Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Leaving no stone left unturned.....

When I read about mama was a rolling stone on the fashion tribes blog, I was excited. Billed as a one stop vintage fashion destination we were told we would find look books of celebrities and normal folks alike. A blog, forums, editorial insider stuff, and a fabulous shop.
And nearly all of this is true. The look books aren't completed (unless 10 pictures of Nicole Richie counts as a lookbook to you?) the blog, although well informed and fabulously well written, is super hard to navigate, and more like a very confusing online ezine. And it made my head hurt. And finally, noone has written on the forums (which is OK, as the site is new, but surely a good community manager should at least be stimulating a comment or two?)

However despite all these fatal flaws (I can't help it, it's the web editor in me) this is a great site! The store section is by far the best and what I love most is that Bryna, the owner, models all the clothes herself.

On the fashion tribe blog she says that ""I've been collecting vintage for years and it's great to be able to share that with others," she explains about the cool vintage threads, accessories and kicks from around the world that she stocks. "I'm just so excited to be doing something I love!" As she only sells things she would wear herself, it's like having amazing access to the closet of a stylish pal."

And you can really tell she cares about what she does. The quality of the garments look amazing, and although I would be stung hard on the import tax, if you're from the US, the prices are really affordable.

For the second time today, here's my pick:

All from the online store, and all between $60-$100.

I want to wear so much of these precious things, it's almost enough to make my head explode!
Do it for me, my American readers! Go shopping! (and send me pictures of what you buy!)

Lots of love,



Make Do Style said...

the pics do make me laugh though - is that wrong?

KD said...

I like the last dress a lot.

fashion herald said...

love the first blanket dress look!