Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The rise of the chunky monkeys!

Whilst not exactly slim, I think I have an OK body; i'm all in proportion, I wear my clothes well, and I leave the house feeling (just about) happy every morning. I certainly never have any problems finding clothes to fit; Although high street stores, if you're listening a little bit more accomodation for a larger bust would be nice.

Boots however, are a different matter. See, I have disproportionately large arms and legs. My mum kindly refers to my legs as the chunky monkeys in fact. And whilst I can buy short boots from just about any where, hence my love of the shorter boot, knee high boots are much more of a problem. So there's only one store I look to when I need new knee highs, and although it used to embarrass me to admit it, it embarrasses me no more; I buy my boots from Evans.

Yup, Evans of plus size fame. And yesterday, with the wet feet I invariably get when it snows, I decided to pop in and invest in a new pair (they usually cost about £100, which is why I only buy a new pair when the old ones die; apparently having fat legs is expensive!) But not today! For Evans have a sale on, and the last laugh is on the skinny minnies for once; because this season their boot selection is amazing!! So amazing that I got two pairs!! (Well actually I got one pair and the bf got me the other because, and I quote, "It will stop me whinging about not having any nice knee high boots")

Here they are:

The top pair were £20 and the bottom pair were £30, both reduced from £70 and £75 (If I remember correctly) and both so so comfy; they really do fit like a dream! The tan ones also came in black (reduced to £40)

And here is how i'm wearing the black ones today:

Primark dress £15, Warren James necklace £20, Evans boots £30. I'm not sure how much I like the dress now i've seen it photographed, but the boots more than make up for it!

And there were so many other lovely pairs; all their boots were heavily discounted. However (tip of the day coming up!) go into the store if you fancy a pair, dont buy them online! Lots of the boots aren;t discounted or arent discounted as much on the website; I have no idea why!


So if you've got chunky monkey legs like me, or just like to wear your boots loose and slouchy (how I envy girls who can wear their boots loose and slouchy!) then my advice is to get down to Evans quick, whilst the sale is still on!

Lots of love,

Tor x

PS - I know the shows are on and I should be writing about them, but I was just too excited about my boots not to show you all! Maybe i'll think about looking at some "real" fashion tomorrow!

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