and thinking about wrapping it around me. As does:
This feathered and beaded collar/cape by Lestat couture is more Victorian costume than fashion, technically. But I saw it and I loved it. I want to wear it like jewellery over a simple black dress or even jeans and a sweater. In fact, I don't care how I have to wear it, I just want to feel it's weight around my neck and just for once not shy away from all the eyes on me.

For a more every day wear (and if I owned them, I really would wear them everyday) here are the final 2 things my heart desires: This technically bridal organza jacket from the english department, to wear over layers of chiffon dresses and logo tshirts

And this cartoon inspired T shirt dress. In fact, I liked all of luchaworkshop's screenprints so much that it was hard to choose which one I loved the most. The warriors narrowly took the prize!
When i saw a beautiful handbag on Sunday, I told my boyfriend we didn't need a microwave, i'd much rather have its soft leather in my kitchen instead. If I keep mentally spending money at this rate, we will not only forget the microwave....we won't have any plates or cutlery either!
Oh well. I always did think practicality was a little overrated. And it's a well known fact that I can't cook anyway!!
Love Tor x

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Make Do Style said...

Very creative if only Etsy didn't have such shipping costs!