Monday, 8 December 2008

you know you want to know......

I don't do it very often (chortle!) but today I decided to jump on a bandwagon! All over the bloggosphere lovely fashion bloggers have been doing "ask me anything" Q&A type posts (Susie Bubbles in particular had me in giggles!) hell, you know its a trend when Catwalkqueen give it a go! (God love 'em!)

Never one to miss a trend, the disaster I had with the star print thing surely still being evidence and fresh on everyones minds, I thought this would be a fun thing to do!

So to start this thing off I'll answer 3 questions that I get asked all the time, and then if you leave me questions in the comments box or drop me an email, I promise i'll answer all of them (as long as they aren't perverse or grossly innapropriate, of course!!)

So, big inhalation, and here goes:

1. So, is this blogging malarky a fulltime thing or do you have a proper job as well?
I put this one first because its the kind of question I get asked by parents, friends parents, friends, and almost everybody all the time!
Firstly if this was a fulltime thing, the posts would be more frequent! No, the blog is just a hobby (and love!) but I do have a "proper job" as well. I work as a senior web editor for an engineering charity: not fashiony at all then, but when you finish uni for the second time with double the debt, you have to do something! One day I would love to make fashion writing of some kind a fulltime career move (me and every second girl in the country, I know!) but for now i'm happy writing my little blog.

2. Who is your favourite designer?

I think this is a stupidly hard question because I change my mind so much! Also, i'm not really ever obsessed with one designer for very long, more because I like different trends and so I like different pieces from lots of collections. I love Betsey Johnson (as I know I write all the time and it must get boring) but I find everything she does really young and fresh and quirky; all her collections have a Japanese "fruits" style which was what really started my obsession with fashion in the first place, and whenever I buy something of hers I feel like a happier more grown up version of the teenage me. I also love Vivienne Westwood; the way she cuts and drapes is amazing and her clothes fit to boobs and hips and curves beautifully. Oh, and does Primark count as a designer? (JOKE...or is it....!)

3. If you had to leave the house naked except for one thing, what would it be?
Have you ever heard the phrase "all fur coat and no knickers"? (or is that just something my nan says?) Well anyway, that would be me! I love fur (faux of course!) and hate showing any of my flesh (even when I go on a night out, it's a thing) so the floor length fur jacket would cover everything. And of course, make me look like a movie star!!!

I look forward to answering your questions (which most of the time I find more interesting than the answers!) I hope you can come up with something better than I did!

Lots of love,



KD said...

Thanks for sharing!
How did you and Becky meet?
How long have you known each other?

Dressed and Pressed said...

What's you favourite colour?

AmieDave01 said...

Hi Tor,

If you had to wear the National dress of any country, which one would it be?