Thursday, 11 December 2008

Influential? Moi?

OK, I admit it. Sometimes I google myself. I like to see the articles i've written and feel in some small way that i've contributed something to the world.

Today, however, I decided to take this self obsession a step further. I googled the blog. And my was i suprised to find so much stuff! First I found the blog (phew!) the lots of other lovely people who link to the blog. I found the fabfrocks facebook group I set up many moons ago, and then I found something suprising! I found this. This, for those of you who don't want to click through (and who can blame you!) is a list of the 100 most influential blogspot blogs in the world. And there, smiling back from the grand old #72 spot, are fabfrocks!

Of course this is good news. But the phrasiology troubles me. Influential: describes someone or something that has the power to affect the making of decisions and the course of events. There's only one thing to say about that really: Ha! I dont even have to power to influence my hair through a brush without wincing in the mornings. Do I have any fashion influence? None, I work for an engineering charity and I would say that around 10% of the posts on this blog depict me in a changing room wearing something that doesnt fit or shouldnt be worn out even if it did. I have no insider knowledge. Half the time I don't even know who the minor celebrities gracing the pages of Hello! are....I just write about what I like and my random thoughts and hope that between my brain and the page coherency somehow happens.

So i'm not really sure how this blog is influential really. But the whole idea leaves me worried.

I really hope there isnt a collection of girls across the country walking around with their skirts riding up their thighs and their zippers gaping open. I assure you all, this was never supposed to be a fashion statement. It's just that sometimes these stores make their clothes too damn small......

Lots of love, Tor

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