Saturday, 21 February 2009

Ashish AW09: My first ever fashion show!

HI everyone,

When I read on the blurb that the theme of the Ashish show was “run away to the circus” I was a little disappointed. The circus theme feels so tired and old; Britney Spears is doing a circus tour (borrowing her costumes from the circus tour that Madonna just did I suspect) so have Take That, and all the bowler and top hats in top shop are already reduced. Yawn, yawn, yawn!

But it actually wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and circus was a very tenuous link. There wasn’t a red jacket or top hat in sight!

The show opened with a fab acrobatic display from La Clique and then VV Brown came onto the stage and started singing, and the magic began!
Can you believe I took all these photos?! If you click on them they should get bigger!I’m not about to get all conceited, but I’m really proud of them! It feels so surreal that normally I look at these kinds of pictures online lustfully after the shows and I’ve just had the chance to take them myself! Does anyone else look at these photos and immediately think of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? I really can imagine Jazzy Jeff in all of these outfits being thrown out the mansion by Mr Banks!

The pompoms on jumpers, trousers, and everything (!) theme is very eighties TV presenter (here's one we made earlier on Blue Peter, anyone?) as are the baggy sweaters teamed with fitted leggings and harem pants, further proof that we’ll all be nodding to the eighties next winter, and also very easy to replicate at home with DIY. My sister pointed out that you can buy packs of those pompoms from the children’s section of any department store for around an English pound! I'm not a massive fan of the fluro leopard print as I find it so damn unwearable, but it was the perfect foil for what was an amazing collection, particularly some of the smaller details; I want almost all of those jumpers in my wardrobe!
Speaking of jumpers, my "must have" piece of the collection wasn't the statement dresses or the sequinned jump suits, but this sweater. The zebra detail in sequins and the ruffles for his mane? Genius!

The show was fantastic, although of course I have nothing to compare it to. But, having just been to the Young Fashion Entrepreneur presentation, that will all change this afternoon when I go to my next show!

With this as the bench mark, I can't wait!

Lots of love,
A very very excited Tor

PS - Big thanks again have to go to and to my wonderful boss Mark Russell who let me sneak out of work early to go to the show and is always so understanding and supportive of my fashion pursuits, even when they interfere with my work. Best boss ever!!


Make Do Style said...

Great stuff! Love your enthusiam it's great when it is all fresh!

Lynsey said...

Excellent pics Tor! Glad you're enjoying the shows!


Deka said...

i love color, but there's a lot going on here :-P

CalamityJem said...

More is more, I'm absolutely bowled over by this, what an inspiring firework display of colour & creativity! I want this circus to move into my wardrobe...pronto!