Monday, 15 December 2008

Getting my Deacon!

"You are gold (golld!) Always believe in your soo-oooul!" Yup, in my head i'm singing this is an elabourate karaoke-esque way! In fact, I sing it whenever I think about Gile Deacon's Gold range for New Look. Thank God it isn't that often!

I'm not normally overly enthused by the Giles for New Look range. Could it be the cheap fabrics, the mediocre designs, both? Who knows. It just doesnt excite me the way other designer collaborations have. It often doesn't seem too far removed from New Looks standard ranges to be of any interest. However, whilst browsing the New Look website I put together this outfit, all by Giles, and I love it! Metallic tulip skirt £35, Lace panel cardigan £30, Oversized clutch bag £25, Bracelet £5
Perfect for low key christmas parties with the family (grandmas love a little lace) the zip stops the cardigan being too frou frou, and the mock croc skirt is long enough to be trendy without being "you just gave uncle jack a heart attack" tarty. And I love the bag. My love affair with studs is definitely in full swing.

And i'm not the only one to covert that bag! The bag lady describes it thus; "The shape and size is functional and convenient yet fashionably on-trend while the studded embellishments add that extra 'zing'."

And who am I to deny anyone a little zing?

So maybe the gold range isn't as bad as I had first thought. But i'm still reluctant to give it my much sought after (ha!) seal of approval. It's just hard for me to relate the man who made these:

With the man who made these:

Shudder. I know there's a 200% difference in price and so on but still: studded hotpants?? In December??

I'm too shocked to write any more...

Tor x

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KD said...

Oh boy, that yellow runway dress is amazing. The hotpants, not so much.