Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sponsored Video: Prepping for the Perfect Party!

Hi guys,
The Christmas party season is well and truly underway. But for me, there is a more significant party taking place before Christmas begins: Wilbur turns one on Saturday! We are having two parties on Saturday: one for his little pals at a play centre and one for family and close friends at home. I'm currently knee deep in party decorations, baking cakes, and menu plans. Then as soon as the birthday is over, I have two more parties at home to plan for: we always like to get our friends round at Christmas, so it's a month of baking and party planning for me!

As I have so much entertaining and partying to do this month (and as I'm still breastfeeding so I can't really drink anyway) I'm loving the idea of J20's new glittberry drink, as promoted by Harry the Party Pug. It has a slightly spiced flavour and would make a great mixer, but tastes just as great on its own, meaning it's perfect for designated drivers, new mummies, or just folks that don't want to feel foggy headed the following morning. What's not to love about a drink that tastes yummy and has glitter in it: it's perfect for parties! I'm definitely going to be getting some in for when my mummy pals come over to exchange Christmas presents next week.

And hey, if it's approved by the party pug, how can I argue with that! I love Christmas and I love Christmas parties: the season just passes far too quickly for my liking. Are you throwing any parties this festive season?

Love Tor x

*This is a sponsored video from J20, but all other content and thoughts are my own. 

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