Friday, 12 December 2008

Shoes I can never wear.....

OK, bear with me a moment whilst I drag myself into the twentieth century, but how good is eBay!?

I've never brought anything from eBay before. I know, I know, this is shocking news! But it's been a quiet week at work, so I started playing on there and now I think i'm addicted! So far, despite placing about 20 bids, I am yet to win anything, but I am starting to get pretty excited that I might win these:

Marc Jacobs SIGNED (big for emphasis) pink crystal shoes. According to the blurb they were designed for Swarowski. They are are a limited edition (only 200 pairs have ever been made!!!!) and have sold previously for $1,800. They are in original shoe bag and box, and soon they will be mine!!
OK so realistically, someones probably going to swoop in at the end and pay a million pounds for them, but still, a girl can dream! They are in a size 41, and despite my size 39 feet, I. want. them.
I think this is what ebay does to you. Makes you competitively, agressively want things you probably never would've thought you wanted until you see that little thumbnail picture. Becky once went into a bid frenzy over some false teeth, which I believe she wanted to turn into a necklace. However worrying this is, because it means my obsession can only get worse, it does make me feel better about the fact i'm hoping to spend a weeks salary on a pair of shoes i'll never wear........
Love tor x


KD said...

Oh boy, this is such a coincidence because just a few minutes ago I was reading an old Vogue from December 2004 I got for free from my local library and those very shoes were featured in an article about flats!

tor (fabfrocks) said...

I lost out. The final price paid: £2 more than my maximim bid and a mere £110. Damn you caution!! Damn you ebay!!

I want those shoes!!!!

SOS! said...

oh my god..........amazing.
Please win!!!!!

xx- LJ from SOS!