Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Genius. Pure genius.

I heart catwalkgenius.com. In fact, I HEART catwalkgenius.com. Caplocks for emphasis.

This morning I was looking for the perfect T shirt dress. Inspired by my pvc leggings that I still haven't worn, but am determined to, I thought that what I probably needed was something casual (to counteract the killer heels) that was short enough to show off my leggings in all their glory, but long enough to cover most of the horror show that is my thighs. Enter then the T shirt dress. Answer to all my ills. All the usual suspects were attacked, and I found nothing that would make my boat float. In a bid of desperation I typed in my desire to google and they came up trumps.

Enter catwalk genius. Hundreds of beautiful covertable items at seriously affordable prices but made from wool and cashmere and luxurious cotton, rather than the cheap polyester of topshop for practically the same price (well, if you squint a bit and you cant really count!)

Here then are the things I covet:

Owl tshirt, Otswald Helgason, 177 euros.
Wow dress by JoJo and Malou, 94 Euros

Handcuff sequin jumper, Markus Lupfer, 227 Euros
Shark attack dress, Jojo and Malou 116 Euros

Dodecahedron necklace, Fred Butler, 383 Euros (First I saw Fred on Channel 4 making pin wheels, then I saw Susie Bubble wearing her necklace and fell in love. Oh how I covert one of my very own!)

These are my five favourite things, but there's so much more! And the real "genius" of the project (who am I to miss such an obvious pun?) is that the site enables young and new designers to sell there stuff at no risk, as well as giving users the opportunity to support them; you can buy shares in their next collection, and the site encourages you to spread the word about the designers you like (which I realise is exactly what i'm doing now!)

I still haven't found that T shirt dress of my dreams, but do you know, just for a moment, I think i've stopped caring.

Lots of love,

Tor x

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love the necklace pict
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