Friday, 27 February 2009

Primark studded jacket on sale!

Last month I made my new Primark leather biker jacket my Primark Pick of the week. And i'm sure you'll all be pleased to know it's holding up well. Here are a couple of last months pics as a reminder: It's also the jacket I wore to the arutyunov show that I posted my review of yesterday.

However this blurb isn't just a recap of all the other lovely posts i've written, but a prelude to my exciting news! For all of you wonderful folks who admired my studded biker jacket, coveted it for your own, or who land on this page whilst searching for leather biker jackets (according to my stat counter, this happens alot!) I have momentous news.

For the jacket has been reduced and is now £5 on the Primark sale rail!!
I saw it in the Oxford Circus store last night (I had a bit of a Primark binge that I will be writing all about tomorrow) and there were still 2 full rails of them left, so if you're quick, you might still catch them! I don't know what other stores it is being stocked in, but if you want the jacket its probably worth popping into your local primark today or tomorrow to check it out. That shop is crazy; i've never known anywhere with such a high stock turnover, so if you leave it any later than that you'll probably miss out!
This is todays heads up for all you Primark lovers out there! Aren't I good to you!?

Love, Tor x


Rachie23 said...


it isnt in primark in ireland..

if i sent money to your paypal and paid for postage could u get me one in a 12?

jhon said...

nice jacket love it
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Karla Bathrick said...

I love this jacket. I'm in the market for one myself.
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