Thursday, 11 December 2008

The pixelated rose: coming to a wardrobe near you?

Those that you who read this blog regularly know that although my finances, and therefore fashion spending, has perked up over the past couple of months, I can't really afford to buy designer clothes. However, if I could have had anything this year, it would have been one of these Matthew Williamson dresses. I love the colour (on a black base, naturellement!) and the modern computer geekiness of it, juxtaposed with the vintage handicraft/homely nature of the original print. I loved this dress so much that I rejected the very good replica Mango did of it, because it just would have felt so inferior every time I wore it.
Imagine my joy then when I read that H&M has unveiled Matthew Williamson as the company's next guest designer, with women's wear and men's wear collections due for launch next year.
The Williamson revolution will begin with an exclusive women's fashion range in selected stores from 23 April next year. (bold for emphasis!) Further women's pieces, plus his first men's wear collection, will follow for the summer. These will be available from mid-May in all H&M stores around the world.

"Matthew has such a good eye and a way for working with prints that he mixes up in a new way," said Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor at H&M. "When he combines these things, you get a very contemporary London look."
Mixing up prints in new ways? Please Lord let that be a hint that the pixelated rose print is coming to H&M alongside its inventor. I don't think i've ever crossed my fingers and my toes this hard in unison in my life!
Love, Tor x