Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Whats that? A dress. Who says? Calvin Klein.

Well actually Preen does, but you really do feel a bit like Cher from Clueless' dad when you see all these panelled mini dresses, don't you?

Brace yourself everyone, because here it comes! My first show review from New York fashion week (well, it's better late then never!) I've decided to start with Preen because I always love them, and despite my major aversion to hounds tooth, particularly oversized houds tooth, I love them again this season too. Its flirty and naughty and most importantly furry. And I really do love fur!

However enough of my rambling. As they speak a thousand words, lets start with the pictures and six thousand 'words' that are coming your way:

Do you remember that series of Project Runway where the rotund fellow Chris uses monkey fur in his final catwalk show? That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this collection. Its like the monkeys from the planet of the apes breed with a lambretta sporting crew of Mods and then they all became millionaires. And there's nothing more exciting than a dress where one false move could reveal an unexpected nipple.

Despite the tearing and the sheer panels and the fur, the lines on all of the dresses are suprisingly clean. It makes what could be a vintage inspired collection seem fresh and modern. Monochrome always makes me think of the sixties; I remember wearing white boots that my mum hated with black trousers in 1996 when there was a major 60's revival and Mike Flowers Pop was covering Oasis' Wonderwall, and feeling like Twiggy. I think those sixties 'cool cats' I was inspired by in '96 would be impressed with this collection.
The candy coloured dresses came as a bit of a shock after the harsh monochrome of the majority of the collection, but it provides a welcome relief to the eyes which (if your eyes work like mine) are immediately drawn to the shiny candy pink trousers.
Who wears candy pink plastic trousers? Well, not me, but looking at them was a wonder to behold! However despite my love of the rainbow acid brights, it is this final dress that is my favourite of the whole collection and immediately makes it onto the "when i'm thin and rich and famous and have to go to movie premieres..." list:
Although I rarely wear them (the curse of my hips) I love full skirts and I always get irrationally excited when I see them swish down the catwalk. There's something about the way they move and the glamour of it. I especially love the layering of this one, which makes it look like it has wings. Wings! Team that with a sheer blouse which seems to have ribs circling its either side and nipple covering pockets (which of course barely cover the nipples at all) and you're onto a winner. Preen: My heart is won!

Love Tor x

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That last dress is superb . . .