Tuesday, 2 December 2008

boys, boys, boys.....

Only when the festive season approaches do you realise quite how ruddy difficult it is to shop for boys! And not always in the traditional sense (e.g. it's always hard to know what to buy for my dad because he seems to have everything, and anything he wants (usually new trees for his garden) he goes out and buys for himself anyway.) No, i'm talking about my beloved bf and our completely contrasting views on fashion.

See, I love fashion (it's kinda a prerequisite for writing a fashion blog) and I also love experimenting with new trends and styles and patterns. My boyfriend on the other hand loves jeans, logo t shirts, stripey jumpers and his leather jacket. Done. This doesn't leave me much scope for creativity in my present buying! Take his birthday, which is on friday, for example: he really needs a new coat and I said I would buy it for him. So off we traipsed around the stores until after trying on 30 coats he found a style he liked. This is the pattern I wanted to buy for him:

This is the pattern I got:

So the long and the short of it is, I need someone to lavish all these fabulous male gifts I keep wanting to buy on. And today, that someone is you dear reader. So below is a collection of all the

things I wanted to buy and didn't:

I hope when your fingers start itching for pattern and colour, your boyfriend isn't as resistant as mine!

Happy legitimate shopping (God bless Christmas!)


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