Thursday, 11 December 2008

I demand some answers!!!

Thanks for the questions guys! And now (as the bad cop in a dodgy straight-to-tv movie might say) it's time for some answers:

From KD: How did you and Becky meet?How long have you known each other?
Becky and I would both agree that we should've met alot sooner than we did!
Beckys now ex boyfriend Tristan and I took a class called "the comedy of the absurd" together in my second year at uni in 2003/4. He and I became friends during/after the class and I was aware of Becky as being around but our joint shyness meant that we never actually spoke. Then when I went back to uni to do my MA last year I bumped into Becky and Tristan in the street. She admired the leopard print fur i'd just made a purchase of. We arranged to meet later in the week. Several cups of tea later and the blog and a wonderful friendship was born. (did that sound cheesy? Damn you cheesiness!)

From Dressed and Pressed: What's your favourite colour?
Hmmm, interesting question missy! You see what should be a simple one word response throws up a lot of debate; my favourite colour to wear (or at least the one I wear most and am drawn to when I shop) is black. Black as night, black as coal, as the Rolling Stones would say! However in handbag type accessories I am like a school child when it comes to baby pink; I have a baby pink vera wang make up bag, pink hello kitty ipod, pink hello kitty oyster card wallet, pink hello kitty usb get the idea.

In terms of colours I am drawn to in fabrics for non wearing reasons I like red, teal, mustard and turquoise blue. All together if possible! Well, the colours got to come in somewhere.....

AmieDavid01 asked: If you had to wear the National Costume of any country which one would it be?

This is my favourite question! You really don't see enough National dress nowadays do you? and after I had a think about it, I realised that apart from London's pearly kings and queens perhaps, this isn't a concept that really applies to us Brits.

Initially my answer to this question was "Scotland". I love tartan and Vivienne Westwood, so it seemed like a natural progression. However, during a quick google search for "national dress" I stumbled across this image and totally changed my mind!

This is the National dress of Karpathos, Greece. How beautiful does this young woman look?? (oh dear, how much like my dad did I sound just then!?) I love the elabourate gold piece and the coloured robes and even the little red patent shoes. This, dear friends, is my national dress of choice!
Our final question comes from FashionJunkie via email and it is: what should I wear to my xmas lunch tomorrow? I want to look nice but not like I have made too much effort etc

It's a good job i'm not a meglomaniac FashionJunkie, because you're supposed to be asking questions about me!!
Office parties are so hard to get it right for arent they? Lunches are even harder! My standard play is safe option for any even is a black dress. But in this instance I would go for a black dress with sleeves; 3/4 sleeves so you could show off a bangle or two would be even better!
As for everything else, maybe go for a Parisian look? Fresh faced (so dont over do the make up!) with a black dress, black tights and ballet pumps. Accessorise with simple bracelet or bangle, stud earrings and a cute headband. You could either go for something simple with a tiny bow or use this as your statement piece and wear something colourful or oversized.
Mostly fashionjunkie, have fun! After you've eaten your overcooked turkey and drank half a bottle of cheap house wine, i'm sure you'll forget you were ever worrying about it!
Thanks for the questions and the interest everyone. I hope I told you everything you wanted to know!
Lots of love,
Tor xxx

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