Friday, 20 July 2007

Oh Britney, What have you done now?

Oh Britney I do despair!
When you went crazy and chopped all your hair off, I stood by you. When you sacked your stylist and started dressing even more trailer trash than usual, I told everyone there would still be a glorious comeback. I even forgave you those badly thought out (and poorly executed) hair extensions. *shudder* But even I have a limit, and this could be it.

Firstly, as you commend more a month than I am likely to earn my whole lifetime (and you live on the beach) why not buy a bikini if you fancy a swim? Its not like you can't afford it/wouldn't use it again!
And secondly, if you want to swim in your pants in front of the paparazzi (because heaven forbid Britney kept her head down and staved herself of the publicity-oxygen) at least make sure they match your bra!
Oh Britney, please buck your ideas up! I'm not sure how much more disapointment from you I can take.

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