Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Who will sell you if you don't sell yourself?

Flicking through the street chic at the Chelsea flower show section of, I came across 2 pictures that started a curious train of thought:
Daniella Issa Helayel says "I'm wearing Issa, a Philip Treacy hat, a Chanel bag and a clutch by Corto Moltedo."

Meanwhile, Julien Macdonald says "Today I'm wearing Dior Homme, American Apparel and Gucci."

Now, whilst I am aware that Macdonald doesn't design menswear, this got me thinking about what designers do wear. Is it OK that Issa is wearing Issa? Should/do we expect designers to wear their own collections or does it seem too self promotional and, well, naff?

Yup, i'm thinking about you, Donatella Versace!

I think this is a tricky area. Issa is wearing her own collection, but she isn't wearing it head to toe and the overall look is very chic. To me this is self promotion that works. Donatella on the other hand seems to wear Versace head to toe, day in and day out, and therefore we stop admiring the gowns/resort wear and see the clothes instead as a stereotypical extension of her persona.

Karl Lagerfeld always wears his own sunglasses, whilst Marc Jacobs is also famed for wearing his own collections. However MJ also drew the attention of the world press to the Commes de Garcons kilt for men by wearing it onto the stage at the fashion show showcasing his own collection back in 2008. I wonder what people found more shocking; that he was a chap wearing a skirt, or that he was drawing attention to another designers garment which seemed set to overshadow his own collection?

I am all for shameless self promotion (have you read about yet, by the way?) but I also respect designers who wear other designers clothes; they must love fashion (or they wouldnt be in the business!) so it seems natural to me that they would want to wear beautiful things, as well as have variety in their wardrobes. However I think a designer would have to be very stupid (or too famous for it to matter perhaps!) not to wear their own clothes occassionally, simply for that priceless red carpet moment when someone asks what you're wearing, and you can say yourself. I bet Daniella Issa thought all her birthdays had come at once!

What says you Karl?

An interesting point well made!

Love, Tor xx


KD said...

I love your Karl photoshop jobs, and I agree with what you're saying. However, if I was a designer I would feel pressure to ALWAYS wear my own clothes.

DeenaBeena said...

lol @ Karl!
It makes sense as a designer to wear your own stuff but to never ever wear anything else (a la Donatella) seems a bit OTT and unnecessary unless you are on the red carpet where it really does matter.