Monday, 15 December 2008

Street Eeek!

Is it just me, or has the quality of's street chic daily wear feature gone, well, really really down hill?

Now I know that style is subjective, and one woman's 'blah' is another woman's dream come true. But it seems like the criteria for being featured has stopped being "must be wearing a really great outfit" and started being "must have legs like a new born colt".

Take the following as prime examples each taken from this week; all nice outfits and i'm sure wonderful women wearing them (if this is you, please don't send me any hate mail!) but not exactly what you would call vogue worthy, fashion forward outfits:
I know isn't famed for its love of street stylings ala the facehunter, but that doesn't mean that season old styles worn in unimaginative ways should grace their site, does it? There are hundreds of women wearing these outfits heading in and out of my office every day, and i'm sure most of them don't give two hoots about fashion! (oh dear! minor bitchy moment it seems!)
Who knows, maybe, like me the vogue photographer hasn't quite got round to buying their new winter coat yet, and they're covering this feature guerilla style (straight in and straight out, as quick as you can!) until the sun comes out again. I'd rather believe this than that the fashion magazine i've trusted since my youth has started (say it quietly..) getting it wrong!
I just hope that doesn't mean I have to keep waiting for the quality of my daily fix to improve until spring, or more realistically if we're waiting for some sunshine, July!
Lots of love,
Tor xx

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CalamityJem said...

I agree it's a poor show, they're not trying hard enough here...those outfits are very mediocre with or without stick thin legs! In a big city it's not exactly hard to come across people that dress with a bit more panache.