Wednesday, 18 February 2009

STOP PRESS: Go buy a dress!!

This tiny little post is only really relevant to my London based readers, but its just too good not to tell!

Yesterday afternoon I had to bumble over to Canary Wharf (a place I rarely venture) for work. On the way back I decided to pop into the Jubilee Line shopping centre there and spend 20 minutes wandering in the shops. In one shop, a shop called Choice which mostly stocked Juicy Couture and D&G and other designers of that ilk, I saw and fell in love with the above two Laura Lees dresses from the Christmas 2008 collection. However, that these dresses look lovely (and the embroidery on them is of little guitars!) isn't what's stopping the presses. That would be the price.

These dresses, which according to the tags were previously selling for just over £200, have now been reduced to £49 each! That works out at like 80% off!! Wowzers!! So if you're anywhere near canary wharf and you need a little bit of recession busting retail therapy, then go and buy one of these dresses!

Having slept on it and thought about them constantly, i've decided to go for the red one....

Lots of love,
PS - I'm having a minor moment of vanity, but I think these dresses will hang loads better on my curves than on this very skinny (but very pretty!) model!
PPS - The Laura Lees website (love love her work!) has a very cool doodle box on the homepage where you can design your own embroidery logos! Definitely one to kill 5 minutes at work!

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